Chelsea, Stephanie, Morgan, Cordy and Billie meet at Salem PD in order to talk to the police about Ford's death. Stephanie calls Max to ask where Ford's body is but he again refuses to say. Billie tells them that their main concern is to keep them out of prison and tries to comfort the emotional ladies. Roman arrives with Crawford Decker at his side and tells the sisters that unfortunately, the DA signed an arrest warrant and Chelsea will be charged with the murder of Ford Decker. Crawford sarcastically tells Billie she should be so proud. "I am," Billie says quietly. Her daughter isn't a murderer. Stephanie yells that they didn't murder Ford and Decker lowers himself to calling her bawdy names. In her anger, Stephanie goes after him but the girls hold her back and Roman instructs Mr. Decker never to call her names again. Arguing ensues until Billie steps in and asks everyone to keep quiet. Roman tells Chelsea she needs to stop talking and get legal counsel. Decker wants the ladies to plead guilty to murder but Billie says it won't happen. She wants him and the DA to agree to drop all charges and promises if he does, they'll produce Ford's body. Roman takes a call to the DA and lets everyone know that they'll agree to the deal if Mr. Decker will, but Decker refuses them. Steph tells Decker that he can go ahead and take them to trial. She, Cordy and Morgan let him know they'll come clean about Ford being a rapist and asks if this is what he wants to hear at Ford's eulogy. Mr. Decker doesn't want that for his son. He just wants Ford's body, so he finally agrees to drop all charges if they tell him where the body is. Max walks in and tells Mr. Decker that he knows where the body is.

The air is thick inside the Kiriakis jet, as Philip and Shawn have difficulties being in such close quarters. Chloe worries that they'll never find Brady and flashes back to telling Philip about Brady's disappearance and the warning she received after he was kidnapped. Belle notices that Shawn can't take his eyes off of her. Shawn and Philip share a few more barbs and Belle asks them to put aside their differences for Claire. Shawn isn't ready to do so. Belle opens up about Philip and wonders if he'll forgive her. She tells him she was weak when she had sex with Phil but isn't in love with him - it was all a big mistake. She professes her love for Shawn as he listens quietly. Chloe and Philip give the two some alone time and go off behind a curtained area. "I didn't think you needed to hear any of that," Chloe says. Shawn tells Belle he loves her but isn't sure how to trust her again. Belle tells him she has always loved him, even when she married Philip. Shawn says she needs to take responsibility for her actions. He thinks if Clare ended up being Phil's daughter, they'd be together still. Belle refuses to think that way. Chloe returns and Shawn goes to Philip. He tells him he doesn't hate him but he's ticked off. "I can handle ticked off," says Phil. Shawn remembers they were best friends and Philip reminds him that they're family. Shawn notes that they're a lot alike and Philip jokes they've the same taste in women but thinks Belle belongs with Shawn. They agree to put their differences aside and look for Shawn's daughter. They shake on it.

Meanwhile, Chloe tells Belle she's jerking both men around. Belle brings up Brady and wonders if she's interested in Shawn but Chloe professes her love for Brady and thinks Belle and Shawn belong together. Belle tells Chloe that Shawn's her soul mate and she doesn't want anyone else. She asks if Chloe wants Philip back but Chloe says she only wants Brady.

Bo and Hope get lost while driving through Ireland. Bo struggles with driving on the right side of the road while Hope tries to read directions. Hope gets a call from Interpol. They are told to head to a town called New Ross. Somewhere along the way as Bo starts to worry about Chelsea and Hope takes over driving while Bo navigates and takes a call from the New Ross police who claim they've lost Crystal. Bo stares at Hope's beauty and with a smile playing at his lips, he tells her that seldom men look at their wives and still see the woman they fell in love with. They flashback to their first meeting and their wedding day, a trip in a hot air balloon and skinny dipping at a lake. Later, they arrive in New Ross and Bo shows Claire's photo to some people. Someone recognizes her and says some woman brought her into the nearby Bed and Breakfast. They investigate.

Marlena and John arrive in New Ross, Ireland at Aubin Bed and Breakfast. They argue about John going off to search on his own and Marlena remembers she has drugs she can use on John if needed. Two men come down the stairwell and John and Marlena ask for a room for the night but they're sent away. They claim to be full but since nobody's in sight and its quiet, John doesn't trust them and wonders if they've something to hide. Marlena tells John it's time to go and before they leave, John tells the men, "Your hospitality is starting to warm the cockles of my heart." The men appear happy that the two have left, but after they walk away, Marlena and John sneak back into the B&B and go on a search upstairs.

Marlena worries that John will kill someone but he says he is unarmed and won't kill anyone. Marlena searches him at his request and enjoys the closeness of it all! Once they get inside a room, John quietly picks up a steak knife he sees, on a plate of half eaten food.

Bo and Hope arrive at the same Bed and Breakfast that John and Marlena are at. Hope takes a call from Shawn while Bo checks the B&B out. Hope shares their news with Shawn that Crystal was seen bringing Claire into the Aubin B&B in New Ross. Shawn doesn't tell her where he is but whispers to Philip that he's got the name of the place. After he says a quick hello to Bo, Shawn hangs up and the gang prepares to head to New Ross. Bo finds the two men that Marlena and John spoke with earlier. They ask for Crystal and Crystal comes down the stairs and tells the men its okay. They can look around but they're too late.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Sami tells EJ she was notified of Lucas' trial date and is expected to testify.

Shawn tells the men at the B&B they're looking for Crystal and Belle lets them know they're not leaving there without her.

Bo looks at Colleen Brady puzzled as to who she is. He asks, "Who's this?" Hope says, "It can't be." Marlena says, "That was my reaction, too."

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