jack wants job with spectator

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At Jenn’s, Kayla tells Jennifer they can’t use the serum on Jack. jenn and kayla talk about jackThey’re testing the formula and it could take years to get approval. The FDA is not near testing it on Jack, either. Jenn is let down and figures she’d better come up with another idea to get Jack’s memory back. She tells Kayla about the dinner and Eve ruining it. Jenn’s hurt that Jack has chosen to be with a woman who is using him. Kayla thinks there might be a way to get Jack’s memory back. They still have Dr. Rolf’s original journal with the formula written inside. The women run to get it.

Jack brings Eve coffee at Salem Inn, along with magazines. She finds them quaint while he finds them old school. She’s surprised hers is a bridal magazine. He comments that he heard she wanted to marry him. Eve figures Jennifer has convinced him that she’s evil incarnate but calls Jennifer jealous. Eve calls his family “the past.” Jack’s confused. They seemed to love him. Eve shows him her dream job offer that Chad gave her and admits she turned it down because she knows they belong together. Jack is worried about money and decides he’ll ask Adrienne or Jennifer for a job at The Spectator. Eve calls that idea terrible. “It’s birdcage stuff,” she says and he deserves better. Jack argues that he’s rusty and it could be a good fit. Eve says no. She thinks Jack should run for mayor. Jack’s intrigued and runs out to consider it while Eve holds what looks to be Dr. Rolf’s journal.

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From the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny is glad to hear Brady and Victor are on speaking terms again. He lets Brady know he’s closer to getting rid of his slime-husband. Brady doesn’t get why they’re married anyway and from the expression on Sonny’s face, realizes that Leo has something on him. Later, Brady surprises Sonny by telling him shirtless xanderVic offered him the CEO position at Titan. Meanwhile, upstairs, Leo finds himself alone in bed, while Eric lets himself into Sarah’s room and finds her and Xander naked together, asleep. He shouts, “What the hell did you do to Sarah?” Sarah and Xander wake up, startled, Xander with a grin on his face. Xander says Eric had his chance with her. “And you missed out on a lot.” Eric slams the door in anger and then accuses Sarah of having sex with Xander to get back at him. Sarah’s shocked. That’s not at all what happened. She flashes back to being angry and drinking. Xander appeared and they talked about men being creeps. She told him about Rex doing her sister and her trying to pay him back by having sex with his brother Eric, but he turned her down. She felt humiliated. Xander said she was smart beautiful, and they made love. Eric thinks Xander played her and asks how she could have been “so stupid.” Sarah’s angry and tells Eric Xander didn’t use her. She used him. Eric is disgusted. He thought they were friends. Sarah was angry with Rex and Xander was there. It had nothing to do with Eric. Eric thinks she slept with the man he hates to piss him off. Sarah says nothing so Eric takes off. Meanwhile, Xander returns to his room and tells Leo he was out getting breakfast. He needed to refuel after their night together. Leo’s puzzled. “We slept together?” Xander corrects him. Not much sleeping actually occurred. Leo doesn’t recall, so Xander says he’s hurt. He was reluctant but once he got into it, they both had a good time. Since Leo can’t recall, he suggests that Xander drugged him and when he suggests getting the glass tested, Xander smashes it. He flashes to drugging him and admits it to Leo, then lets him know that he made out with Sarah. Leo storms out. Downstairs, Sonny and Brady laugh about a thug like Xander wanting to be CEO. Sonny thinks Brady’s the best fit. They hug and Leo approaches. He wants a spa day. Xander finds Brady alone and wonders why he’s there. Brady tells him Vic just named him CEO of Titan. Xander’s incensed.

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rex needs advice from kate

Kate and Rex catch up at Eric’s place. Rex shares that he was making good headway with Sarah until he told her he had sex with her sister, Noelle. Kate’s shocked and more so that he’s asking her for advice. He admits he told Sarah the truth and Kate thinks that was a dumb move. Kate thinks Sarah needs time. She goes and Eric returns. He says someone he cares about let him down, but refuses to say more.

At the hospital, Kayla tells Jenn that Seth Burns can’t find Dr. Rolf’s journal.

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