At the pub, Abe tells Bo that he found out a silver sedan that was used in the hit and run was traced to a used car lot in Chicago. Harry Jenks is the driver and he has a clean record. Bo wonders if it means he was a new hire from Andre, or if it was nothing to do with the DiMeras. He hopes it's the latter because he wants to take the pressure off Sami from marrying EJ. They’ve found only a P.O. Box to get in touch with the guy so will have to wait for more word. Bo receives a call from "Ironpants" detective Flynn, who tells him to get Shawn to the station as soon as possible.

At a booth nearby, EJ wants to make amends with Lucas and tells him he wants to honor the same commitment that Lucas once made, to take care of the children as though they're his own. Lucas tells him, "Yeah in a cold day in hell." EJ says he wants to reassure him that he'll take care of the babies but Lucas thinks he thinks that Sami will fall for him once they're living together. The two argue and the conversation turns to John. Lucas says he's tired of EJ's fake sympathy but EJ again claims not to have shot John six months ago and says he does feel bad about John's death. He calls Lucas' conspiracy theories ludicrous.

Marlena helps Sami to the bed, where Sami cries that she's not ready for the babies yet. Marlena says she'll call her doctor and have him meet her at the hospital but Sami says there's no time. "They're coming now!" she yells while clutching her back. Marlena prepares to help with the birth.

Back at the pub, Lucas thinks EJ's threatening him and asks what his plans are, but EJ doesn't get a chance to answer when Sami calls to tell him she's in labor. EJ stares at Lucas alarmed, while Sami tells Lucas to hurry to Marlena's place because the babies are coming now. Lucas takes Bo side and tells him the situation. Instead of taking cigars at Bo's offering, he asks for a favor. Later, Lucas asks for a truce from EJ. EJ smiles widely and puts out his hand to accept the truce and shake hands, but Lucas clasps one of EJ's hands into handcuffs and cuffs him to the booth! Abe and Bo laugh while Lucas runs off to be with Sami. EJ is upset by the turn of events and tells them this is against the law. Bo asks where his sense of humor is and EJ retorts, "It left the building…" Bo laughs and EJ snidely asks, "Do you like that?" Bo asks Abe for the key, but Abe feigns innocence. "I thought you had it?" He asks. Abe says Lucas must have it, and they laugh as they leave EJ there, saying how unfair this is. Bo tells EJ that this isn't anymore fair than his family killing John Black. EJ denies them having anything to do with his death as they take off.

Outside the church, Belle trembles, stating she hasn't been able to get warm since her dad died. Shawn gives her his jacket and wishes there was more he could do. They discuss again why Philip was there with her but she calls it a coincidence, meanwhile flashing back to kissing Philip. Shawn gets a call from Bo, asking him to meet him at the station and Shawn sees this as good news. Shawn walks Belle to her car while Philip watches.

Lucas arrives at Marlena's and is told the paramedics are stuck in traffic. Sami starts pushing and breathing and one of the babies is born. Marlena clamps him off and cuts the cord. She gives the baby to Sami. "Say hello to your baby boy!" Lucas and Sami laugh and cry and Marlena tells them she's not done yet!

Philip wanders about in the church praying to God. He says he's grateful for all God has done to keep him alive on the battlefield and thinks he was kept alive for Belle. He doesn't think that Belle and Shawn are committed since they've not yet set a wedding date. He isn't sure if he's seeing only what he wants to see, or if Belle really does want him. He flashes back to his past with Belle and asks God for help. Belle shows up at the church again and apologizes for the interruption and asks for help with starting her car. Philip drives Belle home when he can't figure out the issue, and they somehow end up in her bedroom. Philip tells her again that he's in love with her, but she wants him to leave.

Shawn and Bo show up at Salem PD and Detective Flynn tells Shawn, "Shawn your enrollment in the police academy has been postponed pending further review." Bo and Shawn are stunned. Flynn explains that since he defied a court order by leaving the country with Claire with Philip Kiriakis' ex-wife, the academy is not what he is looking for. Bo and Shawn are angered and plan to refute this. They get into a discussion about Philip and Shawn tells him that Phil's about to give up his child for adoption. He knows that Belle's fragile right now and is worried he'll take advantage of her. He tells Bo that this academy issue is the last straw and assumes Philip was the one to 'tattle'. He plans on forcing the truth out of him.

Kate walks into the Brady pub to find EJ furiously working at getting the cuffs off. Kate laughs at him but when he breaks free, they go to Marlena's to see her grandchildren.

Sami and Lucas agree to name their first born son, John Roman Roberts! Lucas holds John while Sami continues to have contractions. After Marlena frees the umbilical cord from around her granddaughter's neck, she hands Sami her daughter!

Lucas and Sami cradle their newborns and thank Marlena. When EJ and Kate arrive, Sami starts to cry. Marlena asks them to leave but Kate says they're there to see the babies. EJ says the babies look like Sami but one doesn't look like Lucas. He wonders if they have different fathers.

Back in Belle's bedroom, Philip says he should have talked to her about her feelings for Shawn when they were married but Belle thinks their marriage would have ended sooner. Philip berates himself for leaving her at the time but she apologizes and takes the blame. He doesn't think it's too late to be together and reminds her that she may be engaged to Shawn, but she did kiss him! "You want me as much as I want you, so why are you fighting it?" he asks. Belle tells him she can't do this right now and that he's confusing her, but she felt safe when he kissed her. She doesn't think this is fair and tries to push him away, but ends up closing them in the bedroom and kissing him passionately.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Shawn tells Hope, "I broke the law. Somebody tipped them off." Hope wonders who would do that.

Phillip and Belle have sex while someone watches.

EJ tells EJ there is a possibility that he fathered one of the babies. Marlena retorts, "Well, I wouldn't buy any birth announcements quite yet."

Lucas asks Sami, "What if he is right? What if they have different fathers?"

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