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Diana bumps into Marlena at the square and calls herself a fan of Marlena’s old radio show. Marlena smiles and Diana gushes that the show got her through many rough times. Marlena is glad it was helpful and agrees to have a drink with her. They head to Mandalay and Marlena and Diana shares that she’s visiting her son. When asked if they get along, she admits they do when he’s not driving her mad. Marlena laughs. She has one of those. She talks about Sami and then when she learns Diana’s name, she realizes Diana’s Leo’s mom. By the sour expression on Marlena’s face, Diana can tell she doesn’t like Leo. Marlena talks about Leo blackmailing her grandson’s lover. Diana says she met Will, who told her the same story. She’s sorry Matthew (Leo) has caused trouble for her loved ones. Marlena asks for her help but Diana has no influence over her son. Marlena wonders what caused him to be so vindictive. Was he traumatized? Diana looks petrified and closed off but Marlena still asks for help. Diana asks if she’d be willing to throw her daughter under the bus for a stranger. Marlena doesn’t respond so Diana takes off.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Leo drinks and mutters about how scary Adrienne is. When Brady lets himself in with his luggage, Leo’s immediately attracted. He introduces leo kisses bradyhimself but Brady bitterly says he knows who Leo is. He shares that he’s moving back in, which makes Leo happy. Leo caresses Brady’s arm and Brady asks him not to. He plays for the other team. Leo thinks he has “a serious case of gay face.” Brady threatens to break his arm but Leo grabs him and forces a kiss on him just as John walks in. Brady asks what the hell the matter is with him but Leo’s moved on and asks, “Who’s the silver fox?” John introduces himself and Leo realizes he’s the PI who brought his mama to town. He calls John a jerk then goes. John bursts out into laughter but then questions if it’s a good idea to move in. He asks about Brady’s love life and learns he’s over Eve and has had help with a friend – Chloe. They discuss Leo’s mother and the difficult relationship they have. John’s going to shoot over to visit her and get the scoop. The men embrace and John goes.

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Outside of Doug’s Place, Chloe thanks Nancy for babysitting on a call. They disconnect and Chloe finds Stefan inside, sipping a mojito. He asks her to join him in a drink but she’s busy. He slurps the rest of his drink and calls her uptight, then convinces her to take a break. He hands her the ‘closed for a private function’ sign and she puts it back outside while he fixes her a drink. She goes through the mail and feels relaxed, taking a break from the kids. He asks about the custody agreement and Chloe says it’s settled. Stefan opens up about feeling bereft when he learned Charlotte wasn’t his. Chloe thinks as his niece, she can still be a part of his life. Stefan scoffs at that happening. He shows her a silver spoon he got Charlotte for Christmas that he’s been carrying around. Chloe is sorry. They discuss Chloe’s life and that she was married to Brady before and that they’re close friends. She urges him to start seeing other women and then opens a letter and finds a bloody knife. She starts to freak out and flashes to murdering El Fideo. She tells Stefan about killing the drug lord and scared, realizes that his thugs must have found her. Stefan wants to call the cops.

At SPD, Hope leaves a message for Ciara to call. She’s worried. hope, marlena and ted worry over ciaraShe disconnects and worries more, considering Ciara didn’t tell anyone she was leaving South Africa earlier. She calls the airline at Ted’s suggestion then calls Ben. Marlena turns up and Hope fills her in on Ciara missing. She asks Marlena if Ben mentioned Ciara in their sessions.

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At the burned-out cabin, Ciara’s tied to the bed, gagged and blindfolded. She cries and struggles as her captor plays Hope’s message and then strikes a match, which brings Ciara back to the cabin fire. The captor touches Ciara’s face and she squirms, frightened.

John visits Diana at Salem Inn and realizes she’s not Diana Cooper but Diana Colville! Diana calls him Roman.

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