Marlena yells at Stefano to get out of the church, and when he professes to loving her, she says he was always sick and obsessed and he may have destroyed John's body but he'll never destroy his spirit. "I will despise you until the day I die," she finishes. Stefano says John was an admirable adversary and Marlena screams, "GET OUT!" Roman and Bo stand up in the pews, waiting to kick Stefano out but Stefano says he prays the family has no other funerals and takes off!

Still at the Brady pub, Kate tells EJ to let the vendetta go and says she wants the vendetta to end for her family's sake. EJ apologizes for John, knowing they were close. "He was a hero, EJ." She tells him, teary eyed. She says, "If Sami marries you to end the vendetta, she'll be a hero." EJ leaves and Kate flashes back to when she and John were together, after they thought Roman and Marlena were dead. "Goodbye my love," she says as she remembers them sharing a passion filled kiss.

Back at the church, the men take John's casket out to the hearse as the family follows.

We see Marlena distraught, carrying the flag that was draped over John's casket into her bedroom. She calls out, "John?" Some of John's things are still they way he left them and she sniffs a jacket and looks to the unmade bed then starts to cry, great, heaving sobs as she holds the jacket.

At the pub, Bo is using a magnifying glass to search for a serial number on the fragments of glass from the hit and run driver's headlight. Hope asks Bo to take a break but he says there is no time to waste.

Stephanie goes to Max and they discuss John and Marlena's great love. She compares it to her parents and wonders how Marlena will be able to say goodbye.

Chelsea sadly talks to Billie about John's passing, and then wonders if they'll go after her. Billie says she's more worried about the rapist on campus and begs Chelsea to be on guard. She holds her and tells her she's all she has.

Outside the pub, Sami and Lucas snuggle on a bench and discuss how they can't believe John's really dead. Sami cries and Lucas says he knows it can happen again. He realizes with pain in his heart that she has to marry EJ.

An emotional Lucas tells her he'll never stop loving her. EJ watches from behind a pole, appearing to be overcome by their emotion.

Inside the pub, Maggie tells Belle Marlena will call when she needs them. Tony blames himself for not being able to do anything for John but Anna reminds him it wasn't his fault he missed out on the last 20 years. He takes Anna's hand and goes to Lexi and introduces Anna to her. Tony says they're bonded because they despise Stefano as a father, and invites Lexi to dinner. She happily accepts.

Stephanie gets Kayla something to eat and gives Steve a paper with her new number at the sorority house and school schedule.

In a booth, Bo, Abe and Roman figure out that there is a serial number on the glass. They read, "27RL4. It doesn’t give us much."

Shawn Sr. makes a toast. Everyone raises their glasses. "To my boy Johnny, a Brady if there ever was one."

We see Stefano at the church. He leaves a pawn from a chess set, by Claire's painting and we see flashbacks of Stefano is having someone tattoo John's back with the phoenix, branding him as a pawn. We see John finding his name on a sign, John and Marlena rafting and then kissing ashore. We see John giving Marlena that beautiful charm bracelet and Shawn says, "To our friend, our son, our brother" Hope, Sami, Doug and Julie all reminisces about when John woke up from his coma and Shawn finishes, "Beloved, John Black."

Stephanie gets Kayla something to eat and gives Steve a paper with her new number at the sorority house and school schedule.

In a booth, Bo, Abe and Roman figure out that there is a serial number on the glass. They read, "27RL4. It doesn’t give us much."

Shawn Sr. makes a toast. Everyone raises their glasses. "To my boy Johnny, a Brady if there ever was one."

Back at Marlena's place, she cries as she remembers her time with John and a song, "If it wasn't for your Love" plays in the background. It rains as Marlena remembers their wedding vows, breakfast in bed on their honeymoon, and the time when they threw the coin in the water in Italy. Marlena holds the other coin in her hand as she lies in bed.

In the hospital, Kayla and Steve find out that Pocket/Tyler is having troubles breathing again. Dr. Davidoff has been with him all night and he's stable. Steve wonders what's going on and realizes they can get him back now that CPS would realize they're not poisoning him! Philip arrives, frustrated. Steve asks Philip to apologize to Kayla, but Philip refuses and they get into a pushing match. Steve punches Philip!

It's the next morning and Bo and Shawn go for a run and discuss the academy. Bo thinks the run was a great idea to clear his head after John's death. They've found a bit of a lead, he tells Shawn and they share how Hope and Belle both changed their minds about being okay with Shawn wanting to become a cop now that John is dead. They agree that John was murdered and wonder how Marlena's going to face this day alone. John's death reminds them of losing Zach because he died of similar causes. Bo says Hope couldn't handle losing another son.

Belle brings Marlena some food from the French bakery and Marlena says John loved chocolate pastry. He pretended to speak French when they were there and she'd pretend she didn't know him! She smiles and Belle opens the drapes to a gorgeous sunny day. Marlena didn't sleep, she says and Belle promises it'll get better. Marlena knows this and Belle asks if there is a process of surviving a loved one. Marlena says no Psychiatrist could ever mend a shattered heart. She has no idea how she could have been so insanely naïve, she says but Belle retorts that she helped them through their grief! Marlena says she's been through loss before but this pain is unspeakable. "I know," Belle whimpers. Marlena goes on and says she never knew what her patients really went through. "How could words do anything to help at all? They can't even scratch a surface," Marlena says and touches the empty space in her bed. Belle gets into bed with her and tells her not to give up but Marlena tells her she doesn't feel like she can go on without John. Belle thinks they can help each other. Marlena calls her a blessing and says her daddy will be so proud of her. She says she's not sure she can live without John. Sami arrives with more French pastry and they have a good chuckle that both she and Belle think alike. Sami gets into bed with them and says she spoke with Brady, Eric and Carrie and they're all worried about her. Marlena says she'll manage. Sami says she wants to help and the girls agree to take care of their mother. Sami and Belle want to move in with her for as long as she needs them. Marlena is overcome with pride and love but tells them it's completely out of the question!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Marlena asks Sami, "How can you think you can control him? He's Stefano's son!"

Philip leans in and kisses Belle. "I love you," he tells her.

Bo tells Shawn he couldn't handle it if he lost Shawn.