At the hospital, Philip tells Kay and Steve that he could press charges against Steve for hitting him and yells at Kayla to stop calling his son Pocket. "His name is Tyler Kiriakis, and I'm taking him home as soon as he's better." Philip says. Steve reminds Philip he needs a DNA test first and reminds Phil that that he and Mimi signed off on the surrogate and baby. Kayla tries to get them to stop arguing but they continue until CPS and the doctor comes out of Pocket/Tyler's room. They tell him to focus on the child and why he's ill, not 'Who's the daddy' right now. They find out that Pocket/Tyler has a genetic disorder called MMA - Methylmalonic Acidemia (Methylmalonic acidemia is a disorder passed down genetically through both parents.) and the baby's body can't break down certain proteins and fats.) He can be helped with medication, Kayla says with a grin, happy Pocket's fine. Philip asks when he can take the boy home, but the new foster parents, Wayne and Ruth show up and are told what's happening. They want to know what they can do to help the boy and are introduced to Philip, Kayla and Steve. The baby smiles at them as they talk to him and they give him a blanket. Steve, Kayla and Philip watch, realizing that they get on well with the child. Mrs. Meyers tells them that the new foster parents have expressed desire to adopt the baby and for now, he'll go with them until the courts say otherwise. Steve suggests Philip get a dog or a pet to rattle around in that big mansion with and leaves Kayla and Philip alone momentarily. Kay tells Philip that they love the baby but won't try to adopt him, because she suspects he's really the father. She asks him to delve into his heart and figure out what is best for the baby. He says he was a good father, and she agrees, but knows the baby's needs will come first. She wonders if he's ready for this commitment.

Shawn feels as though his dad is "guilting" him into quitting the academy but Bo denies this. He remembers a time when he didn't think that Hope would move on from Zach's death. They agree, Marlena probably didn't sleep at all last night but Shawn says she'll probably sleep better one day. Bo admits that Hope still gets up and paces the nights from time to time, thinking of Zach. He says being a cop is dangerous and John was careful and he's having a hard time wrapping his brain around John's death. If something happened to Shawn, Bo says he couldn't take it. They talk about how difficult cop's life is and Bo knows that loved ones have no choice but to accept it. Shawn says he's learned from John's death that the good guys need all the help they can get.

The academy runs by and Commander Flynn (Ironpants) is introduced by Bo. Shawn is invited to breakfast with the crew tomorrow, when he starts on the academy. Bo laughs and says if Shawn plays his cards right, he'll get on old Ironpants' good side. Bo tells Shawn he thinks his son is up to this responsibility and asks when Shawn is going to marry Belle. Shawn says when the time is right! He goes off to tell Belle his news about starting in the academy tomorrow.

At Marlena's place, Sami and Belle are told by Marlena that she doesn't need anyone to babysit her and they have children of their own to take care of. "What I need is John, and your family needs you right now." She tells them. Sami mentions that she's still planning to marry EJ and Marlena and Belle think there has to be another way. Sami tells them if she doesn't, they'll kill someone else. They argue with her and remind her that she can't control EJ, just because he loves her. Marlena says EJ has a black heart, like Stefano and look at what he did to John! She goes on to say that this could end with Sami's life. Belle doesn't think John would want this but Sami thinks it'll satisfy Stefano. Marlena wonders if Stefano will want an heir! Belle reminds her that EJ's already forced himself on her once, but Sami trusts that he will keep his bargain and lie to Stefano, saying they're sleeping together when they're actually not. Sami wants to prove that she can do this but Marlena says it's the biggest mistake of her life. Marlena asks Belle to talk sense into Sami but she remembers going on the run with Claire and understands Sami's motives. Marlena asks Belle if she's lost her marbles, but Belle thinks Sami can stand strong, the way she taught them. "You're both crazy," says Marlena and thinks once Stefano is dead, EJ won't let her go. "EJ would rather see you dead, than married to Lucas," she yells. Sami wants Marlena to rest but she can't. Sami leaves and Marlena says Sami scares her. Belle tries to get Marlena to sleep and leaves her alone. Marlena continues to smell John's shirt, then makes a call.

Belle is at church lighting candles when Philip finds her and tells her how sorry he is. Belle tells him her dad used to take her to the carnival and she remembers getting separated from him and when he found her, she felt so safe. She calls herself "Daddy's little girl" and wonders who will hold her hand now. Philip takes her hand and she asks how Tyler is doing. He relays the news and thinks he may have to give up Tyler. They talk of how things change and he knows Kayla's right. Tyler can't fix him. He tells her she can, and says, "I love you Belle." He wants her back, he says and kisses her. Shawn shows up at the church and goes to open the door!

At the hospital, Steve and Kayla say goodbye to Pocket and hand him over to the new foster parents. They cry and say they'll miss him and Steve says maybe they can have a baby someday. "Never say never," he says. Kayla tells him they'll talk if he's ready again someday. They kiss and hug and profess their love for one another.

Sami rushes back to Marlena's place after she is telephoned. Marlena says she didn't like the way they left things and wanted to talk. Sami doubles over with a contraction and they realize she's going into labor. Marlena goes to the phone to call Lucas and Sami doubles over once again. Marlena's startled. The contractions shouldn't be that far apart already, she says. Sami replies that she's going to have this baby, now!!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Detective Flynn says, "Shawn your enrollment in the police academy has been postponed pending further review." Bo and Shawn are stunned.

Lucas says to Sami, who is in labor, "Honey, you're supposed to wait for me to do this!" Sami says, "Tell that to the twins!"

Philip and Belle passionately rip each other's clothes off and start making love.

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