Tony arrives at the pub and snickers when he finds Anna preparing for a job interview. Anna tells him since she dumped him; she decided to get a life of her own. Tony unwittingly accuses her of being a bit of a ditz who only prefers shopping and Anna is hurt. He leaves shortly thereafter when Lexi calls him to explain Stefano is in the hospital with what appears to be a stroke and she wants him there. After he leaves, Anna sets up an interview with the advertising agency.

The DA's office calls Sami at the safe house and notifies her of Lucas' trial date. She hangs up unhappily and tells EJ that she has to testify or they'll subpoena her. EJ apologizes. He knows how upsetting it must be for her but Sami doesn't want to hear it. "Don't," she says. "Just don't." She walks away and tells him Lucas was trying to protect her from he and Stefano. EJ says he would have done the same thing in his position. Sami worries about what this will do to Allie and Johnny and is upset that she's there in the safe house alone, without the man she loves, stuck with EJ. EJ thinks for sake of the babies, they should try. He knows he has disappointed her but promises not to leave her.

At the hospital, Lexi talks to Stefano in the hopes that he'll say something. He doesn't and when Roman arrives, she tells him they've no idea what's going on with Stefano. His test results are clean. Lexi's taking it pretty hard. Even though she knows Stefano's a monster, he's still her father, she cries. As they leave to take a break, Stefano yells inside his head, "Alexandra no! Don't leave me!"

Steve and Kayla arrive at the hospital to bring Stephanie to her counseling appointment. Steve bumps into Roman and asks about the Decker case. Roman refuses to talk about it.

Lexi arrives and tells Steve what's going on with Stefano. Steve takes a call from Adrienne, who asks to meet him at the Brady Pub, so as he goes off to meet her, Roman and Lexi go back to Stefano's room where she says she'll run more tests.

Belle, Shawn, Philip and Chloe arrive at the Aubin Bed and Breakfast in New Ross, looking for Crystal. The men admit everyone's looking for Crystal but they don't know her. When Crystal makes an appearance, Belle yells for her to give Claire back. Crystal says Claire's safe. When she's accused of working with Stefano, Crystal spits out that she hates Stefano DiMera!

Upstairs at the B&B, Bo and Hope search the rooms. Meanwhile, John and Marlena find an older woman knitting. "It's impossible," says Marlena, in shock. "You're supposed to be dead." The woman tells her, "Clearly, my dear… I'm not!" Marlena is shocked at the resemblance… the woman tells her she'll explain and with an Irish brogue, she says "It is I. I'm still alive, though some people wish I wasn't." Hope and Bo barge through the door and Bo asks who the woman is but Hope already knows… Bo realizes he knows her but says, "No, it's not possible!" Bo isn't happy to see John out of the hospital but Marlena explains John had to follow his mission, and since he hasn't been charged with anything, it's not a federal crime. Hope tells the woman they're there to find their granddaughter. The woman says she was about to tell them everything.

Back at the hospital, Roman calls EJ and tells him he's sending a car. Lexi needs him to come down to the hospital. After Roman hangs up, Lexi receives upsetting test results about another patient. She tells Roman that this patient is very ill and needs them to come in for more tests. "It doesn't look good," she says and accepts Roman's help.

EJ and Tony rush into the hospital and Lexi explains Stefano's in a vegetative state of some sort. Prognosis is negative. EJ is concerned and a distraught Lexi tells them she needs their help in deciding what to do with him. She could run more tests but admits she wonders if it's fate. "At least this way, he can't hurt anyone," she says. Tony thinks it's ironic how Stefano's fate lies in the three people's lives who he manipulated their whole lives. Inside his head, Stefano says he loved them all and wants them to show him how they feel about him. Tony tells Stefano he doesn't feel anything for him and Stefano yells to EJ that he's his son, his blood. "I know you wouldn't turn your back on me," he pleads, unheard. EJ considers the hell Stefano put him through and Stefano replies that nothing is more important than their family. EJ says, "Because you forced me to force myself on the woman I love, she'll never love me." In anger, he walks away and Lexi tells Stefano he nearly caused her her marriage and friends when he switched babies on her, years ago. She is happy she didn't grow up with him and feels lucky to have escaped what her brothers did not. She's lucky her son doesn't know he's a monster. Stefano yells in his head for her not to talk like that. Tony and Lexi agree the world would be better off without Stefano in it and EJ takes some convincing but agrees. Tony kisses Stefano's cheek. "May you rot in hell," he says. "You SOB," replies Stefano, though nobody can hear! They agree to leave Stefano in a vegetative state. After they leave the room, Stefano cries out, "Nooooooo! Noooo!"

At the pub, Steve meets Adrienne, who envelopes her brother into a big hug and tells him she's leaving Salem with Justin and the boys. Justin indulged her by moving back to Salem but is miserable there. He got a great job offer in Dubai, so she'll see if Max can run the bar until she figures out what to do with it, and they'll move. She tells him though it's halfway around the world, he'd better visit! "Guess this is goodbye," she says, tearfully. They make plans to visit. "I'll see you," Adrienne cries, before she hugs Steve and leaves.

At the New Ross Aubin Bed and Breakfast, the old woman tells Bo, Hope, John and Marlena that she and Stefano have been playing a game of cat and mouse for a year. She has amassed a tidy sum over the years so hired people to go to Salem and keep track of Stefano. She admits she was behind Claire's kidnapping. Just then, Belle, Shawn, Philip, Chloe and Crystal barge into the room. Belle demands to see her daughter. Chloe wonders to Philip if she knows anything about Brady. Bo asks if the woman can prove who she is. John thinks she's who they think she is and points out Stefano has been searching for her. The woman assures them all Claire's safe and she'd never harm a Brady. She tells them what they've been waiting to hear, "Yes, I'm Colleen Brady!"

Caroline goes to Anna's table at the pub and asks what she's going to do about Tony. Anna doesn't think Tony gives her enough recognition and has an interview with the ad executives that Caroline told her about it. The company is in direct competition with Tony's new company, she says. "He's going to regret underestimating me!"

Steve arrives back at the hospital and tells Roman that Justin got a job in Dubai and Adrienne is moving her family there. Roman's surprised at the suddenness of it all. Steve asks what's going on with Stefano and Lexi. Roman admits they're trying to decide his fate but Lexi needs to speak with Steve and Kayla about some results for a patient of hers. Later, we see Steve tell Roman he and Kay will get on the next flight to Ireland.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Crawford tells the sorority sisters he's going to the DA and will have them press charges. "May you rot in hell for what you did," he says.

EJ tells Sami that their situation has changed dramatically.

Colleen yells to Bo that she's Colleen Brady. "It's the name I'll carry to my very last breath."

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