As Chelsea and Stephanie finish moving into the Alpha Chi Theta sorority house, Stephanie complains that Nick couldn't help them and wonders if she and Chelsea will get to room together.

Inside the house, Ford is telling Max that he should have come to his last party, where there were "tons of hot chicks" to be seen. Max laughs and brushes him off and when Stephanie and Chelsea arrive, Morgan lets them know Chelsea's rooming with Cordy while Stephanie's alone in her own room. Morgan goes off to be with Max while Stephanie rolls her eyes. They go up to Chelsea's room to set her up and Stephanie wants to analyze Max and Morgan's relationship. Chelsea thinks she should just be honest about her feelings for Max but Stephanie refuses. They agree to ask Cordy to take the single room so they can room together.

Max watches Stephanie walk by and Morgan wonders if there is still something between them. Max denies it and Morgan is happy to hear that Max doesn't foresee any future encounters with Stephanie. They joke about how her parents would hate that she's dating a bartender, but she wants to give their newfound relationship a shot.

Stephanie goes upstairs while Ford tells Chelsea that Cordy has serious issues. He says he spent a bundle on dinner and she barely ate. He calls her weird and insecure and then hits on Chelsea, who laughs. "Are you serious?" She calls him cheesy and tells him for the record, they'll never go out!

Stephanie comes back down the stairs and Ford watches Cordy walk by. He grabs her and she yells, "Don't touch me," and runs off, while the others stare in awe. Ford claims to have been just asking Cordy to dance but because she's a freak, she refused. Morgan is astonished by his behavior.

Morgan, Stephanie and Chelsea go to Cordy and ask if something happened on her date with Ford. She denies anything but admits she's leaving school! The girls try to figure out what's going on, with no help from Cordy.

Kate and Lucas watch the twins from the nursery window and Kate asks that he not shut them out of their lives. Lucas tells her nothing has changed. He wants her out of his life. He admits one baby may not be his and Kate tells him not to let EJ get to him. "DNA does not make a parent." Lucas tells her they found the guy who hit John and there's a DiMera connection. Kate says Sami was right about the connection but doesn’t think Stefano was a part of this. Lucas reminds her of how he always wanted to make his own decisions and she tried every trick in the book to ensure he didn't marry Sami. Kate starts to cry and admits she has made mistakes. Lucas isn't moved by this and says he's changing his name to Horton. Sorry mom but I am through being your son," he tells her firmly. Kate promises to stay away from Stefano and prove that he had nothing to do with John's death. She cries that she can't lose him but Lucas tells her she already has. Kate watches as a nurse brings Lucas his babies. Kate says she is proud of Lucas and starts to walk away but he stops her.

EJ arrives at Sami's room to tell her it's possible he fathered one of her babies. John is the spitting image of him, he barks. Sami tells him to shut up and refuses to admit he may be right. She tells him they found out that Andre's ex-prison cell mate killed John and EJ realizes that must have been the "unpleasant smelling man" Bo had him meet. He asks that they try to make the best of their situation but Sami refuses. "I'm stuck marrying you EJ but I'm already married to the man I love. I'd be prepared for the marriage from hell!" EJ says it's not how he wanted things but she laughs as he says he wanted them to fall in love. He knows he has to accept that won't happen and says he's been trying. He warns her not to mess with the marriage and says John Black is dead because she changed her mind about marrying him before. Sami says "Welcome back, EJ!" She sees this as a thin veiled threat but EJ says it's fact. He asks if she's truly committed to ending the vendetta and Sami responds she's planning on marrying him. He wants the wedding to happen soon but she reminds him she needs to recover and get a divorce, so he suggests she go to Santo Domingo for a 24 hour divorce. He says he'll make the arrangements if she can talk Lucas into going.

Lucas arrives at Sami's hospital room with John. EJ tries to step towards the baby but Sami orders him away. Kate arrives with the girl and Sami says she's happy Kate's spending time with the babies. She thinks John looks like Lucas. EJ leaves and Sami promises to discuss EJ later. Lucas knows they've some rough times ahead but he only wants her happiness and professes his love. Sami cries and Kate watches. She thanks Lucas for allowing her time with the babies and says they've a beautiful family. Sami asks her to stay to spend more time with the children.

EJ spies from outside , getting a "wonderful idea"!

Back at the sorority house, Ford is rejected by another woman and Max comes to him to ask what's going on. Ford thinks the sorority girls have issues, but Max thinks it's the other way around. Ford runs after yet another "hot" sorority girl.

Back in Cordy's room, she tells the girls she's definitely leaving. The girls are supportive and promise to be there for her. "We're sisters forever!" Morgan says. Chelsea suggests a going away party but Cordy wants to be alone. The girls take the hint and leave but later they think something is not right.

Chelsea goes to Ford and asks if he knows what's up with Cordy, and he's happy to tell her that the girl is in need of medication. After he leaves, Max and Chelsea agree they can't stand him. He acts like Jeremy! Stephanie runs out of the sorority house and heads home after watching Max and Morgan together. Chelsea tries to stop her. "You shouldn't be alone…" she calls after.

Chelsea goes into Cordy's room and confesses that Ford just hit on her. Cordy jumps up! "Don't let him!" she says and asks to be left alone when Chelsea starts asking if Ford has something to do with her leaving. Cordy refuses to talk, so Chelsea makes a hasty retreat. Chelsea tells the others that she tried to talk to Cordy but it didn’t work. They agree to try again later. Ford manhandles a girl and Max throws him out. Ford puts on his black gloves and leaves.

Later, Chelsea takes a call from campus security and finds out that she left her car lights on. She swears she turned them off and goes to check. Morgan urges Max to ensure Chelsea is alright.

Outside, Chelsea fumbles for keys in her handbag. She stifles a scream when someone grabs her from behind and covers her mouth with a black gloved hand! Is it Ford or someone else?!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Billie tells the sorority girls that Jett found out that campus security didn't call Chelsea. It was a set up.

Sami says, "You agreed I had to marry EJ." Lucas takes it back and says he doesn't agree to anything.

"EJ, No. This time you're on your own." Says Kate.

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