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At the pub, Chad opens up to Will about Charlotte being his child but that he doesn’t think it’ll help bring him closer to Abigail. Will’s not happy with what Chad did to Sonny behind his back but he won’t give up on Sonny.

At SPD, Gabi realizes she’s disappointed Rafe. justin wont be gabi's lawyerHe knows that she suffered at Abigail’s hands but she wasn’t in her right mind. But Gabi knew what she was doing. He details her machinations and asks if it was worth it. Gabi knows what she did was horrible but she was obsessed with making Stefan and Abigail feel her suffering. Is he turning his back on her? Rafe says she just admitted to one felony after another to a cop! Gabi’s worried about Arianna. Rafe will do what he can to help her but she needs to change. Justin appears but refuses to take Gabi’s case.

At Alice’s, JJ is sorry he didn’t believe in Abigail. If he could kick his own ass, he would. But he needs to discuss their father. He blurts that Jack’s alive. He shares what happened at the party and how their father has amnesia. Abigail tries to make sense of it. She hears he’s at Salem Inn and runs off.

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Jennifer pounds on Eve’s door at Salem Inn, looking for Jack. Eve tells her he’s out for coffee. Jenn whines that Eve has outdone herself, torturing her this time but Eve doesn’t want to hear it and shoves her out.

Hope stumbles upon Jack in the square and asks, “Jack? Is that really you?” Jack doesn’t know who she is. Hope tells him a little about his past and falling in love with Jennifer. Jack saw her last night. When he tells he was with Eve, Hope’s confused further. Jack says his coffee’s getting cold and he has to go. “Same old Jack,” Hope says.

Jack returns to Salem Inn and tells Eve about running into Hope. Eve tells him who she is. He appears overwhelmed and knows this will keep happening. Eve tries to reassure him. Jack knows they mean well but feels pressured. Eve asks him to give himself time. She goes to dress and Abigail arrives. She takes one look at Jack and gasps. “Daddy? Oh my God, oh my God, it’s you!” She embraces him while he looks lost. He thrusts Abigail off of him. Abby realizes JJ’s right. He doesn’t remember her. She tells him she’s his daughter and that it’s okay. She’ll bring him a necklace he once gave her to protect her. Maybe it’ll help him remember her. He only remembers what happened after his accident. She asks if he remembers the accident and fills him in on him saving her life in the elevator. He flashes to being in the elevator with her while the elevator plummeted to the ground. Eve comes out and Abby offers to get together to help him remember. He asks Abs to leave so she offers to bring his grandkids back later. She tells him they love him and struggles with tears as she goes. Later, Eve reiterates that Jack needs to stay away from Jenn. Jack questions why Eve hates her so. Why did they divorce? Eve stammers and has to rush off.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Leo’s hungover and bitches about the kids. Sonny snaps at Leo for not being sensitive about his daughter and for being a drunk. Leo thinks Arianna should be happy that her mother is going to prison for what she did. He’d have paid to have his mother go away for life. Sonny’s shocked. He’s never discussed his past before. Leo says not everyone is lucky to have a mother like Adrienne. He goes and Sonny calls Will to tell him they may be able to use Leo’s mother against him.

Jenn rushes to Hope’s side at the square. They discuss Jack and his amnesia and Jennifer’s fears that he’ll never remember her. Hope gives her cousin strength and vows they won’t give up on Jack.

Outside the pub, Abby sees Chad. He heard about her father. She explains the amnesia. Chad’s sorry and offers to talk but she’s not interested. They touch base on Gabi and Abigail takes off.

Hope arrives at SPD. She and Rafe discuss Gabi’s case and Hope thinks Ted Laurent should represent Gabi, since Justin won’t. Rafe’s against it. Ted’s a shyster. Hope calls what Gabi did unforgivable but is only trying to help. Rafe will look after Gabi himself. Later, Abby appears in the interrogation room.

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Chad goes to JJ at home to discuss Jack’s return and Gabi, then holds Charlotte and tells her he’ll never give up on her or her mother.

JJ finds Eve in the square and calls her twisted for bringing his father back to them like this. He knows she doesn’t care about Jack. Eve says he can’t handle the pressure.

Jenn goes to see Jack.

On a bench in the park, Eve texts someone, asking where they are. They text that they’re right behind her…

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