chad tries to kill ben
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At JJ’s apartment, JJ apologizes for trashing Haley’s sister. It’s none of his business. Haley knows how it looks and defends her Melinda. Haley’s glad JJ is keeping her secret. JJ flashes back to revealing all to Jack.

At home Eve appears upset to learn Jack’s granddaughter has been kidnapped. She keeps it from Jack and instead tells him to crush the dismal mayoral candidates.

At Alice’s, Abigail wants to search for her baby.  Jenn whines that Abs should stay home.

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At the burned out cabin, Jordan puts on lipstick as Charlotte cries in her arms and Ciara fakes a nightmare. Jordan thinks it’s real and wakes her up. Ciara tells her Ben had a knife. There were flames everywhere and she thought she was going to die. Jordan assures that Ciara’s safe. Ciara thanks her. She was right to keep them away from Ben. She now believes Ben set the fire. “I never should have trusted him.”

jordan drugs ciara and forces her to make call

Jordan says living with Clyde was a nightmare. She’s glad one of them stayed sane. Ciara asks to be untied. Jord unties her. She starts to feel woozy. Jordan grins as Ciara realizes she’s been drugged, before falling unconscious.

Chad arrives at Ben’s apartment and when he’s let in, lunges at Ben, and starts choking him out as he yells, “Where’s my daughter?” He keeps choking chad attempts murder on benBen who doesn’t know where Charlotte is until Eli appears and hauls Chad off of Ben. Eli says Ben’s presumed innocent. There’s no evidence against him. He yells at Chad to go. Once gone, Ben says he didn’t know Charlotte was missing. Where did Eli get the idea that he had her? Eli says his sister told him. Ben’s startled to learn his sister’s in town and calls her but her voicemail is full. He goes off to find Jordan.

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Melinda Trask rants at Abe for meandering the square while a killer and a kidnapper are on the loose. Abe says the police department is doing their job. Trask calls him out for giving them a pass but he stands by them and Melinda shoots back that his days of being mayor of Salem are numbered.

Chad turns up at Alice’s and between Jenn and Chad, they try to comfort Abigail. Jenn goes off to work and Abby says she doesn’t need a babysitter. She’s upset and has a right to be. She asks what’s wrong with this town? Who would do this? Having heard of the abduction, JJ arrives.

Jenn arrive at Salem Inn and tells Jack that Abigail needs her. Jack asks why. Jenn’s shocked he doesn’t know – Charlotte’s been kidnapped. Jack’s aghast but what can he do? Jenn says he’s Abby’s father. He can be there for her. They take off, leaving Eve in a huff.

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Jack and Jenn arrive at Alice’s. Jack’s sorry to hear about Charlotte. Abigail snipes that he doesn’t need to be there. Jack wants to be. Abby says he hasn’t even stopped by to meet Charlotte. Didn’t Chad give you enough money to do that? Jack feels bad and apologizes. He goes. JJ offers to try to find out more from Ben. He goes and Ben arrives. He tells her he didn’t kidnap her kid and is trying to find Jordan. Abigail cries that she doesn’t have time to track Jordan down. Chad shows Ben the door and Abby feels bad for lashing out at everyone.

Back at the square, Abe thinks that under his leadership “this town has prospered and its citizens are safer than they’ve ever been.”  “Save it for the few people that still believe in you,” Melinda bites. Eve walks up and berates them for bickering while there’s been kidnappings. She wonders if “illegal aliens” are a problem in Salem after hearing about Chloe’s run-in with El Fideo’s thugs. Abe spits that that situation has nothing to do with illegal immigration. When she asks Trask her thoughts, Trask suddenly has a meeting. Eve’s intrigued that she didn’t answer.

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Melinda shows up at JJ’s. She and Haley discus what happens if Mel becomes mayor. Melinda wants to help her find a safer place. His parents could out her status as a citizen. She becomes unhinged when Haley reveals she told JJ the truth. Haley believes JJ will keep her confidence.

From Ben’s, Eli leaves a message for Hope about the kidnapping updates. jj and eli discuss something personalJJ walks in and asks if Eli’s searching the place. Eli says no. There’s no warrant and no proof Weston did this. They leave and later, Ben arrives home to Jordan rummaging through his things.

Back at the hotel, Jack calls himself a terrible father. He can’t help either child. Eve asks what’s up with JJ and learns his friend has an immigration problem. Eve latches on to that.

JJ arrives home and throws things around, angry that he can’t help Abby. Haley tries to relax him and they start kissing.

In the square, Melinda and shoots some barbs at Abe on her way by.

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