jordan holds ciara captive
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At Doug’s Place, Chloe panics as she realizes the knife sent to her in the mail is the same one she used to kill El Fideo. Stefan grabs her phone and is about to call the stefan and chloe lives in danger shots firedpolice when El Fideo’s thugs including Luca, (played by Victor Turpin) rush in and order Stefan to put the phone down. They threaten to kill Chloe the same way she killed El Fideo. One thug holds a gun to Stefan’s head as Chloe begs for their lives. Stefan secretly grabs a knife from a table as Chloe cries, terrified. Stefan boasts about being Stefano DiMera’s son, hoping they’ll back off. He tells them that “this woman belongs to me,” and says if they harm her, his father will hunt them down and he’ll be right behind him. At the mention of Stefano, Luca takes off but the other thug stays. As he’s about to stab Chloe, Stefan stabs him with his knife. They assume he’s dead and when Stefan turns his back, the guy shoots…

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Claire visits Tripp at the square. He has nothing to say to her but she has an apology. Tripp accuses her of being the catalyst to him losing Ciara but Claire claire and tripp listen to her new musicbites back that it’s on him. She knows she made a huge mistake but Ciara left because he lied to her. Tripp’s angry but understands because he manipulated Ciara and lied to her. He admits Claire’s right. Ciara ended things because she didn’t trust him. Claire’s relieved he doesn’t think she’s a total monster. He agrees to give her another chance. Claire gets him to admit that they had something special when they made love. They hold hands and smile at each other while vowing no more games or lies. They listen to Claire’s new song and then discuss Ciara returning from South Africa.

John arrives at Diana’s door at Salem Inn. He’s shocked to see Diana Colville. “Hi Roman. It’s been a while,” she says. She tells him that Will Horton filled her in on hiring John to find her. John didn’t realize Diana was going by the surname of Cooper. She tells him it’s her husband’s name and John lets her know his name isn’t Roman. Diana knows. She read about it online. She recalls Marlena “hovering around” them and says they had a drink earlier. Diana admits she lied to Marlena about who she was. John laughs and asks why. Marlena knows everything about his life. He asks Diana what she’s been up to all these years. She doesn’t say so he asks about Leo. Diana says everyone wants to know about him. John says he just hit on his son. Diana tsks. “Boys will be boys.” John asks for dirt on Leo so he can get rid of him. Diana asks if he recalls how hard it is for her to say no to him. Leo’s arrival puts a damper on John’s plans to get information. Leo demands to know if they’re talking about him behind his back. Diana reveals they’ve a past. Leo hopes John’s not trying to use her. “I don’t use people the way you do,” John says, then says goodbye to Diana. Later, Diana admits she and John were romantically involved for two years. Leo thinks she looks as if she’s still in love with him. Diana scoffs. John’s a happily married man. Leo snorts that it’s never stopped her before.

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At SPD, Hope begs Marlena to tell her about her session with hope begs marlena for helpBen. Marlena can’t. She doesn’t think there’s a concern that Ben did anything to Ciara. Ted plans on getting a court order for her records. Marlena explains that Ben cares for her, then admits he’s still on his meds but missed a dose or two. Hope gasps, remembering the last time he tried to kill Ciara. The women embrace with Hope feeling grateful for the information.

At the burned out cabin, Ciara begs her captor to tell her why they’re doing this to her. They gag her again to shut her up and she cries and struggles. The leather-clad captor leaves and then someone arrives and takes off Ciara’s blindfold and gag. Ciara is shocked to see Jordan Ridgeway, (played by Chrishell Hartley) who isn’t wearing leather.

Hope and Ted break into Ben’s hotel room and rummage through his stuff. They find nothing and then Ben catches them in the act. He’s furious and then upset to learn Ciara’s gone missing. Hope confesses she talked to Marlena. Ben’s angry. He missed one dosage and says Marlena violated his rights – much like they did by breaking into his place. “She can go to hell and so can the two of you.”

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John meets Marlena at the pub. They share that they both talked with Leo’s mother and John fills her in on Diana being his ex, Diana Colville. As they talk, Marlena learns the timeline of when they were together. She learns John didn’t know Diana had a son and then comments that she must have had him shortly after she left Salem. A strange look crosses John’s face…

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