gabi and Kate talk about Julie

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Gabi stands at the top of the stairs, mouth agape as Julie lands on the foyer floor after her tumble down the stairs at the Kiriakis mansion. Chad and Sonny appear. Chad holds Julie’s hand as Sonny calls 911. It’s obvious Julie’s in pain and disoriented. Gabi asks if she’s going to be okay. Sonny isn’t sure and asks what happened. Julie tries to tell Chad that Charlotte is his but she can’t get the words out.

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In the square, Hope admits to lying to Rafe. He wonders how long it would have gone on if he hadn’t confronted her. She’s sorry, then thinks he can relate. Rafe is incredulous and asks if she’s talking about Sami.

Will arrives at his grandmother’s doorstep, kate and will discuss sonnys marriage to leodrunk and miserable. He blames her for Sonny marrying Leo. Kate gives him water and takes the blame. She’s sorry. This doesn’t make him feel better. Kate knows it will be a marriage in name only and suggests they sneak around on the sly together. She urges him to go to Sonny and profess his love.

At the hospital, Kayla flashes to her talk with Abby about Gabi gaslighting her. JJ walks up to discuss his sister. He’s worried about her. Kayla tries to waylay his concerns before dispatch texts. Julie fell down the stairs at the Kiriakis mansion. He leaves.

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Abigail arrives home with her Gabby wig on. stefan kisses abby thinking she's gabbyShe leaves another message with Julie asking her to call back as Stefan approaches. They head inside and she lies that she was getting his Christmas present. He reveals Chad’s on the attack again. He’ll back off if Stefan sends her back to Bayview but Stefan can’t do that. Abby thanks him with a kiss. He wants sex again but realizes they have to wait. Charlotte starts to cry and Stefan goes to be with her. He returns to tell Abby that Charlotte has a fever and he’s going to sit with her. “Gabby” offers to do it but Stefan knows she’s not feeling “the whole mother thing.” “Gabby” insists. Once gone, Stefan looks skeptical.

Back at the mansion, Julie tries hard to tell Chad the truth but passes out. JJ arrives and Gabi tells them that Julie was looking for evidence in her room that she was setting Abigail up. She lies that Julie stormed out and that must have been when she fell. Chad goes to ride with her to the hospital in case she wakes up, which worries Gabi. Later, Will arrives. Sonny tells him about Julie’s fall. Will worries. They discuss the wedding. Sonny’s sorry he had to learn from Sheila that they married. He hates what this is doing to Will. Will knows it’s worse for him. He grabs Sonny in a kiss and Sonny pulls away. “We can’t do this. Not now. Not ever.” Will’s upset. “It’s Christmas,” he says. Sonny would love nothing more than to spend Christmas with him and Ari but they have to keep a distance until Leo’s gone. Will’s hurt and angry. On his way out, Sonny catches him and professes his love while they realize they’re standing under the mistletoe. They kiss and Will goes.

Back at the square, Hope says she lied about details of an investigation. It’s different. Nothing is more important than helping her kid get away from Ben. “Not even our marriage,” Rafe comments. Hope doesn’t answer. Kayla calls and tells Hope about the accident. She takes off while Rafe goes to tell Doug.

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JJ wheels Julie into the hospital and Kayla has him wheel her into a room. Chad agrees to stick around. Hope arrives and Chad tries to calm her while he explains what happened. Hope’s shocked and wonders why she went after Gabi when she knows Abby has fractured again. When Abby calls Julie again, Kayla answers and fills her in and tells her to keep the act up. She’ll call with details soon. Rafe arrives with Doug. Hope hugs him and they rush to Julie’s room. Doug sits with his wife and holds her hand. He tells her he’s there and not to dare think about leaving him. He tells her words of love and nearby, Hope apologizes to Rafe for their fight. Rafe says they’ll talk about it later. They profess their love then discuss why Julie was at the mansion. They’ll need to talk to Gabi.

Gabi rushes to Kate’s room at Salem Inn. kate reads ladies of the lakeKate’s annoyed that she has to put her book, Ladies of the Lake, by Ken Corday down. “At this rate, I’ll never finish it,” she sighs. Once inside, Gabi explains what happened with Julie. Kate asks if she pushed her. Gabi says no, she doesn’t want Julie to be hurt. Gabi needs Kate’s help. Kate calls Chad fishing for information. Chad repeats what Gabi said.

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