Abigail makes plans

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Maggie returns home to assure a freaked-out Chloe and Eric that she gave Holly to Chloe. Sarah lashes out at her mother, Sarah and Eric confront Maggiebut Maggie won’t be judged for doing what’s best for her granddaughter. Things get ugly between mother and daughter until Eric intervenes. Sarah walks him out and returns to smooth things over with Maggie. Sarah explains she just feels for Eric, who lost the woman he loved and the life he was looking forward to. Maggie thinks that sounds a lot like what happened to Sarah. Maggie asks how Sarah will handle things in Chicago with Rex and Mimi there. Sarah isn’t worried about running into them, she just can’t handle the thought of them being in the same city as her, therefore she took a job at University Hospital. Maggie is thrilled and gives her Mickey’s doctor bag. She says how proud he would be of his little girl saving lives. Maggie is proud of her too.

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John gets a text from PaulJohn and Marlena settle in at Mandalay after Christmas shopping. John gets a text from Paul who is doing well with therapy, but Marlena is distracted by thoughts of Abigail. After she runs off to see if she can help her, Eric walks through. He sits with his father and fills him in on Maggie and Sarah. That leads to talk of the tension between Eric and Brady. Eric is sorry for the awkward position that puts John in. John assures Eric he’s his son too.

Brady enters Doug’s Place as Chloe talks to Holly about Christmas. He sits with them and reminisces with Chloe about Holly’s birth. Chloe wonders if she deserves Chloe and Hollyto raise Nicole’s daughter more than Eric. Brady assures her she’s worthy and then berates himself for forcing Nicole to leave town. He doesn’t think he’ll be able to forgive himself even if Eric eventually does. Brady tells Chloe he is always there for her and they hug. Eric enters accusing them of celebrating stealing Nicole’s daughter. After a heated exchange, Eric storms out.

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At home, Abigail gets Charlotte ready to meet with a man who will help them and then visit Julie. She is prevented from leaving by Stefan, who wants to spend the day together. “Gabby” says she has to get his gift. Stefan relents, but wants Charlotte to stay with him since it’s so cold outside. After she leaves, Marlena interrupts Stefan telling Charlotte his hopes for a lifetime of Christmases together. Stefan puts his daughter to bed and returns to face off with Marlena. In the spirit of the season, Marlena wants to reach out to him. She asks what will happen to him once Abigail takes back control. Stefan appreciates her concern, but he’s seen how much Gabby loves him and he will never lose her again. He vows to be a good father and husband. Marlena wonders about Abby’s family. Stefan doesn’t give a damn what the people of Salem think of him. He’s only concerned about the love of his family. Charlotte brought him and Gabby together and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Marlena returns to John at Mandalay and they catch each other up on their respective interactions.

Abby meets Minister Mendez, (played by Eduardo Antonio Garcia), the man who married her and Stefan, in the park. She asks him to end their union without her husband knowing. When he balks, she offers him money. He asks for $50,000. When she gasps, he threatens to call Stefan. She stops him, agreeing to the payoff. He assures her she will be a divorced woman by tomorrow.

Haley in tearsJJ finds a nurse, (played by Thia Megia), in tears at the hospital. When he asks if she’s okay, she runs off. In Julie’s room, Gabi holds a pillow over her comatose nemesis vowing she’ll never go back to prison. JJ walks in and Gabi covers saying she wanted to see how Julie was doing because she felt responsible. They rehash what happened and JJ tells Gabi that Theo called to check up on him. They marvel at Theo’s generous spirit and JJ thanks Gabi for saving him last year. He tells Gabi she’s a good person and friend and leaves. A teary Gabi looks at Julie and picks up the pillow, but pulls back. She can’t do it even though Julie will expose her. It’s not the kind of person she is. She runs into “Gabby” as she starts to leave. Elsewhere, JJ finds the nurse unconscious on the floor.

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