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At Eric’s apartment, Rex asks his brother to call Sarah and then Rex wants Sarah backmake himself scarce so he can talk to her when she arrives. Rex runs to shower and Sarah arrives to inform Eric that Xander’s still alive. Later, Rex comes from the shower. Eric’s gone and Sarah explains why she’s there then worries about what Eric’s doing and runs off. Chloe arrives, surprised to see Rex. She’s looking for Holly’s stuffed cat. Rex finds it for her and then thanks her. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t know he had a daughter. They talk about Emily and Rex is sorry her plans to raise her with Parker fell through. Chloe muses that she’s raising Holly with her son and it all worked out. Rex says he’s called Lucas who isn’t getting back to him. Chloe says it’s because he’s out of the country to be with Allie. Rex is sad to learned Lucas broke up with her but at least Kate was happy about it. Rex laughs, knowing it’s just like his mom. Talk turns to Sarah and they discuss Rex’s strategy to get her back.

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Xander considers Leo’s offer of gay for pay as he looks at his banana. Eric rushes in and throws Xander up against the wall. “You killed Nicole, and now I’m going to kill you,” he shouts through gritted teeth. He grabs a knife and threatens to kill Xander and starts to cry. Sarah runs in and can’t pry Eric off of Xander. She talks him down, knowing Nicole would want him to be there for her daughter. Eric backs off, throws the knife and sobs. He punches Xander out cold. Eli arrives and Sarah thanks him for coming so fast. Eli arrests Xander for shooting Marlena. He hauls him downtown and Eric thanks Sarah for saving him from himself. Sarah wonders if Nicole survived, since Xander did. Eric doubts that.

At the DiMera house, Chad calls Julie to thank her for her help with Abigail. When he disconnects, Gabi shows up. She’s there for business. Chad tries to shut the door, but she barges in. He threatens to liquidate Gabi Chic and Gabi looks disconcerted. She begs him not to do this to Arianna. Chad scoffs. Sonny will ensure Ari’s not left wanting. Gabi reminds him that he used to be in love with her, and then says she may not have PTSD or whatever Abby has but she’s been through hell. Chad yells that he can’t stomach the sight of her anymore. He tells her to stay out of his life and then decides to keep her contract – for Arianna.

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At Alice’s, Abigail gets kate urges abigail to forgive chada visit from Kate and tries to hide. Kate sees her through the glass, so Abby opens the door and then slams it in Kate’s face. Kate won’t leave so Abby reluctantly lets her in and confronts her about hiding the truth of Charlotte’s paternity. Kate’s there to apologize and attempt to fix this. She admits Gabi blackmailed her and that she convinced DiMera to rehire Chad as CEO and plans on helping him get Abigail back. “You’re not a good person, Kate.” She won’t fall for it. She thinks the best thing Kate could do is to get out of Chad’s life. She shows Kate the door and Kate urges her to at least forgive Chad.

Ted arrives at SPD and hands Stefan their defense for the arraignment to read. Ted wants to blame Ben for the whole kidnapping. Stefan’s pissed. Gabi will testify against Stefan. Ted says she has no credibility. Stefan fires Ted and Ted reminds him nobody will take his case. Stefan assumes he’s working with Hope and then taunts him, thinking he’s sleeping with her. He asks who was better in bed. Kate or Hope? Disgusted, Ted walks out. Meanwhile, Ben visits Hope in her office, asking where Ciara is. Hope admits Ciara went to see Theo Carver. She talks up their relationship, rubbing it in until Ben looks uncomfortable. Hope brings up him getting away with murder and tells him not to get cocky. This isn’t over. Ted appears and Ben goes. Ted relays his conversation with Stefan. Hope thanks him. After Stefan’s left the interrogation room, Eli hauls Xander in. Xander refuses to speak without his lawyer.

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Ted meets Hope in the square. “There was no arraignment,” says Ted. The prosecutor said they had someone else in custody who confessed to using Steve’s bionic eye to commit treason and Stefan was let go. Hope struggles with the news and they agree they’re even.

Stefan shows up at home and finds Chad telling Gabi that Stefan’s out of the picture. “Guess again, little brother,” he says, grinning.

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