Belle greets Philip at the Cheatin' Heart, where he confesses his plans to break into Mrs. Meyers office today in order to find his son! Belle is stunned and doesn't agree with his plans. Philip tells her about CPS's accusations and that Tyler's now in a new foster home. Victor tried pulling strings, but nothing is working, he says and he thinks his only hope is to break into her office. Philip shows his bitter side and lashes out at Kayla and Steve, but Belle stands up for them and says they are great foster parents. She tells him he'll lose more than the six months he's already lost with his son if he breaks the law. She offers to help him get Tyler back, since he's in Salem now.

Shawn Sr. arrives at Andre DiMera's room and talks the guard into letting him visit Andre.

Inside the hospital room, Stefano talks to an unconscious Andre, asking him what he was thinking, killing Benjy and attempting to take EJ's life? He says he can't punish him because he blames himself for turning Andre into a twisted person. Stefano starts to cry and promises to fix everything.

Shawn Sr. enters the room and tells Stefano he has business with them both. Shawn tells Stefano that his son almost died because of the vendetta and Andre and tells him this vendetta goes back to Colleen. Stefano agrees but they disagree on who seduced whom - Colleen or Santo. Stefano reminds Shawn that his father Peter was forcing Colleen into the nunnery, and he thinks she saw Santo as an out. He asks, "What about my mother?" Shawn blames himself for Colleen and tells Stefano that they never found Colleen's body. "Of course you didn't you fool," yells Stefano. Shawn is shocked and asks what he means by this. Stefano pauses and says that would make it too easy on his mother. While Santo and his mother's marriage was arranged, she actually loved Santo but since his mother was plain, Santo didn't look inside to see what a beautiful woman was beneath. He admits he purposely told Shawn his mother was not dead. "You used me? Damn you! Damn you!" Shawn spits out before he leaves. "If you only knew…" Stefano says.

At the pub, Lucas tells Hope, Bo, John and Marlena that Stefano got the church to give Lucas and Sami an annulment. The others gasp and he continues on to ask for their help saving his marriage.

EJ skulks by a payphone at the Brady pub and hides when Sami arrives, with the annulment in her hands.

Sami enters the pub and Marlena and John ask her not to get the annulment. Sami says this morning she felt safe for the first time in a while and wants to believe that the reign of terror is over. Lucas thinks the DiMeras no longer have power over her.

EJ enters the pub and wants to know what they're all taking about. Bo shows him the door but EJ assures them he means no harm. John stands up and tells EJ to stop the games, but EJ says he can't stand idly by… Hope interjects and she and Marlena tell him to leave. Sami tells EJ she appreciates that he was going to honor the agreement… Lucas interrupts, "But she's not going to sign the annulment papers." EJ tells them all good luck and leaves quietly with Sami showing him the door. At the door, EJ stops and lets on that he knows Will is home. He threatens, "Can someone watch him 24 hours a day?"

Later, while everyone inside the pub is congratulating Sami for standing up to EJ, she is quiet. She finally yells that this is not over yet and she says she hasn't made up her mind about the marriage. They tell her there's no winning with EJ and ask her to stand her ground. Sami reminds them that EJ talks about the others who are in the DiMera circle. She reminds them all that EJ is dangerous, even if he doesn't look it. Lucas is sure that EJ will never give her children back when they divorce, following Stefano's death. Marlena agrees, saying she's giving EJ two tiny hostages. She's certain EJ won't let her go. John tells Sami EJ will want to control every bit of her, including the babies and Will. They ask her to trust them.

Shawn sits outside of Andre's room crying about how Stefano used him to kill his own sister. He spies EJ walking into Andre's room.

EJ goes into Andre's room, where Stefano is reading Dante's Divine Comedy to unconscious Andre. EJ is surprised Stefano's there, but Stefano says that they all make mistakes. EJ agrees and says that's why he's there. He asks for help and Stefano says his feelings for Samantha are making him soft. He says young Will is back in town and he made a little threat to Samantha but he needs help in driving the point home. Stefano is disgusted and doesn't want to hurt an innocent child. Stefano thinks that EJ ought to find another woman, but EJ says he loves her. Stefano says he's done all he can, so EJ says he'll do it on his own. "You'll make an enemy of her for life. Want my advice, leave her children alone. God knows there are enough Bradys to use."

When Mrs. Meyers walks into the Cheatin' Heart, Belle goes to her and sings Philip's praises. She captures Mrs. Meyers attention with news that Philip is a war hero and encourages her to do a DNA test at least. Mrs. Meyers offers to take Philip's case to a family court to get a DNA test. When Belle tells Philip, he kisses her, passionately to thank her. Belle kisses back but pulls away suddenly and they appear surprised by the turn of events. Each stares at the other with smiles on their faces and then Belle leaves.

Outside the bar, Belle heads to her car while EJ follows.

Stefano leaves Andre's room to apologize to Shawn for what he did as a child. He tells him he was just a young boy. He shouldn't be so hard on himself. Stefano goes to make a phone call and Shawn goes into Andre's room. Andre's starting to wake up and Shawn asks if he's in pain. Andre nods he is and Shawn tells him that's good. He uses his cane to barricade the door and slowly walks toward Andre!

Next on Days of our Lives:

EJ is watching Belle from his car. He is wearing all black and says, "You're gonna learn the hard way, sweetheart. This vendetta is over when I say this vendetta is over."

Caroline tells Bo and Hope, "Shawn went looking for Stefano! I don't want to think about what he might do."

Andre's guard pounds on the door and yells, "Mr. Brady, are you okay? What's going on in there?"