Max returns to the sorority house without Chelsea. The sorority girls haven't found her either and when Nick arrives, he immediately calls Billie when he finds out that a girl was raped on campus recently.

Billie shows up and calls the campus security and has Jett check the call logs while she asks the girls for more information about what Chelsea's mood was this evening. Morgan says she was in a good mood and everyone loves Chelsea. The girls organize a search while Jett returns Billie's call and lets her know nobody from their office called Chelsea. Billie faces the crowd. "She was set up." She says, before calling Bo to put out an APB.

Carmen, Morgan and the other girls prepare to search for Chelsea. Billie leaves and Ford shows up at the house. Max asks if he knows where Chelsea is. Ford says he was sleeping and hasn't seen her. He asks what this is about and Max thinks he may have seen something suspicious when he left earlier, because he left just after Chelsea went to her car. Ford denies seeing anything and Nick leaves on his search.

Once outside, Nick receives a strange call from a sobbing Chelsea, who tells him she's in big trouble. A man comes on the phone and gives Nick an address to go to. He tells Nick to come along or he'll kill Chelsea.

Later, Nick uses a flashlight to find the address that Chelsea is at and meets Dee and Artemis in an alleyway. They've taken a cab to meet him after finding the address at home. They say they're old enough (10 and 8!) to help find Chelsea. Nick hears a noise and asks them to hide.
The man that has Chelsea comes out of the dark and we hear Chelsea cry out for Nick. The man asks for the children and Nick is surprised. He lies that they're at home, then makes a grab for the guy, hits him and they roll around on the ground together. The boys call, "Daddy?" and Nick tells them to run away.

The man is quick and locks Nick in a room with Chelsea. He makes a move for her but she pushes him away. With tears streaming down her face, she says she's standing on a bomb and if she moves, it'll go off! A shocked Nick stands motionless.

Back inside the sorority house, Max and Ford butt heads over how he treated Cordy and Ford leaves.

Later, the girls return from their search without Chelsea and Morgan is almost in tears about Chelsea being missing and Max tells her he has to go to Salem PD but will be back. Morgan brings up Ford and doesn’t think Max likes him. Morgan says Ford's just spoiled but Max doesn't think she should welcome him back to the house. Morgan says he's a Decker, and their family carries a lot of weight around the University. Even if she were to try to get rid of him, she'd have to put it to a vote and even at that it would be hard, because of his family.

Lucas and Sami snuggle in her hospital bed, wishing they could stay like that forever. They kiss as EJ watches from the door. Sami is sad that this can't last but tells him that they need to fly to Santo Domingo for a quick divorce. Lucas is upset, thinking he had more time and he regrets his decision to give her up. "I am not granting you a divorce." Lucas thinks EJ will show up at her bedroom once they're married, and expect something but Sami disagrees. She reminds him how dangerous Stefano really is, but he says it's time he shows them how dangerous he is! Sami is surprised and tells him of her own plan to exploit EJ's weakness (his love for her) and use it to destroy the entire DiMera family! Lucas refuses her the divorce but Sami says she's doing it with or without him! Lucas tells her he's going to take care of things and protect her. He hugs her. "I love you," says Sami.

Kate watches the children at the nursery and flashes back to her earlier discussion with Lucas about the babies. EJ interrupts as she promises to spoil the kids. Kate isn't happy to see him and asks him to stay away from the kids. EJ thinks he can help but Kate says Lucas hates him! EJ says if she convinces Lucas to leave Samantha, he'll guarantee Lucas' forgiveness. Kate soothes John, who is crying and remembers how she used to get Lucas to sleep. EJ is surprised at her motherly nature and says she and Lucas are close. He doesn’t think Lucas hates her. Kate disagrees but EJ pressures her to allow him to let him help her get time with her grandson or grandchildren. He thinks Lucas has opened the door and thinks she can walk through. Kate tells him, "No, you're on your own." She only cares about scoring points with Lucas and asks him to get lost. EJ ignores her and admits he is worried Lucas will stop Sami from marrying him. With another veiled threat, EJ tells Kate he'll be very disappointed if they don't get a divorce because Kate failed to help. Kate says she realizes she can win Lucas back but working with him will not help. She looks at the babies again in astonishment as sees the nurse has just changed their last names to Horton. Kate starts to cry and EJ uses her pain to encourage her to let him help her. A helpless Kate agrees to let him help and asks how it's going to happen. EJ says he'll hurt her and Lucas will come running. Kate almost pulls away but EJ promises her it'll be fun. A worried Kate tells EJ she doesn't trust him.

Lucas is holding Sami as she sleeps. Sami dreams she's in the hospital and hears EJ speaking the names of all her loved ones. She gets up and goes into he hall but it looks more like the morge, and is full of bodies on gurneys. She whimpers, "What's happening?" as she runs around the hall. Zombie-John sits up and Sami gasps and asks, "John? But you're dead." Zombie-John says, "We're all dead Sami." A figure in a cloak walks around the room slowly and Sami runs.

She sees toe tags on the dead for Hope and Marlena and asks Zombie-John who did this. He tells her she did this. She cries that she can stop this from happening. The people under the sheets start sitting up and Sami cries out to the figure in the cloak and begs him. "I can stop this!" she yells, as a menacing looking zombie-EJ pulls the cloak from his head. Sami screams and Lucas wakes her up. He tells her she was having a bad dream but Sami yells, "I'm getting a divorce and don't care what you say!"

Next on Days of our Lives:

Kayla tells Stephanie, "You can't really fix things with him if he doesn't want to fix them!" Stephanie says, "Or with him and Morgan in front of my face."

Ford mocks Max. "You're not getting any from Morgan so you're taking it out on me? What a shame, Max." Max goes at Ford!

Chelsea cries to Nick to help her. "I don't want to die."