At the scene of the hit and run, Marlena and Belle cover John with a blanket while they talk to him, begging him to hang on. Marlena tells John that all he needs to do is keep breathing.

At the hospital, a doctor apologizes to Stefano for the loss of Andre and then when Andre and Anna enter the room, the doctor is flabbergasted by Tony's looks. Tony explains that he and Andre being identical is along story and Anna tells him that the two are polar opposites. The doctor leaves and when Tony asks where Andre is, Stefano accuses Shawn Sr. of murdering Andre. Tony and Anna are shocked but Tony grins and says he wishes he could say he was upset! Stefano takes offense to this, but Tony reminds him of all Andre took from him these past 20 years. Stefano agrees that Andre wronged Tony, but Tony is aghast and says Andre not only wronged him, he stole his life! Tony is surprised when Stefano asks him to head up the DiMera dynasty. Stefano says, "I'm heading to Tuscany for business and while I'm gone…." Tony interrupts and jokes, "You want me to kidnap Marlena and reprogram Steve's brain?" Tony tells Stefano that he's not doing his bidding and that the cycle and mayhem dies with Stefano! Stefano replies sadly, that Tony always disappoints him. Tony argues that something good can come from this vendetta, like a book deal or a movie of the week. Anna asks the two to stop arguing and thinks they should leave. Tony walks out on them and Anna follows, asking what the use of being cruel is. Tony says he can't be cruel enough, and reminds her of Stefano's dastardly deeds, but Anna says things worked out right in the end. She feels for Stefano, but Tony thinks Stefano's having a good chuckle over this. Anna worries that Tony's sounding like a DiMera.

At the pub, the accusations fly. Lucas and Sami think EJ had something to do with John's hit and run but EJ swears he didn’t.

Back at the scene of the hit and run, Belle cries out, asking who could have done this. John's pulse is strong, Marlena says as the police and ambulance arrive.

Sami and Lucas arrive at the scene and Sami cries hysterically, blaming herself for refusing to marry EJ. Belle thinks John will die, but Marlena yells at her to stay strong. "John isn’t going to die." Lucas comforts Sami and tells her she did the right thing by ripping up the annulment papers.

At the sorority house, Morgan and the girls prepare for Morgan's date with Max. The girls say they need to check on Cordy, who's also preparing, and when a bloodcurdling scream is heard, the girls find Cordy looking like insanely overdone and refusing to leave the house. With the girl's help, Cordy is transformed into a knockout, while Stephanie uses the security monitor to watch for the dates.

EJ enters Stefano's room and gushes that he never ceases to amaze him. He says Belle would have set him back months but John was the better bet. Stefano appears confused. EJ asks where Andre is and is shocked to find out that Andre's dead. EJ's surprised and asks, "If Andre's dead, who hit John Black?" Stefano has no idea what EJ is talking about and says he wants nothing to do with death anymore. He calls John his greatest creation and can't believe someone brought him down, while a happy EJ would like to buy champagne for the person who hit John. He gets it in his head that since Sami figures he had something to do with John's death, she'll marry him! Stefano tells him he must learn from his own mistakes, and relays the story about how John won the heart of the woman he loved - Marlena. He laughs and says perhaps if it hadn't happened, the vendetta would have ended years ago. EJ promises to succeed this time and says history won't repeat itself. Stefano hopes that it doesn't or he'll end up alone, like him!

Anna and Tony run to Marlena's side to find out what's happening, when John is rushed into the ER.

Dr Miles Berman tells Belle and Marlena that John has some internal hemorrhaging. A fearful Belle hugs Marlena, who asks her to be strong. Marlena asks Tony and Anna to pray with them but Tony doesn't think a prayer from a DiMera is what his brother needs right now. Marlena and Belle pray alone while Lucas goes off to pick up Shawn. He encourages Sami to think positive thoughts, kisses her and heads out. Sami reminds Marlena and Belle that when John was in a coma, they never stopped believing in him. Marlena says she's right and says, "He can't leave us. Not like this."

Tony tells Anna sadly that though he and John are brothers, sharing the same father, they don't even really know one another. "Probably never will…" he says as Anna holds him.

Tony tells Marlena that he and Anna will leave the family and go to the scene to see if they can find out anything about the driver.

Sami blames herself for John's hit and run and apologizes to Belle. Belle stops her and reminds her she doesn't have anything to do with this. Sami goes to ask for an odd request - transparent tape!

Dr. Berman comes out of surgery and they wait for word on John, while EJ walks up behind them quietly.

Back at the sorority house, Stephanie goes out to meet Max and Ford. Ford tells her Cordy's not his type, and flirts with Stephanie, who plays along. Max and Steph take pot shots at each other and Max admits he's taking Morgan to the racetrack. Stephanie is shocked and doesn't think it'll go over well. When Cordy shows up looking beautiful, Ford is quite taken with her, promising a night they'll never forget.

After everyone has left, Stephanie spies on them while Chelsea says she loves having sorority sisters.

In John's room, Marlena and Belle are told by Doctor Berman that John's back was broken in two places, he has three broken ribs, a shattered collar bone, a punctured lung, severe hemorrhaging and damaged internal organs. The blow was so severe that many organs are damaged beyond repair. Marlena flashes back to the scene. Doc Berman goes on…"His liver was crushed,.." Marlena stops him and asks if John's going to make it.

EJ finds Sami and tells her Andre died. "For real this time?" she asks. Sami tapes up the annulment papers and signs them, handing it to EJ. She tells him they'll marry as soon as possible.

In Andre's room, Stefano receives an envelope marked 'Confidential'. Inside there is a letter marked, "Samantha Brady" DNA results. Stefano reads and smiles. "Just as I thought!" he says!

Marlena and Belle are devastated when Dr. Berman tells them John's organs are failing and he won't make it through the night. Marlena can barely speak through her sobs but she tells Belle that they have to call the family. The two hug and sob on each other's shoulder.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Chelsea asks Stephanie, "What do you want me to do, install a web cam in Max' bedroom?!" Stephanie asks, "Can we?"

Max tells Morgan, "What you see is what you get." Morgan likes what she sees!

Lucas asks Sami, "Let them handle this, for God's sake." Sami 's face contorts as she sobs and yells, "They obviously can't handle the DiMeras."

A dying John says to Belle, "Give your daddy a hug."