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Sarah and Rex make love at Eric’s apartment. Eric arrives home and sees clothing strewn on the floor. He picks up Sarah’s dress and sniffs it. He looks annoyed and surfs the net until Sarah surprises him in her skivvies. She puts on Rex’s shirt. It’s uncomfortable and Eric’s eyes shoot daggers at her. She again asks for forgiveness for going to bed with Xander. It’s her biggest regret. She misses their connection. Rex comes out, shirtless. Eric says he was about to accept Sarah’s apology. Sarah’s thrilled.

At Alice’s, Jordan kidnaps Charlotte to “keep you safe from my brother.” When she’s gone, Stefan arrives. The door was open wide so he let himself in as Abigail comes from the kitchen. Stefan gives Abigail the silver spoon he bought Charlotte and once he’s gone, she goes upstairs. Charlotte’s gone.

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At his hotel, Ben hopes Ciara calls him and tells him she’s fine. ben hallucinates ciaraEli and Lani arrive, hoping Ben can help. They ask questions about who would have a grudge against Ciara and when he last saw Ciara. Ben becomes enraged, assuming that they think he has Ciara somewhere. Later, Ben is alone when he hallucinates Ciara there. Ben blames himself and their fight on her going missing. The hallucination tells Ben she’s not real and to take his meds. He vows to. She tells him to sleep and he does. Later, he wakes up with a start.

At the burned out cabin, Ciara struggles with trying to free herself. Jordan returns with Charlotte and food and notices Ciara’s almost freed a hand from her binds. Jordan strengthens the ropes. It’s for her own good. Ciara is alarmed when she realizes the baby is Abigail and Chad’s. Jordan wants to protect Charlotte from Ben. Ciara knows Ben would never hurt her. Jordan doubts that. She’ll take care of Charlotte. The baby cries and Ciara offers to soothe her. Jordan refuses her help and Ciara calls to Ben to help her.

Victor and Brady discuss some ideas for Titan at the Kiriakis manse. Victor’s appreciative that Brady’s back in the fold. Brady enjoys their late-night strategizing. Brady learns that Stefan DiMera was shot. Victor asks, “Is he dead?” Brady says no and Victor damns him for teasing him. When Brady learns Chloe was there, he becomes overwrought.

At the DiMera mansion, Chloe and Chad discuss Stefan saving her life tonight. “He’s not completely useless then,” Chad says and then apologizes. Chloe gets it. Later, Stefan returns and Chad’s surprised he checked himself out of the hospital so fast. Stefan only has a flesh wound. Suddenly, Chad receives a call from Abigail who exclaims that Charlotte’s missing. She mentions that Stefan was there and Chad disconnects then questions Stefan who says he didn’t take Charlotte. He wouldn’t do that. Chad rushes to Abby.

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Chloe drops by the Kiriakis mansion. Brady’s relieved she’s fine and then turns on Victor, blaming him for this. Victor doesn’t think Chloe will have anymore issues with those thugs but Chloe tells them about one of the goons’ threatening her kids. Brady asks her to move in. “Over my dead body,” Victor barks. Chloe takse off and Victor blames the “lowlife slut who isn’t fit to shine your shoes” for Brady getting hooked on drugs. Brady reminds his grandfather that he said things would be different this time. If they’re not, he’s stepping down. Victor knows. But he thinks Chloe will find some other poor sap to take care of her.

At Alice’s, Abigail cries as she tells Lani the events leading to Charlotte’s kidnapping. Eli appears. There’s no sign of forced entry. Abigail accuses Stefan as Chad arrives. Abigail brings up Jordan’s visit. The cops think Ben must have kidnapped Charlotte in addition to Ciara. The cops go and Chad holds Abigail.

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Chloe returns to the manse and Stefan tells herstefan and chloe at manse Charlotte’s missing. Chloe’s upset and sorry. She is surprised he’s out of the hospital. He’s fine and more worried about her state. Chloe’s worried. Stefan invites her to move in but she hardly knows him. Stefan says they bonded over the attack. Chloe calls her kids wrecking balls but Stefan feels responsible for her. Chloe gets a text that reads, “This isn’t over. You’ll never be safe.” Stefan says she must move in.

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