Upstairs at the pub, Belle and Philip kiss passionately and frantically tear off each other's clothes.

Shawn enters the pub to see that Hope and Caroline have found Halloween decorations in the attic. Hope's preparing to decorate for Halloween. Shawn is angry that his academy enrollment has been postponed and is headed upstairs to his room. Hope stops him and asks for more information so he tells her he's sure Philip tipped the police off. Hope is confused because Philip was trying to help him get a job before, but Shawn says Philip wants to be with Belle and is sure he did this to get to her. He relays how he found them at the church together and it appeared as though something was going on. Hope asks him to be fair with Belle because she loves him! Shawn thinks Philip paid off detective Flynn but Hope disagrees. She thinks that if he's not careful, Belle and Philip will see his insecurities. She asks him to do detective work to see if Philip is playing fair.

Back upstairs, Philip and Belle continue their lovemaking until they break a vase! Suddenly, Belle comes to her senses and tells Philip that he has to leave, as this was a mistake. "It's just sex," says Belle, but Philip thinks this means a lot more. Belle forces him out and tells him she loves Shawn. Belle cries and says, "I'm sorry... I'm sorry." She pulls off the sheets to the bed.

Downstairs at the pub, Hope and Shawn continue to argue and she tells him not to go upstairs until his mood changes. When Shawn turns to go upstairs, Philip is on his way down. Shawn and Hope stare at Philip and Shawn asks what he was doing upstairs in his room.

Hope goes upstairs to Belle's room with Claire and finds the sheets amiss and Belle cleaning up the vase. Belle lies and says while she was doing laundry she knocked over the vase. Hope wonders why she was crying and Belle blames John's death. Hope tells Belle she will protect her son and orders Belle to come clean with what really happened.

Lucas arrives to see Sami and the twins at the hospital. He can't wait to tell them one day how terrific Marlena was at delivering the twins. Sami says he was terrific, too, especially since he didn't pass out! Lucas jokes that he almost fainted. Sami thinks they need to choose a name for their daughter. They go through names such as Julia, Jane and Jezebel, and then discuss EJ's thoughts that one of the babies is his. Sami wants to simply enjoy the twins and says EJ's trying to stir the pot!

In the hospital hallway, EJ tells Kate that the twins barely resemble one another. Kate reminds him of the DNA test and says they're Lucas'.

Nearby, Marlena talks to a lab technician about the DNA test for the twins. There is a problem and she wants to run the test again but Marlena's not sure if it'll go over well with Sami. She leaves as EJ creeps out from behind a wall, watching her! EJ goes back to Kate and tells her he's sure he's right about one of the babies being his. He and Samantha will be bonded for life. Kate asks, "What about the bond between Sami and Lucas?" EJ says he likes a challenge and thinks Lucas will become a distant memory once Sami finds out one of the babies is his. Kate rolls her eyes, doubtfully and Marlena overhears the conversation and yells at EJ, telling him to stop gloating. She yells about how he has treated her daughter after raping her and slaps him across the face! EJ asks why she was talking with the lab consultant and thinks she knows something he doesn't. Marlena says she doesn't think he needs to buy any birth announcements just yet and says she sees no need for another DNA test.

Marlena goes to Sami and Lucas and tells Sami she agrees with Lucas. They need to do another DNA test. She reminds Sami that for the babies' health, they need to know the truth. She tells Sami that the lab technicians found discrepancies in the last test. Lucas and Sami have suspicions, so Marlena says they'll have to ensure they've the tightest security possible. Sami doesn't want the test done, so she and Lucas agree that if EJ wants to take them to court for the DNA test, they'll fight him!

Back in the hall, Kate reminds EJ that Marlena just lost her husband. EJ asks her not to insult him by taking Marlena's side. Kate tells him, "If I find out if you had anything to do with John's death, I'll kill you myself!"

Lucas goes off to the cafeteria and finds Kate outside in the hall. She wants to visit the babies and tells Lucas EJ's off getting tea, so he won't interrupt them. Lucas wonders if Kate would prefer if the babies were EJ's but Kate gasps and asks if he's lost his mind. Lucas thinks that Kate is on EJ's side but she's not and says she just wants to spend time with her new grandkids. She gives him silver rattles for the babies and asks them to get them engraved with their names, but Lucas doesn't want her to buy them a thing. He gives them back and says the kids have one grandmother. Kate is upset by this and Lucas asks how she found out where the kids were. EJ arrives and Lucas thinks they've carpooled. Lucas tells EJ the kids are his, but a smug EJ thinks that Sami will have another DNA test. Lucas asks EJ to leave, "Go back to England where you belong!" he says. EJ asks him to tone it down as he's making a spectacle of himself in front of lab technicians but Lucas continues to go into detail about how EJ raped his wife and thinks he's going to take their kids, too! Lucas threatens EJ. "Don't you know I'll kill you before I let that happen?" EJ shakes his head.

Inside her room, Sami worries to her mother that she'll be stuck to EJ for the rest of her life. Marlena thinks they can do a secret DNA test. Eric calls and they discuss her having another set of twins. She asks when he's coming but when a nurse arrives for a DNA sample, Sami hangs up with Eric and asks for a moment. She and Marlena discuss their options. Marlena thinks they need to do it but Sami's scared. Marlena reminds Sami that they'll get through this, and they get Nurse Johanna to return. She tells them the tests should be back in 24 hours. Marlena asks them to be kept secure and says she'll walk with Johanna to the lab herself!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Abe is on the phone, "Yeah, it's in the squad car. I'm gonna pick up EJ Wells!

Hope asks Belle, "You didn't just cheat on Shawn? You didn't just have sex in this room with Phillip?"

"I'm done with you," says Shawn. "No, Belle's done with you," Philip counters.

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