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At the Horton homestead, Chad holds Charlotte and bonds as Julie watches happily. She is glad the wrong was righted and all that’s left is for him to reunite with Abigail. julie gives chad advice on how to get abby backChad says Abby doesn’t want that. He’s let her down. Julie thinks his heart is pure and that he was taken in by Gabi.

Abigail arrives at SPD to give Gabi a piece of her mind. She reminisces about Gabi pretending to be her friend while masterminding this plan. Gabi reveals she was trying to stuff her feelings down in the beginning but in Kayla’s office, after hearing she coudn’t have kids, everything changed. She learned Chad was Abby’s baby daddy and it seemed unfair so she used it to ruin Abigail. “You never said that child wasn’t conceived in rape.” Gabi doesn’t think they’re that different. Abigail was sick and took responsibility. She’s apologized. Gabi says sorry won’t make it okay. The assistant DA arrives and Abby refuses to press charges. Illness or not, Abs did unspeakable things to Gabs. They’ll never be friends but she can’t live with herself taking Gabi away from Ari.

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At the hospital, Kayla wishes JJ would have told her that hayley and kayla with JJ at the nurses' hubHaley tried to commit suicide and that he covered it up. She should have been notified. JJ’s sorry. Kayla has guidelines she needs to follow, when a nurse of hers tries to kill herself, especially on the job. Haley appears and hurt, assumes JJ spilled the news to Kay. Kayla clarifies that he didn’t and calls this is a serious issue that they’ll discuss later. She goes and JJ and Haley rehash the New Year’s Eve party. Kayla returns and Haley leaves. JJ hopes she’ll open up to Kay. He tells her about Jack being alive and the details. Later, Kay calls Steve with the news as nearby, JJ overhears Haley on a call promising not to tell Dr. Johnson anything.

Jennifer visits Jack at Salem Inn. She jokes that he looks good for a man who has been dead six years. Jack deadpans that he tries to stay out of the sun. He reluctantly lets her in so she can show him old photos to trigger his memory. He tells her Abigail came by and calls her lovely. “I suppose I can forgive her for making me a grandfather twice over,” he says, robotically. Jenn smiles. She talks about their past and he looks at photos but nothing jogs his memory. He becomes agitated. Jenn becomes emotional and asks what happened to him after the elevator accent and where he’s been all this time. Jack was in a coma and then in bad shape when he came to. A doctor named Wilhelm Rolf nursed him back to health, along with a man named Xander, in a Nashville medical facility until a few months ago. Jack says Eve mentioned someone named EJ being there who was two years behind him in progressing. She learns Xander got him out of the warehouse when it blew up, then they went their separate ways. She asks about Eve. He’s at ease with Eve, who told him they were very much in love and life got in the way of their marriage. Jennifer laughs and tells him the truth about Eve being determined to inherit 10 million dollars from him. Jack’s angry. He quotes Oscar Wilde which excites Jenn. Maybe his memories aren’t that buried after all. Jack asks what she wants. She wants to get to know him all over again. She’s never loved anyone the way she loved him. The way she still does. She kisses him and he kisses her back and then pulls away. He can’t jump into something. They agree she should go but she won’t give up.

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Eve waits for someone at the park. xander is working with eveXander appears and they catch up and recall meeting a while ago when she mentioned wanting to get revenge on Jennifer Horton. Xander offered the perfect weapon in Jack Deveraux. When Jack walked in, Eve’s mouth dropped. She introduced herself and Xander told her about caring for Jack. Once Jack left the room, Xander told her Jack was the way to ruin Jennifer’s life. She asked what he wanted in return. Eve hands over a thumb drive with everything he asked for. Xander’s happy he hit the jackpot.

Eve returns to the Inn and passes Jenn on her way out. Jack asks why she’s been lying to him.

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