xander deletes footage

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In Abe’s office, Sheila listens to her tunes with headphones while Abe yells at someone on a call. He bitches about people facing consequences when they make mistakes. He has two VIP tickets to Sade for Valerie but she had to cancel. Sheila tells him to go anyway. Abe invites her along.

At SPD, Eli gloats to Xander that they have him dead to rights for attempting to murder Marlena Evans. Xander smirks. He’ll see about that. Eli goes to Lani and they try to cue up the footage of Xander shooting Marlena on a laptop but it’s been deleted. They rush to talk to Abe.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah helps Eric ice his hand. Sarah’s starting to realize why Nicole fell for him. He’s a good man. They embrace. Rex arrives, worried. They fill him in on Eric’s attack and Xander’s arrest. Once alone, the brothers again discuss Rex’s cheating ways and how Rex regrets it and wants to make up for his mistake. Eric calls that a good start. Sarah returns and they all decide to go celebrate.

Stefan arrives home and finds Gabi with Chad. He smiles that he’s a free man and wants to take back everything that’s his. Chad purses his lips. Stefan gets a drink and tells his brother that he’s got a call into the board to get his CEO spot back. Chad says the board thinks he’s poison. Stefan asks why Gabi’s there and learns that Chad agreed to rip up her contract. He’s giving her Gabi Chic back. Stefan doesn’t think so. Chad leaves the room and Stefan explains that he’ll win against Chad. He demonstrates with the chess board that he’s always a few steps ahead. Gabi asks for her company back and he refuses. She tells him she feels ashamed of what she did but he also reminds her he would make her pay. He’s a man of his word. He plans on destroying her company. He tells her to get out. Gabi grabs the fire poker and refuses to go. Stefan grins and tells her to think of her daughter. Chad meanders in. They agree nobody would miss Stefan. Gabi agrees to put the poker down and goes. Stefan smashes his glass in the fireplace and tells his brother there will be blood if he gets in his way again.

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In the square, Hope mopes about Stefan rafe and hope argue over tedgetting off on the treason charge. Ted’s sorry. They shake hands as Rafe walks up and asks, “What the hell is this?” He’s jealous that he keeps finding them “doing this hand thing.” They explain about Stefan getting off and someone else confessing to treason. Rafe blames Ted but Hope denies that he had anything to do with it. Ted goes and Rafe and Hope argue about her obsession with Ben and Rafe is cross that she’s not thinking of justice for his sister.

Back in Abe’s office, Sheila says, “You’re my boss and you just asked me on a date.” Lani and Eli waltz in and Lani asks, “He did what now?” Abe explains. They tell him about the missing footage. His office and Salem SPD and John Black are the only ones who have access. Sheila says John was there earlier to ask for the footage. She tells them how hot he is and she swooned over his sexy accent. Lani’s confused, “What accent?” Sheila flashes to meeting a man in a suit – but it wasn’t John, it was Xander! He conned her. She flashes to asking for ID and “John” confessing he forgot it, then swearing he was really John Black. Sheila was distracted by his muscles and when Eli shows his photo, Sheila confirms that’s him. Lani and Eli go and Abe blows up. Sheila’s sorry. She admits her mistake but reminds him it won’t look good at HR. He asked her out on a date and then fires her? “How’s that gonna look, Boss?” Abe sighs and ends up giving her the Sade tickets.

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Eric, Sarah and Rex slip into the pub and play darts rex, eric and sarah play dartswhile Rex and Sarah reminisce about Rex teaching her darts in a biker bar. Things get animated. Later, Rex wants Eric to leave and give them a chance to talk.

Hope arrives at SPD, kicks Xander’s feet off the desk and tells him Sheila Watkins is going to testify that he deleted the evidence of the shooting. Xander laughs, thinking it’ll make SPD look like a joke. When Lani and Eli appear, she angrily tells them to release him.rafe and gabi argue square

Rafe meets Gabi at the square. They discuss Stefan’s release and how pissed Rafe is about it. Sami calls.

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