Shawn tells Philip to get out of the pub after Philip claims that Belle will always love him. Shawn calls him crazy and tells him to go ahead and use his sympathy on Belle, but he should be aware that Belle doesn't love him. Philip replies that Belle's done with Shawn but Shawn snaps that Philip is delusional and tells him he lost Belle when he enlisted. Philip brings up how Shawn fails at everything and will likely fail at being a police officer. Shawn ignores this and tells him he'll never win Belle back in his life or his bed but Philip murmurs, "Who says she hasn't been already?" Shawn hits Philip and they start brawling. Things get really bad and the bar is a complete disaster. Shawn is a bloody mess when Caroline arrives yelling and prying them apart. Philip leaves money for the damages and takes off while Shawn tells Caroline he'll clean it all up. Caroline calls Bo straight away, saying he needs to get to the pub.

Hope is in Belle's room With Ciara when she notices the sheets were ripped off the bed and that Belle's crying and in her robe. Hope asks if she didn't just cheat on Shawn with Philip. Belle denies any affair but Hope tells her she wants the truth - now. Belle starts to cry and tells her she doesn't know how it happened. Hope is visibly hurt by Belle's admission and Belle explains that it happened once and she was vulnerable. Hope tells her not to use her father's death as an excuse and reminds her that since Tinda Lau, she's been disrespecting Shawn's wishes. Belle tells her she's in love with Shawn but sex with Philip was one crazy confused moment. Hope says her heart goes out to her but she won't accept it. Belle swears it won't happen again and Hope says her instincts tell her to tell Shawn. Belle sobs and Hope agrees to keep her secret under one condition- she cut Philip out of her life, completely.

Lucas visits Sami as she sleeps and tells the twins that they're everybody wrapped up into two bundles of joy. He hopes they take after their mommy he says, because she's cute.

As he holds his daughter and flashes head to 2013 to Lucas sitting with his daughter at the pub. EJ and Sami walk into the pub with little John, who is happy because he won a blue ribbon for horseback riding. Lucas' daughter (no name) mopes that she can't have lessons and once EJ takes his 'family' away, the girl stomps her feet and yells that she hates Lucas because she can't have what Johnny has.

Lucas flashes ahead a few more years to John and his friends making fun of his plump daughter. The boys humiliate her (John in the middle) as she sits at the pub bar, looking at alcohol. Lucas says to his daughter, "It's not going to be like that."

Lucas sits with Sami and thinks to himself that he will do all he can to protect his kid. He wonders what he'll do when he's not around anymore. We see another flashback even further into the future. His daughter stumbles to he and Sami's graves. (Lucas' says Lucas Horton - not Roberts!!). John shows up, calls her a drunk and says it's a shame "they" died so young. She says Sami never stopped loving her father but John thinks it's a shame. She asks for money from him and he throws her a few dollars "So you can buy booze and die early? With pleasure," He sneers. Lucas closes his eyes.

Abe and Bo arrive at Harry Jenks' apartment where Roman is waiting patiently. Bo asks the man who hired him to run over John Black but Harry claims nobody has. When asked, he claims not to know EJ Wells or Stefano DiMera, but Bo thinks he's lying. Abe calls the PD to have EJ Wells picked up and Roman searches the apartment while Bo whips out a search warrant. Abe finds out that Jenk's real name is Jake Genarro, and he recently finished up time in the state prison.

EJ arrives at Genarro's apartment with an officer and tells them he's in a rush. "Who would you like me to meet?" he asks. Bo thinks they've met, but Jake and EJ look at each other and Jake says he doesn't hang out with pretty boys like this. EJ asks why they brought him down to see this cretin, and Jake is insulted. Abe comes off a call and says Andre DiMera and Jake were roomies in prison. Roman grabs Jake's cell phone number, finding Andre's cell phone number to be the last one dialed on Jake's cell phone. An already angry Bo calls the man a few choice names and has Abe brings him in to Salem PD while he stays behind and tells Roman they have to tell Sami the truth. They butt heads about this as Roman says they have no proof this is anything more than coincidence.

Shawn is cleaning up the pub when Bo arrives, telling him he should have taken it outside! Shawn tells him what happened and Bo thinks that Shawn was right about Philip ratting him out. Someone sent a letter in to the captain saying Shawn may not be the best for the job. Bo tells Shawn to come clean with Belle about Philip coming after her.

EJ visits the twins at the nursery and taps the window lightly while he smiles at them. A nurse asks which is his but he says it doesn't matter. They're so full of promise. EJ promises the babies he'll be the best father he can be to them. He thinks they'll be a DiMera like no other. Not even Stefano, their grandfather.

Upstairs at the pub, Belle promises to get Phil out of her life and thanks Hope for keeping her secret. Hope says she's doing it for Shawn and if she suspects Belle has done it again, she'll tell her son.

Bo and Shawn arrive upstairs and are surprised to hear about the brawl between Shawn and Philip. Bo and Hope leave Belle to take care of Shawn's eye and Shawn notices that Belle changed the sheets - and asks, "Didn't you change them yesterday?" She lies that she got bored of them and brings up Philip. She says he's in their past now and she tells him she's through with him. Shawn is amazed and grins at Belle. It's the best news he's heard in a while, he says, especially after what Philip said to him earlier. He doesn't elaborate but tells her he loves her and that they'll be fine. They hug and kiss.

Hope and Bo visit Sami and the twins and are sad that they can't see them. They're having a bath! They are sad that John will never see them. Lucas tells them that they're getting another DNA test to shut EJ up and Sami asks about any leads on John's case. Bo confesses they found Jake, who was Andre's cell mate. Sami thinks this proves that John's death was a warning to her. Lucas is upset and leaves the room, so Bo follows. Hope tells Sami she doesn't have to do this, but Sami disagrees.

Outside the room, Bo tells Lucas this is not a done deal. Lucas tells Bo he'll stop EJ and if EJ turns up dead, he knows who to go after!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Chelsea says to Stephanie, "We both know you have feelings for Max!"

Morgan asks Max, "Is there something I should know about?"

Kate tells Lucas, "They're my grandchildren, Lucas. Please don't shut me out of their lives."

EJ says tells Sami, "You have to admit it. Your son is the spitting image of me." Sami retorts, "Shut up."

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