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At the pub, Eric learns Xander was released from jail. He rushes out and Sarah starts after him until Rex stops her. The text isn’t real. He sent a fake text so Eric would leave so they could be alone. This bothers Sarah. Rex is sorry for that and violating her trust. She starts to weep as he apologizes for jeopardizing the best thing that has ever happened to him. He professes his love. Sarah again asks who else he cheated with. Rex sighs, claiming it doesn’t matter who it was. Sarah will consider giving him a chance if he reveals the truth. He finally reveals it was Noelle – Sarah’s sister! Rex says her life was in shambles and they were a mess. “So you go and sleep with my sister?” Rex says they had a few drinks…

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At Doug’s Place, Chloe seats Marlena and John appears. He lets Marlena know that Xander is alive. She’s not surprised. John says he’s no longer in custody. Doc is concerned about how Eric will take the news.

At SPD, Hope’s frustrated that Xander was released. rafe going to see samiEli’s sorry. Rafe drags Hope away. Sami called. EJ isn’t doing well, so the whole family is struggling. Sami wants him to visit to help out. “Sami snaps her fingers, clicks her heels and you go running. Again,” Hope mutters. Rafe says Lucas has his hands full with Allie and Johnny’s out of control. They’ve always had a special relationship. Hope is sorry to hear about all of this, but he recently had sex with Sami and it nearly destroyed them. Hope can’t get on board with this and cries as she reveals her insecurities. Rafe’s sorry. He needs to be there for Johnny. Eric storms into the other room and demands to know how Xander got out of jail. Eli tells him that Xander deleted the file on the shooting. Their IT guy is working on retrieving it. Eric’s livid.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, shirtless xander with leoSonny makes a secret call to Will just to hear his voice. He complains about Leo spending all of his money which makes him wish he had killed Leo after all. Downstairs, Leo arrives looking for Xander. Victor tells him Xander’s in jail where he belongs. Xander walks in, and explains SPD’s “classic incompetence,” since he got off because the footage they had on him went missing. He again asks for the CEO position at Titan. Victor won’t discuss business with the gold digger in the room so Leo reluctantly leaves. Victor once again refuses Xander. Angry, Xander rushes out and finds Leo nearby. Leo strokes Xander’s shoulder and thinks they should play. He reveals that he has something on Sonny that will be shocking. All he has to do is share “everything else with me.” Xander is defeated and says he wins. “Be in my room in ten minutes. And bring alcohol. I’m going to need a stiff drink if I’m going to do this.” Leo replies, “Oh I’ll bring something stiff!” Later, Sonny finds Victor and they commiserate about wanting Leo gone. Sonny teases that he’s looking for dirt on Leo. Back upstairs, Leo brings champagne to Xander’s room. They drink to business and pleasure and Xander looks miserable. Leo kisses him, promising to do “all the heavy lifting.”

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Back at Doug’s Place, will hears paul doing wellWill heads inside to ask John if he has any news on Leo’s mom. John doesn’t but gets a text with a lead on Leo’s mom. Will calls to update Sonny, while John and Marlena make out.

Back at the pub, people are staring when Sarah slaps Rex before stomping out and slamming the door behind her. Rex follows and plows right into Chloe. He opens up about cheating with Noelle. Chloe’s stunned and calls him an idiot. He should have lied. Rex rushes to find Sarah.

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Eli takes Eric home and vows to ensure Xander pays for his crime. Later, Sarah barges in and Eric tells her about Xander being let go due to lack of evidence. Eric asks how things went with Rex. Sarah shares Rex’s news that he had sex with her sister Noelle. Eric’s jaw drops. He’s sorry. Sarah wants revenge. She kisses Eric hard. He pushes her away after a while. She knows they’ve a connection. He agrees. They go at it again.

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