At the hospital, Daniel tries to get a word in edgewise with Kate. He finally gets her attention. "You are coughing up blood, which is the sign of a serious illness!" She gets in a huff and asks what is wrong with her then. He admits he hasn't figured that out yet. Kate says it's probably just bad allergies. Suddenly Chelsea appears. She accuses Kate of being willing to do anything to stay close to Daniel! Daniel tries to explain that there really is something wrong, but Kate interrupts before he can. She says they have told her everything about their 'relationship' and it's over. "You need to deal with that." Chelsea wants to know why he called Kate then to talk about the next step. Daniel says she's completely misunderstood! Kate asks Daniel to leave. As she coughs, she explains that there is something wrong - that's why Daniel is wanting to run tests. Chelsea sighs, "I don't want you to be sick." Kate asks her to cut her some slack. She says she'd never hurt her intentionally, and reiterates that she is sorry. "Maybe it's time for you to start thinking about second chances." Chelsea says she can't get over it, and walks away, but she stops when she hears Kate coughing. Kate tells Chelsea that she knows she still has feelings for Daniel. She offers not to see him anymore as a patient, but Chelsea says nothing she does will change things and leaves. Daniel returns and has to break the news to Kate that she has lung cancer!

At the Brady Pub, Nicole joins EJ. She is frantic. "We need to do damage control!" She explains that Victor found out about her marriage to Trent and is trying to revoke her divorce settlement. She says it's all because of that big mouth Bo Brady! She explains that Bo and Hope figured out the truth and the only concession Bo made was to let her tell Victor herself. She admits that Victor thought it was hilarious. She says she hates Bo Brady, and she hates her dearly departed husband even more! EJ asks what she means by that. Nicole says, "Did I really say that?" She says now that the whole world knows he pimped out his daughter, he's on his way out! EJ turns back to the matter of her money. He announces that they're going to portray her in court as a victim! Nicole says she earned every penny of her settlement - being married to Victor was no picnic! EJ suggests she say she had no idea that Trent didn't go through with the divorce after she left. Nicole laments the mistakes she has made in her life, trusting the wrong men. EJ asks if she can prove some of the things that happened to her. She says she probably can. EJ warns that if Trent takes the stand, it won't be good for them. Nicole says Trent isn't going to make it to the stand! EJ is suspicious - why are you acting like he's already gone? Nicole suddenly has to go and be sick!

At Chez Rouge, Bo and Hope meet Steve and Kayla to celebrate Bo's being up for the promotion. As they go off to a table, Melanie walks by and sits at the bar. As she pulls Trent's ID out of her wallet and looks at it, Nick comes in and joins her. Nick asks if her father got to her again, and she replies, "No. And I don't think he's going to." Nearby, Maggie and Mickey celebrate her getting the restaurant certified. As they kiss, Melanie and Nick watch. Melanie notes, "They should get a dark, dark room!" Nick invites them over and does the introductions. Maggie welcomes her to Salem, and Nick asks what they were celebrating. Maggie says they are getting Green Certification for the restaurant. Suddenly, she notices Nick's bruised knuckles and cries out! Nick and Melanie cover up, but when they leave, he tells Melanie that it's from when he hit the thug! She wants to make things up to him and offers to buy him dinner. She has a wad of money in her purse!

At their table in Chez Rouge, Bo explains that Abe convinced him to try for the new job - and there is a great increase in pay too! He says if, as they suspect, the new Mayor is on DiMera's payroll, he'll be able to keep tabs on him now. Just then, Mayor Mariano arrives at their table, saying there is no guarantee yet that Bo has the job! Bo tells him he is just eager - he didn't mean to count his chickens. The Mayor says Hope was his first choice, but he'll consider him and let him know when he's decided. As the celebration breaks up, Bo and Hope decide to go visit Pop's grave.

Max is in the dark pulling his shirt off frantically when Stephanie knocks on the door. "Are you in there?" He stops, changes into a fresh shirt, turns on the light, and lets her in. She kisses him and says she was worried about him after what happened with Trent. Stephanie plunks him on the bed for a massage and says he's carrying around too much anger. He says that's all over and done with now - they'll never have to worry about Trent Robbins again. He turns to her and they begin to make love. On the floor, lays his discarded shirt - with blood on it! Afterward, Stephanie asks where Max was earlier. He informs her that she doesn't need to worry all the time - he was at the garage working on an old engine. They begin to make love again! As he gets up later to shower, Stephanie cries out, "Did I do that to you? There are scratches all over your back!" Max says she's a real tiger, but she doesn't look convinced! As she gets out of the bed, she looks down and discovers the bloody shirt on the floor!

Caroline stands at Shawn's grave and tells him it's a nice night - just the kind he likes. From the trees someone watches her. She kneels down to the tombstone and tells Shawn that Max is so confused right now - he needs his real father - Shawn - and not that selfish Robbins! She tells Shawn that that's why she took care of him tonight! The person in the trees listens silently! As Caroline gets up off of the ground, saying it's time for her to go, she hears a twig snap. "Hello? Is someone there?" As the person in the trees emerges, Caroline panics. "You!" Nearby, Bo and Hope stop to talk to two police officers. Suddenly, they hear Caroline scream! Trent has emerged from the trees and fallen on top of Caroline! As she pulls herself out from underneath him, she notices that he has a knife in his back! She pulls it out and sits holding the bloody knife as Bo's voice cuts through the air. "Mom?!"

Next on Days of our Lives:

Hope says to Steve, "Aside from being stabbed in the back, it looks like Trent had one hell of a rough night!"

Steve says Trent ticked a lot of people off! Melanie looks pointedly at Nick's bruised knuckles.

Stephanie asks why there is blood all over Max's shirt!

Roman puts Caroline behind bars!

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