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Outside the pub, Ciara looks at Ben as if he was a Happy Meal. ciara and ben almost kissingShe opens up about her break-up with Tripp and being unable to trust him. Ben shares that while Claire was protecting Tripp, she convinced Ben not to turn him in. Ben reminds her of how he feels about her but doesn’t want to push her, but maybe now she can be honest with herself about her feelings for him. Ciara might feel something for him but she doesn’t know what it means or if they’re old or new. She babbles. Ben thinks Tripp is solid and he’s risky. Ciara admits it’s true. Everyone approves of her and Tripp but her loved ones want her to run from Ben. He notes that she’s not running. Ciara gets cold feet and thinks she’s too broken to love. Ben asks her to stop apologizing for who she is, which is the bravest, strongest person he has ever met. He says, “You have more fight in you than a bag full of bobcats.” Ciara laughs. He won’t give up. They kiss.

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In the hospital, Kayla leave a message for Gabi to call her. Afterward, she recalls JJ mentioning that Abigail claims Gabi’s been drugging her. Stefan appears and rants about Jennifer visiting his baby without his consent. Kayla refuses to take his orders and spouts off at him for getting Steve arrested. Stefan acts surprised. Kay drags him to her office and paces, angrily. She tells him about Steve being arrested for espionage because he used Steve’s bionic eye to view secret files. Stefan laughs then tries to explain but Kay won’t let him get a word in. Stefan denies any knowledge of any of this. He gripes about Kate being responsible for his mother, Vivian, not being able to get to know her granddaughter. He apologizes to Kayla for taking advantage of her.  He’d like to apologize to Steve, too. He’ll make it right. Kayla asks him to be the kind of man his daughter can come to. He nods.

From Kate’s room at the Inn, Kate calls Chad and gives reassurance that sending Abby to Bayview was done out of love and that he’s nothing like his father. They disconnect and Roman arrives. They complain about Rex messing things up with Sarah and Mimi. They’re thankful for a new granddaughter. Roman tells his ex that it’s time to bring down Stefan DiMera. Kate calls Stefan dangerous. She tells him about Ted Laurent blackmailing her and how she had Stefan make him disappear. She admits the reason behind it, and that she was romantically involved with Ted. Roman knows she likes the bad boys. Kate acknowledges that Roman was an exception to that rule. Kate admits Stefan has more dirt on her. Roman decides they can discuss that another day but asks for her honesty in their partnership because if she isn’t, he can’t keep her safe. She nods.

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Outside at Doug’s Place, a man comes up behind Hope and she attacks him, ted and hope work togetherand then is surprised to see it’s Ted Laurent. Ted apologizes for frightening her but he needs her help. They move somewhere quieter and Ted explains that Stefan DiMera locked him up on some forsaken island, which took him months to escape from. If Stefan finds him, he’s a dead man. Hope’s skeptical. There’s more. Ted finally reveals that someone put Stefan up to it. He flashes to Kate’s anger over Ted blackmailing her grandson and when Hope demands more information, he reluctantly admits Kate DiMera put Stefan up to it because he was blackmailing her grandson and Sonny Kiriakis. Hope’s exasperated. He will help her get evidence to put Ben Weston away if she helps him outside of police procedure.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny looks shocked to see presumed Leo Stark on his doorstep while Will stands expressionless. Leo lets himself in and Will’s eyes widen. Leo grabs some pie in the lounge and apologizes for missing Thanksgiving dinner. He reminds them the last time they saw him, they “murdered” him. “I see you got a new rug,” Leo quips. He tells him he came to in his rug and describes Susan picking him up and taking him to “this creepy doctor.” Will yells, “She took you to Rolf?” Leo laughs. He was still alive when they wrapped him in that rug. Will took his pulse. “I wouldn’t go into the medical field if I were you,” Leo jokes. He was unconscious. Will asks where he’s been. Leo drinks some Pinot and claims he was recovering. Sonny sets the record straight. They didn’t murder him. He was strangling Will. Leo shrugs. “It’s not like he hasn’t been strangled before. Some guys are into that.” Will is starting to wish Leo was dead all over again. Leo taunts Will to go ahead since nobody knows he’s there. Sonny asks what Leo wants. Leo is holding him to his promise to marry him. “It’s time for you to make an honest man out of me,” he says, smiling.

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