stefan is shot by luca
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In Ben’s hotel room, Ben tells Hope and Ted that he doesn’t know where Ciara is. He wants to help them find her. They fill him in on what little they know. Ben says they need to focus on who picked Ciara up from the airport. Hope refuses Ben’s help and takes off.

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In the burned out cabin, Ciara is rocked to see Jordan. She’s jordan revals she's ciara's captorthankful she’s there and then realizes where she is. Jordan says it’s the same cabin that her brother Ben left her to die in. Ciara corrects her. He didn’t harm her. Jordan tells Ciara that Ben must have kidnapped her again. Ciara doesn’t believe that. She asks to be untied but Jordan refuses. She babbles about Ben’s true side coming out and thinks Ciara knew Ben was sick again or she wouldn’t have left town. Ciara asks how she knew that. “Ben told me,” Jordan says. She claims she’s protecting her from Ben but Ciara starts to realize she’s the one who kidnapped her at the airport. Jordan continues to talk about saving Ciara from Ben and then takes off.

Abigail relaxes at home with a book. Julie appears and says Doug fell julie advice for abigailasleep while watching a chick flick with her. She brings up Abby forgiving Chad. Though Abby had a nice time at the family dinner, it doesn’t fix everything. She confides that Chad said he’d quit DiMera for his family. Julie’s shocked that she hasn’t made up with him after hearing that. Abs says there’s still a lot of things to overcome.

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Kate goes by the mansion to see Chad. He treats her coldly. Kate works with chad at mansionShe tried to talk Mr. Chin out of letting Stefan co-CEO DiMera but he wouldn’t. Chad doesn’t care. It doesn’t make up for what she did. He tells her to get lost or security will drag her out. She doesn’t go so Chad admits he offered to quit DiMera so he could be with Abby. Kate gets worked up. She doesn’t think Abby should be calling the shots but Chad begs to differ. He’s done a lot of things for her to forgive. They argue. Chad yells that he’s lost everything. Kate knows he can do better than Abigail but if she makes him happy, “So be it.”

At Doug’s Place, Luca shoots Stefan in the arm as Chloe screams. Stefan lunges at him and they struggle with the gun. Stefan shoots Luca. Before he dies, he warns that Chloe’s kids will never be safe.

Eli and Lani lay in bed together at his place. She asks him to eli and lani in bedtell her he loves her again so he does. She wasn’t planning on professing her love. It just slipped out. They both admit they were afraid to say it but now it’s easy. Eli says, “I love you,” on repeat and they kiss. They talk about their past when Lani pushed him away. Eli says they’re beyond that. They kiss until Eli’s cell rings. It’s SPD calling with the news about the shooting. They jump up and head over.

Back at Doug’s Place, Chloe finishes calling the cops and the EMS and tends to Stefan’s wound. Eli and Lani walk in and Stefan says, “If it isn’t Crockett and Tubbs.” Eli says, “I don’t know who that is.” cops come after stefan shotLani knows it’s a Miami Vice reference. The cops get a statement while Stefan’s taken care of by EMS. Chloe’s terrified that the thug threatened her kids.

At SPD, Ted and Hope learn about the shooting at Doug’s Place as they wait for the security footage from the airport. Ted suggests that Ben may be innocent.

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Ben notices a cop following him at the square and approaches to tell him to stop stalking him and find Ciara. Later, from home, he calls Ciara but she’s unable to reach her phone so he leaves a message, vowing to find her.

Back at Alice’s, Julie gets a call from Eli about a shooting at the club.jordan visits abigail Julie’s on her way. They disconnect and Julie rushes off. Later, Jordan shows up.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Kate gets a text that Stefan was shot at Doug’s Place. They agree it’s a shame he’s alive. Kate urges her step-son to fight for his legacy, then goes.

Julie arrives at Doug’s Place and is overcome with emotion. She goes to call Doug.

Chloe visits Stefan in the hospital. He jokes that he may give her an unfavorable Yelp review. Chloe sincerely thanks him for saving her life.

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