jack and jenn almost kiss

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At Eric’s apartment, Eric and Sarah almost kiss but Rex interrupts. They try to hide their disappointment. Rex notes Sarah’s wearing one of Eric’s shirts. Is he interrupting something? Eric denies it but Sarah shoots him a look. Sarah gets in Rex’s face, thinking he should be with Mimi and his baby. Rex clarifies that there is nothing between him and Mimi. He regrets cheating and not trying hard enough to make things right. He wants Sarah back. Sarah only wants to strangle him. Sarah tries to kick him out but it’s not her place. Rex asks to crash there and Sarah has a fit when Eric agrees to it. Eric reminds her that Rex is his brother. Sarah rushes out, petulant and Rex asks Eric to help get Sarah back.

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At the park, Melinda tells her sister Haley she has to move out. Trask has plans that make it necessary for them to have space between them. Nobody can know they’re related. JJ walks up. He was worried about Haley and can see she’s upset. He takes Trask to task for upsetting her and asks if she’s her mother. Trask laughs and lies that they’re not related.

At Salem Inn, Eve flashes to Chad’s job offer and thinks to herself that she can no longer be bought. She takes off.

Abigail lets herself into the DiMera mansion and confronts Chad about planning a family dinner behind her back and paying her father off. Chad laughs uneasily. Jack wasn’t supposed to tell her that. Abigail admits she knows Chad’s heart was in the right place and thanks him. He reveals he offered Eve a job in Paris so Abby’s parents could have a better chance at a reunion. Abby hopes it works and shares how special their dinner was. Chad knows she’s angry but is uplifted that she came there tonight, despite that. He can’t deny his feelings for her. They share a moment and then a passionate kiss, before Abigail backs off. She’s not ready to be vulnerable with him but hopes she will be someday. They need to rebuild trust. She’s not even sure she’s willing and figures a part of Chad mustn’t forgive her for sleeping with Stefan. Chad denies that but Abby says he would have accepted Charlotte if he had. Chad knows what he did was wrong. Abby tells him that Trask is after him but she has no plan to cooperate with the DA to put him away for kidnapping.

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At Doug’s Place, Jennifer informs Jack that they built a wonderful life together, one she thinks they can have again. Jack disagrees. They’ve been divorced twice. He asks her to stop trying so hard. Jenn says they’ve had issues, but he was a loving father and devoted husband. Jack adds, “And a rapist.” He wonders if she merely pitied him. Jennifer says that’s not true. Jack should never be with someone as kind as her. He should be with someone like him – such as Eve. Jennifer says he’s nothing like Eve. She reveals his traumatic past with an abusive father. Jack didn’t know but it’s no excuse. Jenn agrees – it’s a reason. And he should try to forgive himself. He fought his demons and won. She won’t let him go backwards.

From the square, Kayla calls Steve, giddy to tell him that Stefan was indicted for treason. She hopes this means Steve can return, knowing he’ll want to see Jack. Eve interrupts, looking for Jack. They argue about how Kayla thinks Jenn and Jack will reunite, leaving Eve out in the cold. Eve scoffs that Kay’s defending her rapist. Kay shoots back that she doesn’t mind sharing a room with him. They trade barbs and Kayla wonders how Paige would feel to know what she’s up to. Eve’s insulted. Kay asks her to break the cycle of trying to ruin people’s lives. JJ interrupts. Eve queries where his father is. JJ says he’s with his mother, but he won’t say where. Eve stomps off and JJ fishes for info about Haley’s family.

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Back at Doug’s Place, Jennifer implores Jack to look at her andeve comes to take jack from jenn listen to his heart. She holds his hand and talks of longing for him. They move in to kiss when Eve bursts in and drags Jack away, making sure Jenn knows how much “alike” they are.

Back at the park, after JJ has left, Trask yells that JJ knows too much and reminds her sister that his mother’s the most intrepid reporter in Salem.

Kayla finds Sarah drinking at the pub. Sarah tells her about Rex’s return. Kayla suggests she’s not over him but Sarah thinks she is. She runs away.

Haley arrives on JJ’s doorstep with a bag. She had nowhere else to go.

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