Bo finds Caroline holding the bloody knife that she just pulled out of Trent's back, at the cemetery. Bo, Hope and the other cops find her. In shock, she can't speak, when Bo asks, "What happened, what have you done?" She explains Trent was coming toward her, but Hope asks her to stay quiet. She checks Trent's pulse. He's dead. "Oh God," calls out Caroline. Hope says they have to do this by the book, even though Bo says, "But it's Ma." It breaks Bo's heart when Officer Jenkins has to read Caroline her rights.

At the hospital, Daniel tells Kate he's not positive she has lung cancer and needs a biopsy. Kate's shocked and tells him she doesn't smoke. Shame that non-smokers account for 20% of all those with lung cancer. He hopes it's in the early stages, if she has it. She agrees to schedule the tests and asks that he keep quiet until they know what it is, definitely. Daniel is called away.

Daniel finds Nicole, leaning over the nurse's station feeling ill. Kate comes out of her room and asks what's wrong with Nicole. "What's wrong, did you run out of alcohol?" She walks away and Daniel says Kate makes a point. Nicole looks like she's going through the DTs. (Alcohol withdrawal.) Nicole tells Daniel she needs a drink- stat!

Philip joins Chloe at the pub. He asks where Lucas is. "I don't know and I don't care," she says, sipping red wine. She shares that she is enjoying the break from the baby. Philip says Morgan is visiting her mother, since her internship was pushed back a week. He invites Chloe to hang around with him. They drink to staying friends and Philip admits he was angry when she hooked up with Lucas. They've a lot of history, so he is over it. Chloe says she knows she can count on him and Philip admits the same about her. He grabs her iPod and asks what she's listening to, Jonas Brothers? She is listening to opera and misses singing. She'd like to sing again but thanks to Victor, her reputation was sullied. Since then she hasn't made it a priority. Philip says she's too busy shacking up with his brother. Chloe laughs. She considers anything without an inside shower a shack. They laugh it up and Lucas strolls up to the pub and watches. Chloe admits she promised Lucas she'd help him with Allie, but she can't do that if she's running off on rehearsals and tours. Philip tells her she can't put her life on hold and Lucas arrives at her side to agree with her. He wants her to focus on her career. He thinks Philip can help, since Titan is backing some opera company. He leaves them alone and Chloe hugs Lucas, while Philip watches from outside the pub and sighs.

Melanie continues to poke around in Trent's wallet, at Chez Rouge. She takes out cash for the dinner but Nick tells her to put her money away. He's paying. She asks if he can show her Salem's hot spots but he doesn't know them. She flirts and says she can teach him a thing or two.

Julie and Doug show up at Chez Rouge. They spy Melanie. Maggie and Mickey explain that Melanie is Max's sister. Julie says there is something about her body language that she doesn't like.

Back at Nick's table, Melanie asks Nick if he needs ice for his hand. She's never had anyone protect her before. She gets up and sits on his lap and theatrically calls him her hero.

Nearby, Julie and Maggie agree that Melanie's a trouble maker. Doug asks how they know. "Takes one to know one," says Julie, laughing. They're interrupted by Hope, who calls to ask Mickey to go to the station. Caroline was arrested for the murder of Trent Robbins. Julie finds it ludicrous and they all agree to go to the station, but first, they have to tell Melanie. Mickey tells her.

Back at Max's room, Stephanie asks Max why there is blood on his shirt. He explains that some of it is his, and some is Trent's. He found Trent at his Pop's grave site and got into an altercation with him. Stephanie is worried and asks why he didn't tell her. She gives him a hug.

At the crime scene, Caroline cries to Bo that she didn't kill Trent, that he was already stabbed when he came to her. Bo tells her it's alright and he'll be with her every step of the way. Hope hugs Bo and tells him they'll get through this, as Caroline is carted off. Hope tells him they need to play by the rules. She knows a lot of people wanted to see Trent dead. She calls Max.

