Stephanie takes tickets to the football game, at the Cheatin' Heart. She meets a guy who says they've got a lot in common - she races cars and he was named after one. He introduces himself as Ford Decker, who is a student from Salem U.

Max works the bar while Chelsea begs him to be auctioned off to the ladies of the sorority they're pledging. He's not interested, even when Adrienne tries talking him into it by telling him the proceeds go toward charity (Haven House). Max bets them that they can't convince a bunch of frat guys to turn off the big game and auction themselves off, and when Stephanie attempts it, the guys boo her and laugh in response to her asking if they'd like to be auctioned off in a bachelor auction. They refuse to agree to anything unless the girls turn the TV back on. A chant begins, "Turn it on... turn it on..." Eventually Stephanie turns the football game back on and she and Chelsea worry about how they're going to make this happen. Time is closing in on them when Morgan calls, saying she's on her way. Chelsea refuses to be auctioned off instead of the guys, so Ford (from Beta Sigma) tries to help out by suggesting they use their emotions to get the guys to respond. The girls think Ford is mad, but Chelsea gives it a shot. She uses eye drops to make it appear as though she was crying, and gets up in front of the guys, turns the TV off and tells them she's sorry for interrupting but she's desperate and helpless. The guys are moved, but Chelsea can't continue the charade and takes another shot at asking for their help. They guys listen quietly this time and agree to it, if they can keep the game on with the volume down. The guys start showing their ripped muscles and six packs when Morgan and the other girls waltz into the bar. Stephanie nervously explains to them that they're holding a bachelor auction to raise money, and an impressed Morgan tells them they need to make more than $300 that the other girls bake sale made. Morgan asks the other girls to get out their check books as Chelsea goes to the podium to ask the guys to get ready. Stephanie asks Ford to start things off, but Max comes to the rescue and puts on some music while he goes to the podium to introduce himself and take his shirt off!! Hooting and hollering ensues as the girls wave money in the air. Stephanie starts the bidding at $100 but Max is quickly sold for $500! Stephanie is shocked and appears a little green with envy!

At the hospital, Billie assures Philip they're going to find Tyler. Philip flashes back to meeting Lauren in Tulsa, and to questioning her before she fell down the stairs passed on. Billie reviews the past few months from the time when Mimi first contacted Shawn on July 4th up until the events leading up to Lauren's death. Billie ponders why Lauren would come back to Salem and Philip thinks Tyler's in the hospital - right now! Billie leaves for a time and when she returns, she says a baby was dropped off to the hospital and Kayla and Steve Johnson are now his foster parents! She grins and says Tyler could be Pocket! Belle is thrilled and says he couldn't have better foster parents. Philip runs out to find Pocket.

Kayla hovers over the ER, waiting for news on Pocket, when Hope arrives. Kayla tells her sister-in-law that Pocket has been quite ill and she's nervous that it's something serious. Doctor Berman examines Pocket and asks Kayla if the child could have come into contact with chemicals, because the child displays symptoms of ingesting ammonia. Dr. Berman apologizes but tells Kayla that he is required by law to notify CPS. Hope suggests Kayla give Uncle Mickey a call but Kayla thinks that will raise questions. Hope disagrees and thinks this accusation could ruin her reputation as a doctor. CPS arrives and tells Kayla that they can't leave Pocket in her custody any longer. Kayla panics and begs her not to take him away from her. Kayla is encouraged to say goodbye, so turns to Pocket and promises that this isn’t goodbye. She knows he'll soon he'll be back home. Hope cries as Kayla tells Pocket, 'I love you…"

At the pub, Lucas orders Sami home with him. EJ reassures Lucas that his marriage to Sami is temporary and in name only. Lucas doesn't care if it's temporary, but EJ says Stefano could pass away any time since his health isn't good. He promises to leave Sami when that time comes. Sami takes Lucas aside and explains once again that she needs to marry EJ in order to end the vendetta and protect their family. She knows it won't be easy but promises that EJ agreed to respect her boundaries. Lucas yells at her and reminds her she cradled EJ in her lap. Listening in, EJ assures Lucas that there won't be any public displays of affection or anything. Lucas retorts, "You've got to be the biggest liar I've ever met!" Lucas thinks EJ set up the whole thing up, but Sami says it's impossible. Lucas says, "Fine, but he doesn't do anything unless it benefits EJ Wells." Sami reminds him EJ saved him when he was locked up in the freezer truck. They argue about how DiMeras can change and Sami asks him simply to believe in her. They continue to argue and Lucas says he believes in her and in them. He asks if she does. She says she does more than ever and this is why she wakes up in the middle of the night, crying with the thoughts of spending even a minute away from him. Lucas admits he's worried EJ will force himself on her again and thinks she's tempting fate.

Stefano arrives at the pub to see Shawn Sr., but since he's not there, Stefano says he has something for EJ, and pulls out papers for Lucas and Sami's annulment from the Catholic church! EJ smirks while Stefano explains that they give a lot to the church so are rewarded! When Lucas and Sami show up at their table, Lucas is staggered to find the annulment waiting for their signatures.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Steve and Kayla want to know what Philip is doing at Pocket/Tyler's bedside.

EJ says to Stefano and Sami, "That document represents the first steps towards peace between our families." Lucas picks it up, "Start a fire with this, all right?"

Max says, "Oh, yeah, she's hot." Stephanie says, "If you're into the slash and burn type, yeah." Max takes a look at Stephanie and retorts, "I was."

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