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At the pub, Marlena eyes John’s pancakes as she eats her own omelet. He razzes her for it and gives her tickets to something in Chicago. The rest of their lives together will be an extended honeymoon. He kisses her hand and she swoons. John almost lost her to Xander last year. They’re glad he’s gone. Paul calls and John goes to take it.

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Xander wakes up in bed, surprised to find Leo with him. leo and xander in bedXander’s pissed but Leo wants to discuss his offer to be gay for pay. Xander remind him he’s not homosexual. Leo thinks he’ll try anything once. Xander moves in for a kiss and then announces he needs time to think about it. Downstairs, Sonny whispers on a call to Will about finding Leo’s mother. Sarah interrupts and they relate to each other’s relationship issues. Sonny urges her to consider giving Rex another chance. Sarah’s not interested. She calls Rex a neanderthal who takes what he wants. Just then, Xander walks up, grabs Sarah’s muffin, and with a full mouth, says it’s good. Sarah’s jaw drops. Sonny introduces them and Xander’s hot for her but she realizes he’s the one who blackmailed Nicole into marrying him. Sonny says if Xander gets out of line to hit him with the fire poker. On his way out, he runs into Leo who tags along.

Shirtless Rex wakes up at Eric’s. Eric is eating cereal rex and eric, hot brothersand thinking about his closeness with Sarah. Rex asks if they’re together. Eric calls them friends. Rex wants his brother’s help to win her back. They discuss Holly’s custody situation and Rex brings Sarah up again and kicks himself for giving up on her. Eric defends his brother, knowing he needed time with his daughter. Rex was glad to work out a custody agreement.

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jj and haley at his apartmentJJ wakes Haley up with the sound of sizzling bacon at his apartment. JJ asks for answers as to why she’s there. He overheard Melinda say that they’re related. Haley calls it complicated. She goes to change for her meeting with Marlena.

Will walks in on Marlena at the pub, stealing John’s bacon. They both talked to Sami last night and Will mentions that EJ’s not able to communicate yet. Marlena knows how difficult it must be to be so close. Will can relate. He wants to track down Leo’s estranged mother. They think Leo’s hiding something and want to use whatever it is as leverage. Marlena says to ask John but Will doesn’t feel he has a right after dumping Paul. John returns and Marlena fills him in. Time has passed, admits John, and he realizes Will was trying to do the right thing by Paul. He tells Will that Paul’s doing well and has a date with his physiotherapist. John agrees to help Will find Leo’s mother. Marlena goes to work and Will receives a text that Sonny can’t make it because “Voldemort” insisted on tagging along. John does a search on the internet while he explains to Will that he and Marlena battled the devil and came out on top, which means surely, Will and Sonny can battle Leo.

From SPD, Melinda leaves a message for Haley, apologizing for kicking her out. Abe appears. He’s livid that she threatened Abigail Deveraux. Trask owns it. They verbally spar and Melinda calls out the whole SPD department and its crappy commissioner. It’s only a matter of time until they’re sued. Abe defends Hope.

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At the hospital, Sonny whines to Leo that his mom is nagging. Is Leo’s mom that way? Leo says she only cares about herself. Sonny fishes for more but gets nowhere so tries to reschedule his meeting with Seth Burns, while Leo texts Xander to pester him about his offer. Xander looks at the banana he’s eating and considers it. Meanwhile, in Dr. Marlena Evans’ office, Marlena lovingly tries to get Haley to open up. Haley is touched and will tell Marlena everything. Elsewhere, Sonny heads into a darkened room where Will is waiting with a kiss. They discuss John’s involvement in tracking “Mommy Dearest.”

Sarah rushes to Eric’s to tell him Xander is alive and staying at Maggie’s. He goes to take care of it and Sarah worries as Rex comes out in a towel.

Xander is ambushed by Eric who lets himself into the Kiriakis mansion and attacks him.

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