At the sorority house, Morgan and Stephanie sip tea while discussing Stephanie's spying! Stephanie denies spying but Morgan says she saw her not only at the pub but at the race track. Steph says she was visiting friends at the track from her racing days and didn't know they'd be there. Morgan is mortified and apologizes, but lets on that a sister never takes another sister's man. She asks if Steph thinks she should step aside, but Steph reassures her that she and Max are just friends, and she just wanted to make sure Max would be okay. Morgan tells Steph that the date was great and she anticipates a second!

The girls are interrupted by Billie and Jett who solemnly tell the girls that there has been an incident on campus and one of the students was nearly raped, after something was slipped into her drink. The girls are worried and promise to stay safe. After Billie and Jett leave, Steph tells Morgan that whatever she and Max do is their business. Morgan is happy to hear it and lets Steph know there are two places for she and Chelsea to move into the sorority house.

Nick arrives home to Jeremy horsing around with the boys and puts a stop to it, yelling at Jeremy for bringing attention to the apartment. The kids go off to do homework while Nick says he brought in the reserves. Maggie arrives and tries to talk sense into Jeremy to do the right thing and turn himself in. She threatens to bring Alice over, but Jeremy asks her to leave and forget she saw him. Maggie can't do it and tells him that his father's been calling about him. Jeremy tells him that the world isn't as nice as she is and he worries that nobody will give him a chance after he does jail time. Maggie starts to cry and tells him he's better than this. She says Nick's saying he's great with the children. "You stood up for Nick when some goon came by." She says and begs him to give family a chance. Jer refuses and after she's gone, Jeremy packs up, prepared to leave. "I thought we were friends," states Jeremy. Nick says they are, and encourages him to talk to the police. Dee and Artemis come out of their room wanting to know where Uncle Nick's going. Jeremy asks the kids to smile and listen to Nick. He hugs them and tells him he'll miss them. Jeremy's misty eyed after the kids go to their room and Nick uses them as leverage. He thinks they'd make great character witnesses! Jeremy ignores him and asks Nick not to give up on Chelsea, "She knows a good thing when she sees it." Nick says he can't believe he's saying this, but he'll miss having him around. "You're alright man," Jeremy says before he heads out.

In Stefano's hospital room, EJ tells his father that John's accident has been godsend. Though Stefano doesn't appear to be happy to hear that John's not going to make it through the night, EJ is adamant that his father had something to do with the hit.

In John's hospital room, John 's heart rate drops steadily as the family sits with him and says their goodbyes. There isn't a dry eye in the room. Belle has sent Claire home, and is heartbroken when Kayla says there is nothing they can do but make John comfortable. Bo asks Marlena a few questions about the car, driver and the accident. Marlena says it happened so fast and she didn't see anything. John jokes with Bo about taking time with his wife and everyone laughs. Bo declares that John is as much of a Brady as he is and John asks him to win the war. Bo says it'd be easier with him standing beside him. Bo says he's off to get his brothers and asks that John stick around. Suddenly, John loses consciousness. Bo jumps up and runs out of the room, claiming he needs air. Steve wonders if he should go after him but Hope thinks Bo needs time alone.

Outside the room, Bo remembers how John was always there for them in the past and takes a needle and an unknown substance with him while he goes to Stefano's room.

Back in Stefano's room, Stefano asks EJ to look in on John and report how he's doing. EJ leaves the room just as Bo arrives. Stefano rolls his eyes at his presence but asks after John. Bo says he's not going to make it and asks who ran John down. He takes out the needle and threatens to stick it in Stefano if he doesn't give him a name! Roman interrupts the two and tells Bo to put the needle away! Stefano angers Bo when he tells him he hears Chelsea's hell on wheels, so Bo sticks him with the syringe! Stefano yelps and EJ arrives as Roman pulls Bo off of Stefano. Bo smirks and confesses that saline was in the syringe! EJ forces them out of the room as he comforts Stefano and later, Stefano says he's going to Italy for a while. Since EJ is upset that he won't be there for the wedding, he suggests that he and Sami marry straight away. Stefano grins and high fives his son!

Back in John's hospital room, Steve talks to an unconscious John about how he thinks Stefano is behind this.

Kate arrives to see John and Marlena tells her they're losing him but that John can probably hear her. Kate goes to John with tears streaming down her face and tells him even though she never cares what anyone thinks of her, she always cared about what he thought of her. She wonders aloud if she let him down. John wakes up and with ragged breath whispers, "Never." Kate leaves the room in tears and John tells everyone he has a few things to say. Hope reminds him this one time he doesn't have to be strong. Belle says she promised Claire a trip to the park. "I'm there," says John. Kayla jokingly asks how he put up with the Bradys all these years.

A weeping Kate stands outside by the coffee machine. When Sami goes out to get tea, they meet and Kate asks if Sami's still going to go through with marrying EJ. Sami replies that she is and is surprised when Kate tells her that the last thing she wants her to do is marry EJ Wells. She says Lucas will never let her go. Lucas comes out of John's room and thinks Kate's fighting with Sami. Kate wishes Sami luck and leaves them, while Sami explains what happened.

Back in John's room, Steve comforts Marlena and asks her what he can do. Marlena says nothing, and she's sure John will keep fighting until she tells him it's okay to stop. She says there is one more thing she needs to do for him. Marlena asks that they all stay and goes to John and knowing he's in considerable pain, she whispers, "It's time," "Hey handsome, it's time for us to talk," Marlena says. She asks him to do her a favor and close his eyes and rest. John says he'll rest later and he says he'll miss her. Marlena say he won't because they'll always be together. Sami and Belle, Kayla and Steve, Bo and Hope weep as Marlena speaks. She tells John that she and the family will be okay. "We'll be strong. You've taught us how to be strong." She finishes. "I love you," John whispers and Marlena tells him she loves him, and then kisses him. "You are the great, great love of my life. Now rest, please rest for me." She asks. John relaxes his breathing and Marlena tells him she'll see him in forever. John flat lines.

Sami runs out of the room, bawling and begging Lucas to sign the papers. Lucas' lower lip starts to tremble, and he signs the paper. They cry as they hold each other. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry," Sami cries.

Outside the room, a detective brings Bo pieces of a headlight from the hit and run. Bo thinks it's the break they've been waiting for and when Hope comes along, he tells her what's up and that he promised John that he'd find his killer.

On his way out of Salem, Jeremy watches Stephanie leave the sorority house.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Bo and Hope walk into the church, all prepared for John. They're surprised and wonder who did all this.

Sami tells Lucas that there is only one way to end the violence and they both know what that is.

Marlena is down at the pier when she hears something. She looks around and asks, "John?"