maggie has letter from nicole to chloe

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Brady answers the door at his suite at Salem Inn in a towel. Brady answers door to sarah in towelSarah needs his help with Eric getting custody of Holly since Maggie’s not going to be any help. Sarah wants Brady to lie that he started the fight with his brother. Brady considers it but is concerned Eric may start drinking again. Sarah gets her back up and stomps off.

Chloe finds Eric at Doug’s Place. They catch up and commiserate over Parker asking after his dad when he died and Holly doing the same with Nicole. Eric bitches to Chloe about Brady’s wrongdoings and blames him for not having time with Nicole. He worries he’ll lose his only link to Nicole in Holly. He goes and Justin arrives with a letter from Nicole that she wrote before her death. She reads it when Brady rushes in needing a friend. He tells her about Sarah’s visit and Maggie’s reservations to parent Holly. He’s not sure what to do. Chloe hands him the letter. It states that if she dies, Chloe should bring up Holly alongside her brother, Parker.

On a bench in the square, Maggie looks at a gift for Holly and flashes to breaking up the fight between Eric and Brady.

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In Abe’s office, he notices Sheila’s desk is a mess and questions her. sheila files her nails at workShe reminds him this is his system. He apologizes for yelling at her the other day. Sheila just wants to understand his process and asks him to clean it up while she watches and learns. Leo interrupts. He introduces himself and asks if Abe can officiate at his wedding today. Abe’s unavailable today as it’s short notice. Leo has left several messages. Sheila looks away and blames his disorganization. Leo tells Abe he’s marrying Jackson Kiriakis. Sheila tells him that office romances are a bonafide no-no. Abe realizes Leo’s the one who filed the sexual harassment charges. Leo covers, saying Sonny forgave him. Still, Abe refuses to ever marry him. leo wants Abe to give him a marriage licenseHe goes and Sheila offers herself since she was ordained online. She wants cash, in advance, and upfront. He pays her and goes and when Abe returns, Sheila says she’s got a “cash money gig.” Besides, it’s the end of the day. Abe gripes that the desk is a mess so she tells him to organize it himself. He’s shocked to hear she’s marrying Leo and Sonny.

From the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny gets a text from Will begging him not to marry Leo. Sonny responds that he has no choice. They profess their love. Adrienne walks in and Sonny tells her he’s marrying Leo. Adrienne almost falls over in shock, hoping it was Will. He opens up about the blackmail.

Will meets his grandma at the hospital. Under patient/doctor confidentiality, he tells Marlena that he’s lost Sonny and summarizes Leo’s blackmail.

Eric finds Sarah at the pub. sarah, eric and maggie at pubShe hopes he’s ready for round two in convincing Maggie to let him raise Holly, then admits she spoke to Brady on his behalf. Eric’s pissed. He yells that he doesn’t want Brady near this. Maggie arrives, having overheard. Eric regrets the fight with Brady and pleads his case. Later, Eric and Sarah hug. He thanks her, happy he’s going to be a dad.

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Justin arrives home where he’s told Leo is marrying Sonny. Sonny shows him the blackmail proof and they rage out. Leo appears and hears Adrienne leo and sonny getting marriedbashing him. “Mother Kiriakis is that any way to talk to your future son-in-law?” he asks. Adrienne chews him out. He tells Justin not to bother with a prenup. He’s not signing it. Sheila waltzes in. “Yo Adrienne,” she says. Adrienne tries to give her the boot but she’s there to marry the men since Abe refused. Later, Leo starts the Wedding March and the wedding begins. When Justin won’t shake Leo’s hand, Leo turns a cheek to Adrienne, hoping to receive a kiss. Instead, he gets hit across the noggin which ruins  his carefully coiffed hair.

Maggie arrives at Doug’s Place. Chloe and Brady show her Nicole’s letter after she tells them she agreed to let Eric raise Holly.

Marlena goes to Abe’s office to invite him to dinner. She notes his assistant is gone. Sheila is busy marrying “some grifter” to Sonny he says. Marlena laughs. Not if Will has anything to do with it.

Back at the mansion, Leo and Sonny are about to “get hitched” when a door slams.

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