Jenn hugs Jack

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Brady demands to know what the hell Eve is doing at Doug’s Place. She throws digs at Jennifer, Eric, Brady and even Sarah before saying she’s there to unleash a giant wrecking ball. Eli and Lani make their exit, while Chloe urges Eve to leave. Eve Brady confronts Evewon’t go anywhere because she is just getting started. Eve notes Chloe and Brady were looking chummy, wondering where Lucas is. Chloe explains about the breakup, leading Eve to insult Chloe further. Brady tells Eve she’s making a fool of herself. Eve doesn’t care what anyone thinks and lashes out at Brady for tossing her aside after Tate’s custody case. She then turns her attention toward JJ and Jennifer. Eve calls Jenn out for keeping the truth about Brady forcing Nicole to stay away from Eric — a chain of events that led to Nicole’s death. She accuses Jenn of blowing her life to smithereens and warns she will blow up hers in return. Eve continues insulting Jennifer, claiming she isn’t strong enough to handle her surprise. Jenn yells there is nothing Eve can do to hurt her. Eve teases there’s a man on his way that will prove her wrong.

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In the square, Eli and Lani pass a man who was looking at photos of Jennifer on a tablet. Eli feels like he’s seen him before in a photo. He lets it go though and offers to take Lani dancing. They return to the square after finding the club too crowded. He suggests they go back to his place.

After Eli and Lani dance at his place, they toast to spending more time together in 2019 and kiss. Lani thinks they should get out of their clothes and starts unbuttoning his shirt. He thought she wanted to take things slow, but she is ready. They sit on the bed and kiss until they fall back on the pillows.

Jenn sees JackAs Eve continues her rant at Doug’s place, JJ tells Haley they should leave. Eve suggests he stay because the man who is coming is a member of his family. She then turns to Adrienne and tells her the man is her brother… and she’s not talking about Steve. Adrienne is incensed until Jack walks in. Stunned, Jennifer slowly walks towards Jack, who says her name. Jenn cries, “How is this possible?” She grabs Jack in an embrace. Jack looks confused saying he doesn’t know anything about his accident or how he came back. In fact, it’s not just the accident he doesn’t remember. He doesn’t remember anyone in the room. He only knows Jenn’s name because Eve showed him a picture, but everything else about her is gone. He thought by seeing everyone his memory would spark, but that didn’t happen. Adrienne steps forward to assure Jack the room is full of people who love him. She introduces herself as his sister, as well as Justin and JJ. Jenn asks if he remembers their son, but Jack just asks for Abigail, whom Eve told him about. Jack says he and Eve are friends and that she is his whole world. When Jack falls silent, Jenn wonders what’s wrong with him. Eve doesn’t know. She only found out he was a live a few weeks ago and tried to prepare him for the reunion. Jack doesn’t think coming there was a good idea. Jenn wants to go somewhere with Jack, but he’s not even sure he wants to know her, reminding Jenn that she’s not even his family. He read his book that detailed their past together, how he was held hostage and suffered PTSD. Then Jenn blamed him for leaving her and dated both him and Daniel at the same time. Jenn defends herself, declaring she has always loved him and knows he feels the same way. “No. I don’t,” he responds. Adrienne offers for Jack to stay with her and Justin, but he is staying with Eve at the Salem Inn. Jenn worries she will never see him again. Eve assures her she and Jack are back in Salem to stay.

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Eric and Sarah on New Year's EveSarah and Eric exit Doug’s Place. They talk about Eve and how Eric doubts his ability to be a good father for Holly. Sarah props him up and he’s glad he has her as a friend.

At home, JJ talks to Haley on the phone, promising to make the night up to her. After hanging up, he consoles Jenn who looks at a photo of her and Jack. She calls his return a miracle, but declares Jack is not the same man he used to be.

Jack tells Eve in the hotel room that he didn’t mean to hurt his family. Maybe he wasn’t ready for it. He didn’t remember or feel anything. Eve says there’s still time. Who knows what might happen.

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