Eve returns to Salem

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A man and woman get dressed up in a hotel room while looking at a headline about the New Year’s Eve benefit party at Doug’s Place. The woman puts on a black cape. The hood covers her face as they leave their room.

Jennifer and Dr. Shah on New Year's EveHenry picks up Jennifer at her home for their date. He says he’s been thinking about her a lot lately and heard through Sarah that she and Eric are over. She recaps their break up before they head out for the party.

JJ finds Haley at the hospital. When she says she’s spending NYE alone, he flashes back to finding her passed out. She knows he’s wondering if she’s going to try and kill herself again. He denies it and asks her to go to the party. She hesitates, but eventually agrees.

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Eli answers his door to Lani in just a towel. She assumes he and Sheila are taking turns with the shower again. He smiles slyly, “Drives you nuts, doesn’t it?” She admits it and he assures her Sheila is making plans to move out. Right now, she’s at the TLC concert so they are alone. He kisses her neck, but she tells him to get dressed or they’ll be late for the benefit party at Doug’s Place.

Justin and Eric heated discussionJustin meets with Eric at his place. Eric wants to hire him to sue Chloe for custody of Holly. Justin feels for him, but isn’t sure it’s a good idea, noting things will get ugly in an effort to prove he’s unfit. Justin has to leave for the benefit, but Eric says he’s staying put because it will only remind him of Nicole. Justin thinks that’s why he should go — to honor what she did for the center.

Sarah walks in on Adrienne in the Kiriakis mansion yelling at Steve on the phone. After hanging up, Adrienne fills Sarah in on the bionic eye mess and why he’s staying away from Salem. She then talks about her other brother Jack, noting Steve has the option to come home, but Jack never will. Sarah hopes Steve will take her advice. Justin returns home to Adrienne and Sarah who are eager to put 2018 behind them.

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Brady walks into Doug’s place. He learns Chloe has been left to deal with the party by herself and offers to help. Relieved, Chloe runs over to hug him. They reminisce about last year’s NYE and Eve as they set up. Chloe thinks he misses her and suggests he give her a call. He passes, tired of all his romantic problems. He just wants to be in an easy relationship. He’s grateful they are still friends. As the guests start to arrive, Sarah heads over to Chloe to apologize for their argument. JJ walks in and overhears Eli and Lani talking about Gabi. They fill him in on what she did to his sister. Eric enters and locks eyes with Jenn, who turns to Henry. He asks if she’s okay, as JJ walks over to talk about Abby. He also tells Jenn about Haley. He invited her to the party in hopes Eric can help her. Haley walks up as he says she needs help. Incensed, Haley storms out. JJ runs after her. He tells her about Eric and how he helped him last year. JJ apologizes for overstepping and asks her to go back inside with him. He promises they don’t have to talk about her anymore. She agrees. Meanwhile, Eric tells Sarah about his talk with Justin and his warning that the case will be an uphill battle. Adrienne finds Jenn and they talk about Henry. Adrienne is happy for Jenn. They mention Jack and how they are continuing his legacy in journalism. Later, JJ introduces Haley to Adrienne and Justin. After talk about Jenn and Henry, Haley asks about his parents. He says his father died, but he misses him every day. Across the room, Eric and Brady get into it about Holly until Chloe and Sarah break it up. Jenn gathers the crowd to discuss the center and introduces Eric. He talks about Jenn’s amazing work and how Nicole’s spirit will always be felt. After the speeches, Jenn tells Henry it felt awkward being up there with Eric, but she’s ready to move on. He asks if she’s open to dating. She answers yes as the room counts downs to the New Year. After drinks are clinked and confetti is thrown, the caped woman walks in revealing herself to be Eve. She looks at Brady and says, “Let’s get this party started.”

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