Chelsea waits outside the Dean's office for a meeting. Morgan shows up and Chelsea tells her that Billie and Jett are inside and that the meeting was pushed back a half hour. Morgan says the drug is no longer in her system and there is no evidence for her to prove that Ford is the campus rapist unless of course Cordy presses charges.

Kayla calls Stephanie from outside St. Luke's and inquires about the rape case and says she's proud of how supportive Stephanie's being. After they hang up, Kayla goes into the church where she finds Steve on the floor, searching for something she asks what he's doing. Steve is scoping the place out he replies and Kayla wants to know where he was when EJ was shot. Steve says he was at an auto parts store to buy a fan belt but didn't get one. She tells him she believes him but Bo will want proof. Steve says he didn't shoot EJ, but then flashes back to tucking his gun into his coat after hearing three gun shots, and fleeing the church!

Billie, Jett and the Dean exit the Dean's office and introductions are given. Stephanie shows and they're surprised that Ford's going to show up in addition to Cordy. Ford arrives at the Dean's office all smiles and says this better be quick because he has a hot date tonight. He believes the Dean will believe his story. Stephanie flashes back to being raped by Ford. We see her telling him to stop while he holds her and forces himself on her. Ford continues to taunt the ladies one at a time and Jett's about to lose it when Chelsea goes at him. Billie separates the two and Morgan rants at Ford that she can't believe she ever trusted him. He replies that he is a victim of jealous women and Morgan snarls back that he's a spoiled loser who can't get a girlfriend based on looks or intelligence. Billie stands up to Ford and tells him if he says one more word, she'll remove him personally! Ford's father, the Lawyer, arrives and pushes his weight around while Ford grins lasciviously. Turns out Dean Laughlin knows Mr. Decker and they appear friendly. Ford grins when he hears that Cordy's a no show.

Chelsea leaves the room and with a stiletto heeled show, she "accidentally" stomps Ford's foot and stalks off with Jett in tow. Stephanie follows and Chelsea calls Cordy. They're all upset and wonder why Ford seemed so satisfied that Cordy didn't show. They wonder if he knows something.

Cordy arrives and Billie takes time to debrief her while the three men go into the office. Cordy tells them she can't testify against Ford and Stephanie flashes back to Ford raping her and looks haunted.

Kate arrives at Lucas' place, where he asks for his gun back. Kate wants to know what he needs it for and Lucas yells passionately that he doesn't want the police to find it and trace it back to him! Kate admits she gave it to Philip so the police wouldn't ask to see it and goes on to admit she threatened EJ and Stefano with the gun! Lucas is shocked and asks, "Listen, I want the truth. Did you shoot EJ?" Kate is angry and denies it and denies trying to shoot Sami when asked as well. Lucas asks her to get the gun back from Philip or ensure it's been disposed of. He thinks the police will find out he bought two guns the night EJ was shot. Kate ponders this and turns to Lucas and asks, "Did you shoot EJ?" She says she won't judge him and even offers to cover it up. He need only ask! Lucas is reminded of Franco Kelly cover up that she instigated, years ago. He's not interested!

Sami goes in to see EJ at the hospital and tells him she heard about his legs and the damage may not be permanent. EJ stops her mid-sentence and angrily tells her not to pretend that she cares. "I do care, EJ. I was terrified," she tells him and when she tries to be supportive, he asks her to leave. Sami refuses to leave and apologizes for what he's going through. EJ doesn't believe that Sami cares and as Sami's eyes well up, EJ lashes out and tells her he knows she wishes he was in hell. He wants her to leave but she says she can't and didn't leave his side after the shooting. "Want to know why? Because I… I thought you might need me. How stupid is that?" she asks and when he says he doesn't want her pity, she says she's not offering that. She whispers she's not sure what she's offering. EJ thinks it's ironic that he has to spend their first night married dead from the waist down and wants her to go back to Lucas and her children. He says he'll talk to his father about the vendetta because he now has nothing to offer her. "Look at me, Samantha. My life is over. Yours does not have to be," he says quietly. Sami disagrees. EJ freaks out and starts banging on his legs and tells her he feels nothing! Sami reminds him of what attracted her to him on the pier and says it wasn't his legs but his charisma and asks him not to quit without even trying. She grabs his chin and says, "Don't you dare give up." He says he's nothing else to live for but Sami whips out a photo of her holding Johnny and tells him his son is counting on him. EJ is angry when he realizes he won't be able to do anything physical with Johnny but since Lucas can, he asks her to go see him. The two argue and at EJ's insistence, Sami throws down the photo of the baby as she leaves.

Back at Lucas' place, Kate promises to swear she shot EJ if he wants. Lucas prefers not to do that and says they shouldn't be seen together. Sami shows up and Kate leaves. Sami wonders what Kate's there for but Lucas tells her Kate's just being Kate. Sami sadly tells Lucas she won't be going back to the hospital and that EJ is dying. Lucas wants to know why she cares and she says she feels bad for him and thinks if he dies Stefano will hold them responsible.

Stefano goes into EJ's hospital room after hearing that he kicked out Sami, and tells him he's not the first man to be confined to a wheelchair. He asks him to stop sulking and act like a DiMera. As Stefano rants, EJ flashes back to dancing with Sami and mumbles he'll never dance again. He starts to seize and Stefano panics while the doctors rush into the room.

Back at Lucas' place, Sami lies down to take a nap while Lucas goes off to take care of the twins. She sees Colleen's ghost again and Colleen tells her she can help EJ.

Lucas holds his nameless daughter and looks at Johnny, "My son," he says.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Lucas says to Philip, "Give me back the gun so we can move on." Phillip tells him the gun is gone! Is he lying?!

Sami says, "I don't care about EJ." Colleen replies, "Now is not the tame to be deceiving yourself!"

Cordy says, "You guys have no idea." Stephanie says, "Actually, I do."

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