Morgan and Max are at the Brady pub, enjoying their date. Max talks Morgan into trying some of Caroline's delicious cooking and she's impressed and starts telling stories about some of her previous dates when the guys tried to impress her with limos and poor behavior to the chef of the restaurants they ate at. Max tells her that what she sees in him is what she gets. She grins and says she likes it!

From outside, Stephanie stalks the duo until Chelsea surprises her. Stephanie wonders why Morgan's having a good time, considering Max isn't her type. Chelsea thinks Morgan is open-minded and likes Max! Chelsea asks Stephanie to let Max go. Stephanie worries that Max will fall for Morgan and Max explains what happened between them. He says he's moved on and because the date is going so well, he says he doesn't understand why Stephanie would care about who he's seeing! Chelsea reminds Stephanie that Max can handle a girl like Morgan with both hands tied behind his back."Unless that's what you're afraid of?" she asks.

Back inside, Morgan notices Stephanie spying and tells him she thinks that she still has feelings for Max. Caroline brings Morgan and Max pie, and Max tells Morgan that he and Stephanie are better off friends. He explains that Stephanie had someone else in her life but doesn't think he ought to get into it. He lets her know that he's happy that she's 100% single!

Belle calls Hope from outside John's room and relays the bad news. She asks that Hope get the family to the hospital. Dr. Berman tells Marlena that John's on morphine and will be unconscious for a while, and this upsets Belle, who is still in denial about John's situation. She yells at Dr. Berman but Marlena steps in and tells her daughter sadly, "Sometimes we have to just say goodbye…"

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sami tells EJ they'll marry right away, after Lucas signs the annulment. EJ again tells Sami he had nothing to do with the hit and run and has hopes that John will get better. Lucas walks in on them and Sami is forced to explain how she's going through with the annulment. Belle comes out of John's room and Lucas tells Belle that Shawn's sleeping off his medication but will be there soon. Belle grins through tears and then tells them that Dr. Berman says John's not going to make it. Sami is shocked and doesn't believe that this is it. EJ and Lucas leave them alone to talk.

Inside John's room, Marlena tells an unconscious John that this is it and she can't imagine him not being around tomorrow. She reminds him of how they always found their way back to one another and says she's not giving up on him. John moves his fingers and opens his eyes. "Hey Doc,.." he says, slowly. He tells her he heard her every word and jokes that he's never felt better. Marlena kisses him, through tears and John asks, "Where did my Doc go, strong and unafraid?" Marlena tells him it doesn't look good, and tells him she knows he can do this. John says she's a poor liar and he says he heard quite a bit while lying there. Marlena cries that she isn't sure she can handle this, but John tells her he's glad he's with her and is depending on her to keep the family together. He asks her to stop crying so he can take that beautiful face of hers with him from her wedding day when she had tears of joy. "We had a good run, didn't we? No regrets." Marlena struggles with her composure and tells him, "The girls are outside and they need…" John finishes for her, "To say goodbye?" John asks her to wait five minutes and lie with him, so she smiles and does so. They profess love for each other.

Outside the room, Belle and Sami cry at the unfairness of it all. Belle tells Sami that they were just joking when they were going over wedding plans a few days ago. She cries that Claire will never know him, but Sami says that Belle will keep him alive. Sami asks her to focus on the good times and jokes about all the second chances he gave her. Shawn runs into the hospital and hugs Belle tight.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Lucas accuses EJ of having something to do with the hit and run and when EJ denies it, Lucas wants proof. He changes gears and asks him to simply stay away from Sami, but EJ reminds Lucas that they're about to be married. Sami comes back to Lucas and yells at EJ to go talk to Stefano before someone else gets hurt, then weeps on Lucas' shoulder. Lucas doesn't think he can let her marry EJ and confesses he worries that EJ will pull her closer to him, each day. Sami disagrees and thinks they're the ones in control.

Marlena comes out of John's room and tells Belle that it's time to say goodbye. Belle goes off to be with John while Shawn comforts Marlena. Shawn tells her he's going to call grandma and grandpa, who are sitting for Claire.

Belle sits with John, who tells her, "It's okay honey. Give your daddy a hug." He tells her that's what the old man needed and asks when he can see Claire. She tells him tonight, and John asks Belle to turn her into a baseball fan and take her to a game at Wrigley Field! She promises that and to never to forget him.

Back at the pub, Max is told by a shaken Caroline that John was hit. He is taken aback and tells Morgan, who hugs him and apologizes. She offers to take a taxi home and asks that if he wants to call to talk, she'll be up late. "You're pretty terrific," says Max, and they walk outside, where they find Stephanie with Chelsea. Morgan comments how it's surprising to see Steph there but Chelsea makes up a quick story about having a craving for chili fries. The girls are saddened when they hear of John's accident and a reluctant Steph agrees to take Morgan back to the sorority house.

Back at the hospital, Sami goes in to see John. On his way to Stefano's room, EJ pauses, annulment in hand, and a smile on his face.

Caroline, Shawn Sr., Shawn, Claire and Belle and Marlena gather around John's bed to say goodbye. John jokes with Caroline, "Where is my chowder?!" Caroline giggles and John holds Claire, thankful to be able to see her one last time.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Nick tells Jeremy that noise brings complaints and complaints bring cops and cops aren't Jer's friends! A knock at the door worries them both. Jeremy says, "Damn, someone did call the cops."

Morgan reminds Stephanie, "Just so you'll know, a sorority sister does not take another girl's guy."

Bo asks, "Who ran John down?" Stefano says, "Accidents happen." Bo retorts, "It was no accident."