jordan sets ben up
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At JJ’s place, Haley and JJ kiss for the first time. JJ initially feels bad for taking advantage of her but she says kissed him back. They discuss Ben and how jj kisses haleyhe targeted Abigail in the past and that he’d love to beat Ben to a pulp, though he knows it’d solve nothing. Once again, they discuss Melinda and Haley’s immigration status. Haley thanks JJ again for keeping her secret. JJ looks guilty as he flashes back to telling Jack. She goes to work and JJ texts his dad to talk.

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At Salem Inn, Jack mopes about JJ’s friend with the immigration problem. eve wants to help jjEve guesses his friend is there illegally “and JJ and that big heart of his” gave her a place to stay. She worries about the burden on JJ and wonders if Haley wants to marry him. She recalls Dario convincing Abigail to marry him so he could get his green card. She fills Jack in on how dirty Dario was and that thugs came after him in a car and ran over Abigail. Jack sits down, finding it hard to hear. Eve thinks he should step in and help JJ but Jack wants to stay out of it, especially after what happened with Abigail. Eve thinks Trask will have JJ in her crosshairs. Nobody wants that. Eve says he can do it on the sly.

At Alice’s, Chad holds Abigail as she cries. He leaves as Kate arrives. She heard about Charlotte and is sorry. She offers to help. “I think you’ve done enough,” Abby states. Kate takes responsibility for that. Abby doesn’t think she knows what this feels like but Kate does. She shares the story of how Billy and Austin were taken by her first husband, Curtis, who let her believe they were dead for years. Abigail starts to cry and Kate tears up as Chad reappears. Abby goes upstairs and Kate tells Chad how sorry she is. She’d do anything to help. Chad fills her in on how Charlotte went missing and Kate wonders if Jordan did it – though neither of them thinks she’s a psychopath. Abigail returns. She apologizes to Kate for attacking her and is grateful she came over, though this doesn’t mean she’s forgiven. Kate holds her hand and vows to be there for her. She goes and Chad calls a reporter to televise a story of them begging whomever took their baby to bring her back.

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From SPD, Hope gets a call from Rafe. hope talks to eli about benHe’s breaking up but asks if they’ve leads on Ciara. She says no and asks, “What? Your airplane what?” They’re disconnected when Ted walks in. He can see she’s upset and needs Rafe and offers support. Eli walks in with an update that Jordan’s in town. Ted thinks it sounds like a lead. Hope wonders if Jordan knows where Abigail is. Hope speculates on what happened between Ben and Ciara, wondering if when Ciara dumped him, he harmed her. Ted tells Hope not to go there but she argues that how can she not? He’s a murderer.

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Ben arrives home to Jordan in his room, near his chest of drawers. They embrace. He’s happy to see her but she has some serious explaining to do. Why would she throw him under the bus by giving Abigail the idea that he had anything to do with Ciara’s disappearance? Jordan wishes she never left him with Clyde. Ben says he’s stronger now. Jordan wants to believe that but she thinks staying in Salem has caused him to regress. He denies that. He hasn’t done any of the things he’s been accused of. Jordan demands to know who did then. She can see he’s upset and urges him to see Dr. Evans but he refuses to see her ever again. Jordan suggests he check himself into Bayview but there’s no chance in hell he’ll do that. They go over the events that led to Ciara breaking it off with him. Jordan ignores a call from Eli and Ben tells his sister about imagining Ciara with him. He can understand why it seems as if he’s in a bad place but he’s not trying to hurt anyone. Jordan goes and Ben calls Ciara and hears her cell ringing in his drawer. He’s confused.

Jordan calls Eli from the square. He asks if she thinks Ben kidnapped Charlotte DiMera. Jordan thinks he’s fixated on Abigail and that he seems like he’s hiding something. jordan bumps into kateHe said he talked to Ciara last night, which caused Jordan to be concerned. Eli disconnects and tells Hope and her sidekick Ted.

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Kate bumps into Jordan at the park and Jordan’s groceries spill.

The cops show up at Ben’s place.

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