We see the pub all decked out for Halloween when Marlena arrives to see Hope and Bo. Bo gets the ladies some drinks while Marlena explains how she's been doing and that she's taking things very slowly. She purchased a scrap book she wants to fill with photos of John. She says she said a prayer at St. Luke's today but confesses she's bitter. She becomes upset when she says she packed up John's clothes today. "I can't do it." She says emotionally and admits she misses the small things like how they watched TV together and how their hands laced together when they fell asleep. She suggests Hope take her family and leave town and thinks if she'd have done it, they'd have been safe. Bo returns with drinks and says they're not running. Marlena turns the discussion to Sami and asks them to help her stop the wedding. Her voice cracks as she says John were here he'd find a way to stop the wedding. Bo assures Marlena he'll try to talk to Sami, and leaves for the hospital. After he's gone, Marlena tells Hope not to take the sound of his voice for granted. Hope whispers, "I'm so sorry." Marlena feels that there may be one more way to deal with this. "Kill EJ Wells," she says with gusto! She confesses to having fantasies about killing EJ and hiding her tracks. She knows it's natural to have these feelings but says these are more than fantasies. She says last year she had the same thoughts and thinks if she had acted on them when EJ shot John last year, John would have been alive. Hope stops her and tells her she's exhausted and it's normal to want to strike back. It's part of the grieving process. Marlena reminds Hope she's a psychiatrist and knows how to set up an insanity plea. "The grieving widow, the breaking point, sleep deprived, terrified that her children and grandchildren …" Hope is a little concerned and tells Marlena to stop it. She knows it'll only ignite more violence but Marlena disagrees. Hope gets up to get Marlena something to eat but Marlena bangs the table and says "No. You're not."

Sami prepares to leave the hospital and tells Lucas they're leaving for Santo Domingo tonight. Lucas doesn't want to lose her but she says she'll prove he won't. Just then, Belle visits bearing gifts for the babies, with whom she saw and says, are gorgeous! Sami appreciates it but worries about her money being tight. Belle brushes her off and Sami admits they were just discussing how she's marrying EJ. Lucas goes off to give the girls time to talk and Belle turns the tables on Sami and asks what she'd do if Lucas had to marry some girl. Sami says she'd kill the girl but doesn't want to discuss it. Belle says she needs advice. Not only is she asking Sami to be her maid of honor, but she has an issue…."I slept with Philip." She says with a cringe. She explains where it happened and what lead her to that point and says Philip has feelings for her and she cares about him but loves Shawn. She calls it a stupid mistake. Sami thinks she needs to make this clear to Philip and urges her never to let Shawn know. Sami admits Hope knows and Sami freaks out. "Have I taught you nothing?" she asks. She feels Belle should have kept quiet and stay away from Philip. Belle wants them to be friends but Sami says he's her lover, not her friend! She thinks it could be tempting for Belle but Belle is hurt and says she's supposed to be on her side! Sami says she is and Belle replies that Shawn's the one she wants, so Sami suggests she stay away from Philip for good or lose Shawn for good.

Kate meets EJ on a road in the middle of nowhere. She asks what kind of supplies he brought and he holds up a gun. "The lethal kind, darling!" He is putting their plan to work and asks her to step away from the car while he shots her windows out! "Lucas will think we've hired an assassin to take you out," he explains! They go over their story. Kate says she's driving in her car and looks at the car next to them and sees someone with a gun. She panics. She doesn't see the face but sees a gun and the shots ring out and the car speeds off. They get their stories straight but Kate has worries that Lucas won't show up. Kate asks him to get some glass and asks him to cut her on the forehead. They argue until EJ agrees to cut her. She winces as he does so and they agree she'll tell Roman not to tell Lucas, so he will be sure to do the opposite.

Roman and the Salem PD arrive and Roman wonders why the casings are so close to the car. Kate says she slammed on the brakes after the shots were fired out and slid under the dash. Roman wants her to go to the hospital but she refuses, stating the paramedics say she's fine. Lucas arrives with a worried look on his face and Kate starts to cry and says she never thought he'd come. He hugs her and says Roman told him what happened.

EJ arrives at the hospital and apologizes to Belle about John's 'accident'. He says he's there to give chocolates to the nurses and dropped in to say hello. He mentions he overheard Lucas on a call from Kate, who is in trouble. Sami is worried and asks EJ to leave. Once he does, Belle leaves and Bo arrives.

Back at the "scene of the crime", Roman is ready to wrap things up and send a report in. Lucas gives Kate a gun to protect herself and urges her to use it if she has to. He presses it into her hands and tells her, "No arguments, hurry! Put it in your purse!" She does so and apologizes for the things she said to Sami and promises she has changed. Lucas takes her home.

At the mansion, EJ arrives to tell Stefano and Rolf that Lucas is really close to getting the divorce. Stefano is visibly relieved and says maybe they can go to Italy for their honeymoon. "I'll prepare the villa," he says. EJ reminds him that this means he can get the stem cells!

Kate interrupts the two and Stefano kisses her cheeks and asks after her face. Kate says she had a minor car accident refuses to have Rolf look at it. Rolf tells Stefano it's time for his rest so Stefano tells his son he's proud of him and goes off to bed while Kate says she never should have doubted him. Kate says he'll never be half the man Stefano is.

At the hospital, Bo says Marlena wants him to stop her from marrying a DiMera! They argue about her marrying EJ and Bo refuses to support her because he doesn't think it's worth the risk. Lucas arrives and Bo hugs Sami and leaves. Lucas explains what happened to Kate and Sami is floored. Lucas says she is right and they've no choice bit to go to Santo Domingo, but he asks her to make sure EJ to look like an idiot. He wants to be able to be with her after their marriage as much as she can. She promises they'll be together forever. She has asked Kayla and Steve to watch the twins tonight as she wants to get this over with. They profess their love and kiss passionately.

Bo arrives back to the pub and explains to Hope that Sami is still going to go through with the divorce and wedding to EJ. Hope tells Bo about what Marlena said about taking revenge upon EJ and comments that she's worried about her. Bo says he can understand her thoughts. "Vigilante justice could be the only way out," he says.

Kate says Lucas gave her a gift, and shows him the gun. She says she knows how to use it and points it at him. "Just aim, and shoot!" She tells him he will find out how good her aim is if Lucas finds out what they just pulled.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Kate says, "The DNA results are in on Sami's twins." EJ asks, "Am I the father?"

Morgan comes up asks, "I was wondering where y'all ran off to."

Lucas asks Sami, "What if there is a way to make EJ Wells disappear forever?"

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