At the Cheatin' Heart, the bachelor auction is in full swing. Morgan Hollingsworth happily wins a date with Max for $500. Stephanie is the only one who doesn’t look pleased. The guys change their tune after Morgan wins Max as a date and they clamor for the stage. Adrienne introduces Ford Decker and he removes his shirt as he tells the ladies he's majoring in anatomy - female anatomy. The bidding begins.

By the bar, Max jokes with Chelsea and Stephanie that he has a future in this! Max thinks Morgan's hot, but this presses Stephanie's buttons and she puts down Morgan. Max stops her and says he's not interested. He goes to talk to Morgan as Stephanie watches jealously from afar. Cordy is encouraged by Stephanie to bid, and she wins a date with Ford for $300! Cordy is feeling insecure about the date but Stephanie tells her he's lucky to have a date with her. Once Cordy leaves, Steph shows her jealousy to Chelsea.

Max tells Morgan the truth about getting into the wrong crowd, losing the bar and about getting back on his feet. Morgan likes his honesty and really connects with him when he talks about how much he cares for his family. Adrienne starts the bidding again and Stephanie starts voting on Tommy! She wins a date with him for $280.

Ford thanks a nervous Cordy for bidding on him and he asks her out for the next night! Once Ford leaves, Cordy again becomes insecure. Chelsea agrees to make her up for the date. Cordy says she can't wait until they get into Alpha Kai Theta. Just then, Morgan tells a thrilled Chelsea that they're in the sorority!

Elsewhere at the bar, Stephanie asks Max for forgiveness. Max forgives her and Stephanie thinks that Morgan's slumming! This upsets Max, but Stephanie says Morgan's that "type" of person. This only makes Max want to give Morgan the best date of her life.

Chelsea and Adrienne thank the crowd and are pleased to tell them that they made $1695 for the shelter! Adrienne sings the girls praises and Stephanie thanks Max for starting off the bidding. Stephanie continues to stare at Max and Morgan and asks Chelsea to come spy on Max on his date in order to ensure it goes well for Max. She confesses she doesn't trust Morgan!

At Salem PD, Steve is visibly upset about Pocket's ill health and is distraught when he hears that CPS is assigned to the case. Kayla says they can't stop CPS from placing the baby because they found chemicals in Pocket's system. Steve is baffled, but Kayla also thinks if they lose the baby that it's partially Steve's fault for going on live TV holding a gun to Stefano's head! Steve tries to comfort Kayla but they're interrupted by Philip, who walks in on them and tells him Pocket's name is Tyler, and he's his son! Philip quickly tells the shocked duo the story about the surrogate, but Steve claims to be the only father that little man has known.

At the pub, Sami is surprised that Stefano got an annulment for her. EJ urges her to sign it but Lucas takes a look at it and thinks it's fake. EJ disagrees and says it represents peace. Lucas yells at EJ to get his own woman and asks Sami for a 24 hour delay in order to let her family weigh in on this. Stefano interjects and says Sami already knows how her family feels. She'll make a beautiful DiMera, he thinks. Stefano then takes his leave while Sami tells Lucas she doesn't want her family to get hurt. Lucas and EJ badger Sami to make up her mind. Sami listens to each man's arguments and then agrees to wait 24 hours to make her final decision. Sami admits that Lucas' argument makes sense. He thinks that if the DiMeras are losing their strength, she need not marry EJ! Sami tells EJ she needs 24 hours and asks him to respect that. She goes home with her husband while EJ says, "A lot can happen in a day!"

Back at Salem PD, Philip says he'll get a DNA test done to prove he's Tyler's father. He's stunned to learn that Pocket's ill and blames Steve but Steve doesn't take kindly to this and grabs Philip, throwing him up against the wall. The police step in and grab Steve, who apologizes for going off on Phil. Philip leaves to get a DNA test done and Steve and Kayla wonder if his story is true. Kayla feels the loss of Pocket and asks Steve what happened. "We were so happy..." Stefano walks in on them and offers them help. He says he has dropped the charges against Steve and paid off the television station so they wouldn't press charges! Steve's free, but Steve and Kayla can't enjoy it because they're are in shock and aren't sure they can trust Stefano! Stefano says he freed Steve to honor Benjy's memory. Once he leaves, Mrs Meyers (CPS) arrives with Philip. Steve and Kayla gasp as Philip explains that they may be charged with endangering a minor! Mrs. Meyers tells Philip this talk is premature and refuses to discuss Pocket's illness. Mrs. Meyers leaves and Kayla shows Philip a photo of the baby. Philip stares at the photo and asks if they know where the baby is staying. They have no idea, so he asks to keep the photo!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Phillip tells Belle, "I'm tired of fooling around. I'm getting my son."

Lucas says he told the DiMeras what to do with the vendetta." Bo says, "Yeah, and the terms to end it." John adds, "The DiMeras are out of moves! This game is over!" Sami yells at them all to listen to her. "It's not over at all!"

Shawn Sr asks Stefano, "Why was my sister's body never found?"

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