Max and Melanie are interrupted while discussing Max's bloody shirt by a call from Kayla, to Stephanie and one from Melanie, to Max. Melanie tells her Trent is dead and that Caroline was arrested. Stephanie yells, "That's impossible." She asks Max if he thinks Caroline killed Trent, then looks at Max's bloody shirt. "You're beginning to think that I did, aren't you?" Stephanie goes off to change and when she returns, Max has that same shirt on with a big red bloody mark from his busted up back.

At the station, Roman is told that Trent was murdered and Bo is bringing a suspect in. Bo walks in with Caroline and Roman glances up. "Ma what are you doing here? Bo, I thought you were bringing in a suspect." He looks from Bo's distressed face to Caroline's bloodied hands and says, "No. Uh uh. This can't be." Bo tells Roman she was found holding what was probably the murder weapon. She says, "I didn't kill him. You've got to believe me." Roman believes her, and tells her everything will be okay. Mickey, Maggie, Julie and Doug arrive and comfort Caroline, who says it doesn't look very good. Mickey takes Caroline into Roman's office to talk, while Doug asks Bo what happened. Bo explains and Maggie offers to go sit with her. She does so and Roman goes to the lab while Bo calls Hope at the cemetery. Doug and Julie discuss how Trent wasn't well liked but Julie can't believe that someone would murder him.

Nick and Melanie arrive at the station. Doug and Julie apologize for her loss. Melanie wants to know what happened. Though what he did with Claude was wrong, he's still her dad. Bo asks if Melanie can identify her father's body when he's brought in. She can, and says she needs to prepare herself. She turns to Nick. "I'm so glad you're here. I don't know what I would have done without you."

Inside Roman's office, Roman and Mickey discuss the case with Maggie and Caroline. They may have to put her in jail, considering four witnesses saw her with what appears to be the murder weapon, and since she has known animosity with the victim. Roman must walk Caroline down to her jail cell. Julie yells to Bo that this is a travesty and Bo promises he won't rest until he finds out who did it.

Roman closes the bars in on Caroline, in her cell. She holds his hand, as though to say she'll be fine.

Daniel returns to Nicole in the trauma center. She moans that she needs a shot of booze. He tells her this is a fresh start for her. He's not sure it's Caroline's clam chowder, as she thinks, but they need to wait for the rest of the test results to come back. Nicole asks him about Chelsea. He shares that nothing has changed and asks about her own crisis. She tells him that Victor found out her marriage [to Trent] and their marriage is null and void. She has to pay back the money from the settlement. Daniel apologizes and she comments that at least someone is. Victor's ecstatic. Daniel goes to check on her tests. "Burn in hell, Trent," Nicole says, once he leaves.

Daniel calls Kate, who is already at a dinner meeting. She brushes him off and promises to schedule her biopsy later.

Daniel goes back to Nicole and she's writing a list of items to sell. Daniel asks if she's going to fight for her settlement. She is, but she's preparing for the worst. He knows what's making her nauseous. "You're pregnant." Nicole is shocked. "You've got to be kidding me."

Back at the crime scene, Steve arrives. Hope wants him to continue to investigate Trent's past. They both know that Caroline didn't do it but want to add Nicole to the suspect list. They're sure there are more. Steve doesn't like to speak ill of the dead, but he says he's sure many will be better off without him around. The coroner, Jordan, gives Hope a report. Trent had a bloody lip, he was punched, his wallet was stolen and he was scratched by someone with sharp fingernails. We see a montage of Nick looking at his bruised knuckles, Melanie looking at Trent's wallet and Nicole looking at her fingernails, before resting her hands upon her pregnant belly. Steve says to Hope, "I bet my good eye it wasn't Caroline." They find a piece of clothing on Trent's body. Hope hopes this will lead them to Trent's real killer.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Mayor Mariano talks to Roman and Bo about Caroline.

Melanie says to Max that she'll keep his secret.

Hope asks Chelsea if she's still in love with Nick.

Some man says to Abe, "People respect you. The time is right Abe, how about it?"

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