Max is talking to Cordy about her leaving school when a drunken and disorderly Ford arrives with another girl from the sorority! Ford chases Cordy away with his rudeness and is in a party mood. The girl goes off to get "the tunes" while he gets the booze. After they're gone, Max goes to Cordy and he returns to his questioning. He helps pack her up while he tells her he thinks her leaving has to do with Ford Decker. She ignores him.

Max brings a box from Cordy's room to the common room and bumps into Ford. When Ford makes a crack about Max's attitude being a cause of Max not getting 'any' from Morgan, Max pushes him to the sofa and tells him to relax.

Steve and Kayla are getting ready for bed, discussing losing not only Benjy but Pocket. Steve is deeply saddened to be losing so many dear to them. Kayla comforts him until they hear a noise. Steve goes to inspect and finds that it's just Stephanie! Stephanie apologizes for the commotion. She thought she'd slip in unnoticed while they were asleep. They ask what's going on and she tells them she's a mess. Steve goes off while Steph tells Kayla that she saw Max with Morgan, "The Queen of Sorority Sisters" and ran out and let some guy make out with her.

Leave my kids alone! Leave them alone," Nick screams through the door of the abandoned building that he and Chelsea are locked in. Chelsea tells him not to move her as she's standing on the bomb. He tries to think up a formula to help and says he has read about these. It's an "S4250", he says and they're triggered by weight. Chelsea panics but Nick thinks if he replaces her weight with one of equal weight it'll work. He grabs a television and places it on the bomb, asking Chelsea to move as he places it upon the bomb. Chelsea tells him she needs him to know she is really happy he's in her life. Nick places the TV on the bomb and nothing happens as she moves! Chelsea feels as though she'll throw up, so Nick goes to her to comfort her but banging on the door interrupts them. The bomb starts ticking and Mr Abboud man comes to them to get them out of the room. Once they're out to safety, Mr Abboud goes into the room and says the bomb was never set off!

The police and Jett and Billie arrive and let Nick know the kids are safe and being debriefed. Mr Abboud explains that their father is indeed alive but faked his death as he knew he had enemies that were prepared to harm his family. He took political asylum and it's now safe for the kids to be returned to them.

He says the kidnapper has been apprehended. Nick is visibly saddened that the boys are leaving and he goes to them. "You sure know how to shake up a guys' life!" he tells them and makes sure they're aware everything will be okay and that Mr Abboud is on their side. He tells them they taught him a lot and asks them to stick with the books and that his parents are waiting for him. The kids ask if he's coming as well but he says he's not. "I'm going to miss you. A lot." He thinks they can visit someday and that his parents went to a lot of trouble to keep them safe. He admits that if he has kids in the future, he wants them to be just like them. The kids start to cry and Nick ushers them into the police car. Chelsea waits on the sidelines and hugs him tight.

Later, Chelsea sees Jett and tells her he thought they'd started something before. He wonders if they can start things up again and go to dinner, but Chelsea apologizes, asks for a minute with Nick and leaves him hanging.

Chelsea goes to Nick and apologizes for the boys. Nick says it's better for the both of them but is hard to say goodbye. Chelsea takes Nick's hand in hers as Jett watches. She asks if he's like to take her back to campus and Jett interjects he'd be okay to do that. Nick steps up and says he'd really like to do that. When he goes to get the car, Jett asks what's going on with her and Nick. Chelsea says they've been on and off for a while, so Jett assumes dinner's out! Billie arrives and interrupts with a hug for Chelsea. He tells her that was from Bo, who says if she goes anywhere alone again, he'll send someone on her trail! "Don't ever, ever scare me like that again!" Billie says sternly, before she leaves. Jett asks again if they're going to have dinner but Chelsea says she'll call him.

Max is on the sofa of the sorority house sleeping when Morgan kisses him awake. It's early in the morning. She tells him that Chelsea is okay. Max is relieved but tells Morgan that he thinks Cordy's dropping out because of Ford. Max tells Morgan if Ford did something to Cordy, he may try it with another girl.

Stephanie tells Kayla she did something stupid last night. There is no other guy for her but she's not going to drown her sorrows in any other guys to forget Max. She apologizes to Steve for not being a better daughter. He tells her she's perfect and thinks he can help with Max! He thinks she should work at Adrienne's bar and if she's around Max, he'll start to notice she's the girl for him! Stephanie apologizes for how she handled the Jeremy issue and wishes she handled things like her mother. Steve comforts her and tells her it took years for Kayla to become the woman she is today. "Making mistakes are part of being human," he says. Steph thinks she's definitely human! When Kayla returns and tells them she's taking the day off, Steve goes off to check his text messages (he says) and get her a coffee. Kay thinks Stephanie should let Max go and start over with someone new. They snuggle in bed together and Steve arrives and tells Stephanie that he got a text message from Adrienne, who may need someone at the Cheatin' Heart! Kayla thinks Steve has fixed it for Stephanie and Steph says she's gone through a ton of her savings! Stephanie goes to shower and Kayla calls Steve a hopeless romantic! Steve says at least they know Max is a good kid! He wonders why she was crying earlier, but Kayla refuses to tell him. They start kissing and dive under the covers.

Stephanie cries in front of the living room window. "You'll never forgive me, Max. Not after last night." She says sadly.

Back at the sorority house, Chelsea says China Lee was a lot smarter than she gave her credit for. She knew Nick would be able to take care of the kids. She turns to Nick and says, "You're a hero Nick Fallon, and I love you for that!" Nick moves in for a lingering kiss.

Max and Morgan interrupt the two momentarily and after they're gone, Chelsea asks him to the Halloween Party at the house. She says she'll be the devil. He laughs and thinks he'll wear his collar and they can break a few commandments together!

Back at the alleyway, Jett talks to Billie about Chelsea. He asks if he has upset her, but Billie has no idea. She suggests he talk to Chelsea later and then brushes it off and treats him to breakfast.

Marlena says, "I could use some help with Sami." Bo says, "Anything, you know that." Marlena says, "Well, I'd like you to stop this wedding from happening."

Sami asks, "How are the wedding plans coming?" Belle says, "That's actually why I came to talk to you." Sami asks, "It's that bad?" Belle says, "I slept with Phillip."

Kate says, "If Lucas finds out about this." EJ says, "All right, Kate, Lucas is not going to find out about this."

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