Abby clobbers Gabi Days

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At the hospital, JJ finds Haley making a bed and reminds her about trying to kill herself yesterday. JJ checks on Haley DaysShe doesn’t want to talk about that. Haley says his concern would be sweet if it wasn’t irritating. She claims she’ll get over what’s bothering her but he’s sure she needs help. When she gets back to work, he follows her and introduces himself to her again. She reminds him that he was only doing his job when he saved her and now he needs to leave her alone.

Julie tells Jenn about the paternity test DaysAt the Horton house, Julie tells Jennifer about Gabi swapping the paternity test results. Jenn thanks her for following her instincts and believing in Abby when no one else did. Julie doesn’t care for Stefan, but seeing how destroyed he was when he learned about the paternity test made her pity him for a moment. She’s sure that Gabi will finally get her comeuppance. Jenn says this has been quite a year. Julie tells her that loving her kids will help protect them. She gives her a hug and they talk about Eric. Jenn takes the blame for that going south. Jenn declares that she’s giving up on love. Julie thinks that’s a load of ‘malarkey’ and she’s sure that 2019 will be her year. She orders Jenn to attend the New Year’s party.

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Stefan vents to Ben about his life DaysStefan mopes around Casa DiMera until Ben wanders in and notices all the trashed gifts. Stefan fills him in on losing all hope of ever being happy again. He’s been played. As Marlena predicted, it all came crashing down. Stefan sits and drinks by the fire while Ben has the gifts sent to the hospital. He joins his boss for a drink and tells him about his father burning down the Christmas tree. Both of their fathers went dark when they didn’t get what they wanted. Ben wouldn’t wish that on his boss. Stefan needs him to spoil someone’s Christmas. Left alone, Stefan toasts to Stefano, sure he would appreciate his holiday sentiment.

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Claite and Ciara argue over Tripp DaysAt the loft, Ciara and Ben exchange texts to set up a date. Tripp arrives and notices she has a bell from Ben. She insists he’s not her boyfriend; they’re just dating. He wanders off and Claire walks out. Ciara recaps what just happened and Claire wants to check on Tripp. Ciara pretends not to care and claims she’s just worried about Claire getting hurt. Claire assumes she doesn’t want Tripp but doesn’t want anyone else to have him. Ciara admits that’s probably true and it’s not cool. She’d like to be friends with Tripp again but that’s probably not possible. He needs a friend now, but not someone who is selfish. Later, Claire finds Tripp packing a gift for her. She thanks him and he lets her give him a hug.

Abby and Chad bond with Charlotte DaysAt the mansion, Gabi packs as she congratulates herself on getting everything she wants. Downstairs, Abby arrives with Charlotte and informs Chad that he’s the father. Chad doesn’t believe it and assumes this is a scam. When she takes the baby up to Thomas’ crib, he keeps telling himself this can’t be true. Abby returns. Chad assumes that Stefan must have been behind all of this. He goes into a rage. She breaks the news that it was all Gabi’s scheming just as Gabi walks into the room. She denies this. When she tries to make excuses, Abby clobbers her. Chad breaks them up and Abby runs off to see her crying daughter. Gabi knows this looks bad but she lost everything because of Abby. He can see why she wanted revenge on Abigail, but he can’t understand why she did this to him. As a parent, how could she let him hate his own child? Her lies and his weakness made him do things he’ll never forgive himself for, like thinking his wife isn’t perfect. Gabi claims she was never going to let Stefan raise the child. Abby returns and says that’s a ‘load of crap’. Chad gets Gabi to confess about everything she did and accuses her of trying to steal Abby’s life. When he threatens to call the cops, she begs him to let her spend Christmas with her daughter. Chad isn’t feeling generous but Abby tells her to go. Once Gabi exits, Abby brings Charlotte in. Chad apologizes to her and Abby places the baby in his arms. Upstairs, Ben grabs Gabi in her room.

Ciara goes to the square and gets a text from Ben saying he has to cancel their date.

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