rafe roughs stefan up as he arrests him

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At Salem Inn, Eve denies lying to Jack but he knows she’s talking in circles and asks about their marriage. Eve admits they married so he’d get his hands on a buttload of money and says they were good together. Jack asks why they broke up. “You wanted to go back to little miss perfect,” Eve shrugs. Jack realizes he’s been a pawn in Eve’s revenge against Jenn. Eve explains being a bad girl is her comfort zone and he’s not exactly a saint. Jack thinks jack and eve kissingJenn seemed like a kind person. Eve paints a bad picture of Jennifer dumping him for Daniel after Jack’s return from Afghanistan. Eve wants him to embrace his bad side. Jack hates how everything is a blank. He wants to go see Abigail but Eve tells him not to. He should rebuild his own life. He wants to see his grandkids, “I think,” he says. Eve calls his kid a whack-a-doodle, juggling two men. Jack should wait to ask questions until she’s fixed her own issues. Eve seduces Jack. He calls her sexy and suggests they make love. They start kissing.

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Jennifer races into the pub to ask roman learns jack is aliveRoman how it’s possible Jack’s still alive. Roman says there was nothing suspicious about his death. Jennifer’s hurting that Jack doesn’t even want to be in the same room as her. Roman asks her to look at this as a miracle, but Jenn can’t stop thinking about how Eve’s turning Jack against her.

At the hospital, Kayla calls someone about kayla talks to stefan about steve's eyeDr. Rolf’s serum and the new patient. Stefan approaches and Kayla gloats that Chad’s the father of Abigail’s baby. Stefan blames Kayla for letting this happen but she wasn’t even in the room when it happened. Stefan filed a complaint with Seth Burns. Kayla seethes then shoves back by reminding him he used Steve’s bionic eye to commit criminal activity. Stefan maintains his innocence.

At Alice’s, Chad holds Charlotte and chad and abigail talk about charlottesays he’s been an ass but he’ll do his best to put things back together again. Abigail arrives and shocks Chad by telling him she’s not pressing charges against Gabi. She refuses to obsess about revenge and focus on the positive. They’ve suffered enough. Angered, Chad wants Gabi to suffer for the rest of her life. They argue and he confesses he was fired and kicked out of the manse because he knew of the bogus sexual harassment lawsuit against Sonny. Abigail’s surprised. Chad said he was trying to stick it to Stefan. They agree Chad lost his way. Abs calls him a true DiMera. Chad’s not proud but will make it up to everyone. Abby says she can’t forgive him. Chad will fight for her.

At SPD, Rafe learns from Gabi that Stefan kidnapped her and threatened to harm her. He let her go but it was clear he wasn’t done with her. Rafe wants to go after Stefan but Hope asks him to go by the book. Rafe scoffs at Hope going by the book. He leaves and Hope runs in to tell Gabi that Abby went through hell because of her. Gabi says now they’re even. Trask calls. She’s furious about Gabi but will let her go since she can’t win this case. Hope asks who kidnapped Gabs and hears it was Ben.

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Ben appears on Ciara’s doorstep with roses. He wants forgiveness for cancelling their last date. She’s not into roses and asks what he had to do that was so important. “Routine business,” ben and ciara kissinghe says. They talk about Chad and Ben doesn’t like him but Ciara calls him a great father. She admits she used to crush on him. Ben looks disgusted. “Are you jealous?” Ciara asks. It’s not a place Ben likes to go. He was a monster because of his jealousy over Abigail and Chad. Ciara’s sorry for bringing up his past. He says it’s always with him. She perks him up by offering a ride on her motorbike. Later, they return and make out on the sofa until Hope arrives and reveals Ben kidnapped Gabi while her daughter was in the next room.

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Kayla arrives at the pub to tell Jenn she heard Jack’s back from the dead. Later, Roman tells Kay that the grand jury met and decided on whether to indicate Stefan.

Stefan arrives at home and Rafe grabs him and slams him into the table and calls him a son-of-a-bitch for kidnapping his sister. Eventually, he lets Stefan up and then gets a call and learns that he’s to arrest Stefan. He tells Stefan that he’s under arrest for treason. He cuffs him.

Gabi runs into Chad at the square. He vows never to forgive her for what she did.

Jenn arrives home and talks with Abby about Jack’s amnesia.

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