Shawn Sr. barricades himself in Andre's room and puts his finger over the power button to Andre's respirator, ready to turn it off. "This is for Colleen," he says, but he gets an "other worldly" visit from Colleen who interrupts to ask that he not turn to vengeance and remember that the DiMeras do not know any better. When Colleen's apparition is gone, Shawn turns to Andre and says there's a price to be paid. Again he's ready to turn the power off, and asks God for forgiveness for what he is about to do. Unsteadily he says he can't do it. "Colleen taught me to well," he says and turns away. Andre leans over and slowly presses the button while Shawn spins around shocked." What are you doing?!" Andre flat lines and Shawn is stunned. He sits down and sighs while the guard comes pounding on the door!

When the guard and nursing staff enter the room, they find Andre dead. Shawn leaves the room quietly and takes a seat in the lobby while Stefano enters the room and demands to know what happened. The staff is not certain but says they found an elderly man in Andre's room with his dead nephew. Stefano comes to the realization that Shawn was there. He orders the doctor to allow him to talk to him before the authorities arrive, then sits by Andre's side and tells him that he was loyal to the very end - "My best soldier." After he has said his goodbyes, he recites a phrase from an old opera. "What restrains me now? Why don't I just draw my sword?" Stefano goes to Shawn tortured and cannot believe that after he has bared his soul to his old friend, this is how he's repaid. He lets on that the vendetta could have been over but Shawn has now given it life and blood to avenge!! Shawn stares seething at Stefano.

At the pub, Sami tears up the annulment and everyone cheers. "I just hope that nobody gives up," Sami says and jokes that the one time she tries to act unselfishly, it backfired! John praises Sami and tells her that she really knocked him out tonight! Sami is overcome and tells him it means a lot because he's her dad too! John looks is moved and hugs Belle, tight.

Elsewhere in the pub, Caroline tells Bo and Hope her fears that Shawn went looking for Andre and Santo. She worries about what he might do if he finds them and admits she never knew about Colleen until now, but for years, around October, Shawn would act on edge. She never knew why… Bo assures his mother they'll find Pop and leave for the hospital.
From her parked car, Belle leaves a message for Shawn that she's on her way to the clinic. EJ, who is dressed in black, stalks Belle from his car.

Just as Belle hangs up, she receives a call from Marlena with news that Sami refused to sign the annulment. She asks her to come celebrate, but though Belle is thrilled with the news, she has her first clinic. Once they hang up, Belle accidentally locks her keys in the car and leaves with her books, into the clinic. EJ watches as Belle realizes what she has done and to himself he mumbles, "You're gonna learn the hard way, sweetheart. This vendetta is over when I say this vendetta is over." EJ is ready to strike when Sami calls and asks EJ to meet her at the pub.

Back at the pub, John receives a message from Belle who lets him know she locked her keys in her car. John and Marlena go off to help and bump into EJ on the way in.

Sami tells EJ that she can't marry him but hopes he will do what he can to end the vendetta. "That means you lose," Lucas tells EJ, smugly. Lucas goes off into the kitchen while EJ tells Sami that thinks marrying him is the only way to end the vendetta. He says he knows that part of her wants to marry him, too and says, "I know that you love me too." Sami tells him she will never forgive him for that night and says he disgusts her. "I love my husband. My decision is made." She says and asks that he leave her, her marriage and her family alone. EJ tells her that she has brought anything that happens to her family onto herself. He thinks she sealed her and her family's fate. Lucas stops the two from their chat and says he's out of their lives for good. "It was your choice," EJ states. Sami receives a call just then that John was hit by a car. Sami starts to cry and they both turn to EJ, thinking he had something to do with it.

Marlena and John go to Belle's car and John tinkers with the lock with a lock pick. Marlena reminds him that once upon a time he could break a lock without breaking a sweat. He grins and responds that once upon a time he could do a lot of things without breaking into a sweat! They start giggling and he gives her a lock pick to help. She goes to the other side of the car and to John's surprise, Marlena unlocks the car first! They're talking and laughing as a car comes down the street at high speeds. The car hits John and he is sent flying over the car and thrown to the ground. Marlena screams, "NOOOOOOO!" while she runs to John's side. The car leaves the scene as Marlena cradles John in her lap, sobbing. "I need you to hang on. Just hang on."

Clinic is over and Belle arrives at the scene bawling, "Who would do this?" Marlena tells John to hold on and take their strength while Belle thinks aloud that this is the work of Stefano.

Back at the hospital, Bo arrives as Stefano's talking with Shawn. Bo doesn't believe Stefano when he accuses Shawn of killing Andre. The guard agrees that there is no proof yet of a homicide. Bo looks Stefano up and down with disgust and tells him he's falling apart at the seams and should just put a bullet in his own head! Stefano reminds Bo that if he goes, he has sons to avenge Andre's death. Bo laughs it off and tells Stefano that Sami ripped up the annulment. Stefano thinks Sami's stupid to have done so and says Bo underestimates Elvis. Bo is tired of threats and when Stefano goes into Andre's room, Shawn tells Hope and Bo of the events that lead up to Andre's death. Hope and Bo are surprised when they find that Andre turned off his own respirator. "He wanted it to be over," Shawn says. "I saw it. A brief flicker of remorse!"

Bo meets Stefano in Andre's room to tell him this news. Stefano thinks Shawn's lying and asks Bo to dust for prints. Bo tells Stefano that no jury would find his pop guilty, so Stefano says if that's the case, he'll serve justice himself! An emotion filled Bo tells Stefano that Santo is to blame for his own pain and thinks Stefano's worse than his old man because of how his lies forced Shawn to live in pain all these years. Bo reminds Stefano that Shawn was just 8 years old and all he did was tell the truth. "The truth broke her heart and shattered his life." Shawn wasn't responsible, yells Bo - Santo was, with all his lies, just as he's responsible for training Andre to be a puppet all these years. A sickened Bo stomps off.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Marlena holds a dying John close and says, "John, you're doing such a good job. Just keep holding on. Help is on the way."

EJ tells Sami, "Be careful, because, unless we marry, no one is safe."

Anna and Tony want to know what's going on, so Stefano tells them, "Andre has been murdered by Shawn Brady Sr."

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