jj and jack get a beer at the pub

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At Mandalay, Kate’s put off that Tripp isn’t taking her order. ted wants Kate backHe explains he burned himself and is headed to the hospital. He goes and Ted approaches. She thought he was stranded on a tropical island. Ted tells her Hope helped with police protection to keep him safe from Stefan. She went above and beyond and he’s trying to be an upstanding citizen now. Kate almost spits out her martini. She reminds Ted that Hope’s married. Ted admits Rafe doesn’t like him. Kate counters that it’s because Ted’s moving in on his woman. Ted denies it. He wants to start over with Kate but she’s not interested. She throws her drink in his face.

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At SPD, Hope tells Eli that Rafe went to see Sami hope abe eli and trask at spdand the kids, just as Melinda Trask interrupts, angry that Hope let another high profile criminal in Xander Cook go free. Hope and Eli explain that the evidence was deleted. Melinda has a fit. Abe enters and asks what’s going on. Trask wants him to fire Hope. Eli defends his cousin and Trask notes the nepotism. Abe takes Trask aside and both struggle to be heard.  Trask calls SPD a joke and quits as DA. Meanwhile, Hope details Rafe’s reason for helping Sami in Italy to Eli who wonders what’s really going on. He mentions her time with Ted and then quickly apologizes. Hope walks out on him.

At the hospital, Kayla questions how Haley’s session with haley helps tripp with injuryMarlena went. Haley admits she was nervous at first but smiles that things turned out well. Her problems aren’t over but she now knows suicide isn’t the answer. She talks about living with JJ temporarily and touts how amazing he is. In walks Tripp who explains his oil burns. He’s taken into a room and Kay examines him while they discuss Stefan getting off on treason charges. Kayla lets Haley dress her step-son’s wounds and leaves. Tripp talks about going to med school and how that got derailed when he made a huge mistake. She loves being a nurse but jokes about wanting to own a rabbit farm as a kid. Tripp doesn’t like rabbits since he saw Donnie Darko.

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JJ comes upon Jack at the pub and invites him for a beer. They discuss politics and JJ tells his dad a little about his political past that he had a passion for. JJ’s glad his dad’s getting the passion back, if not the memories. Jack’s considering running for mayor. JJ says he used to date the current mayor’s daughter, and almost killed his son. JJ fills his dad in on what went down when he shot Theo. Jack’s horrified for JJ, who explains that he almost ended his life over it. Jack’s sorry he wasn’t there for him. “Me too,” agrees JJ. Jack is surprised to learn he was JJ’s idol – a great father. JJ opens up a little about paying it forward with Haley and asks how things went with his mom the other night. Jack confesses it was nice but he thinks he has more in common with Eve. JJ says he couldn’t be more wrong. He can’t trust her. She’s using him to hurt Jenn same as she did with him. Jack jokingly asks, “What she tried to sleep with you too?” JJ deadpans and Jack’s eyes widen. “Oh.” JJ fills his dad in and Jack quips that they have the same taste in women. It’s awkward but Jack’s glad that they got a chance to talk. He wants to make up for lost time. JJ gives his dad his address in hopes that Jack will confide in him, too.

At Salem Inn, Eve reads Dr. Rolf’s “gibberish,”jenn and eve argue about jack again in his journal and hopes it’s years before the FDA approves the serum. She considers destroying the journal before Jenn arrives. Jenn lets herself in, much to Eve’s chagrin and they begin to argue about who Jack belongs with. Eve shows Jenn the bridal magazine Jack bought her, but Jennifer maintains that Jack will get his memory back and run. They discuss Rolf’s diary and Eve acts shocked that Seth Burns lost it. Eve thinks Jack will choose her anyway. Jenn finds that delusional thinking. Later, Eve’s alone and Jack appears and confronts Eve about sleeping with JJ. Eve says she made a horrendous mistake. Jack decides not to judge. Instead, they discuss him running for mayor.

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Haley arrives to JJ’s place and they discuss Melinda and JJ’s connection with Jack.

Trask meets Jenn at the park and reveals she resigned as trask and jennifer talk at parkDA and has a major scoop for her. Later, Jenn thanks Trask for the tip.

Hope spies Kate throwing her drink in Ted’s face at the square.

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