The doctors run down the stairs of University Hospital to examine Lauren. Philip leans over her and tells her he knows she wouldn't harm his son. Lauren croaks, "Tyler?" Shawn takes Belle upstairs to his room while Philip asks Lauren if Tyler is alive. As the doctors strap Lauren to a gurney, Lauren tries to talk. She confirms his son is alive.

Sami sweeps up in the kitchen at the pub and flashes back to cradling EJ in her arms when she thought he'd die. EJ interrupts to ask how Roman's doing. Startled, Sami says he's well but she sounds unhappy. He offers to finish up moping but she refuses and asks him to get away from her. EJ says he thinks that her almost losing him has got her worked up, but Sami yells that she's tired of the fact that she has to divorce the only one she loves to marry the one she hates the most. EJ reminds her that she was given a choice but Sami says it's not much of a choice, considering the alternative. EJ asks her to give him a chance to prove to her that he's not the scoundrel she thinks he is. Sami tells him that before long he'll be dying to get away from her. She says he's more like Santo than she thought. EJ retorts he's never made any secret of how he felt about her, and goes on to say he wants to marry her but wants her to want to be with him and share her bed with him. Sami stops him, upset with his last remark. She says they'll live on separate sides of their house. EJ is happy to hear she wants a house with him, and suggests they move in with Stefano. Sami says that'll ever happen, and says no matter where they live, they're not sharing a bed. She tells him they can let Stefano believe they have consummated their marriage, but they won't actually do it. EJ thinks that they need to redeem Colleen and Santo's souls by having a real marriage and Sami asks him not to turn this into Romeo and Juliet. She thinks he is using trickery to get her into bed but promises it won't happen. EJ yells that if she truly wants to end the cycle that she has to be his wife in every sense of the word, but Sami reminds him that they won't be watched, so there is no need. She becomes increasingly frustrated and asks him to leave her alone. Once he leaves, Sami starts scrubbing the kitchen, madly. When innocent Hope walks in, she finds Sami in tears. Hope makes herbal tea while Sami tells Hope what brought on her meltdown. She reminisces about being so selfish in the past, and Hope says that Sami never stopped loving her family, even when she made their lives miserable! Sami chuckles and says at least she knows what she is getting herself into - unlike Colleen. Hope asks if Sami thinks she'll feel haunted about her own decision to marry EJ, and also wonders if there is another reason why she's marrying EJ. Sami gets her hackles up and says she's sick of that question, but since she and EJ both look like Colleen and Santo, she wonders if it is fate.

Out at the bar, EJ drinks alone, until Tony appears, asking, "Why the long face? I thought you won over the fair maiden?" Tony offers an island in the south pacific and jokes that he'll need two huts - one for the wife, and one for him. EJ thinks Sami will love him in time, but Tony's not so sure. EJ tells Tony that when he first met Sami, they connected well. He blames his grandfather for these issues and says he has done things he has been deeply ashamed of because of Santo.

In the kitchen, Sami confesses to Hope she's not so certain she's making the right choice. Hope retorts that she unfortunately can't help with this. It's a decision that is difficult and can only be made by her. Hope leaves and EJ enters the kitchen and says he will lie to Stefano and give her a separate bedroom. Sami is skeptical when he says he expects nothing in return. He simply wants to prove his love to her. He kisses her cheek and leaves.

Back in his hospital room, Shawn is given a pain killer. Nurse Jillian says Shawn's skin grafts are healing but that he should live for danger after he is discharged. She promises to keep them informed about Lauren and leaves while Belle tells Shawn he needs to recuperate. Shawn has incentive - she and Claire! He says he couldn't help this. He had to follow Lauren, for Philip. He feels bad for Lauren running off scared the way she did and admits he was thinking of helping himself, rather than Philip when he saw Lauren. He confesses he hopes that if Philip gets Tyler back, he'll get Belle all to himself! Belle unhappily admits she kind of encouraged Shawn's jealousy and has done a lot of things to help the jealousy along. She's not proud, and they rehash her reasons for going with Philip to Tulsa. Belle says Shawn has been amazingly patient with her. "I can't wait to marry you," says Belle and they agree to share the guilt on past mistakes. They kiss and Belle promises things will be different from this point on.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Philip calls Billie with the news about Lauren's fall and Tyler being alive. He promises to call when he hears more.

Lauren goes into cardiac arrest while Philip watches jumpily from the hall. He flashes back to offering Lauren money for an address of where to find Tyler. HE screams for the doctors not to let Lauren die, but she flat lines soon after and the doctors pronounce her dead.

Back in Shawn's room, Shawn asks Belle to go on a vacation. She tells him Thanksgiving break is coming up but they have no money to go on a big vacation. He says he'll surprise her, and they start kissing but are interrupted by dismal Philip, who tells them Lauren died and the last thing she said was that Tyler was alive. They agree to help find Tyler and Philip is thankful. He goes to Shawn and tells him how he appreciates all Shawn's help.

Billie walks in on them and tells them they'll find Tyler and bring him home! She says nothing Lauren did made sense and she committed fraud by having the baby. She wonders why Lauren didn't take the cash and why she instead took off. She assumes that since Lauren came to Salem that Tyler must be in Salem, too!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Max says to Chelsea and Steph, "You're going to convince a bunch of frat guys to turn off the game and sell their bodies to a charity they don't even know about?"

Lucas says, "So when I found EJ in your lap, that was within the boundaries?" Sami again states,"I thought he was dying."

Stefano says to EJ, "I have something I think will be very much of interest to you." He hands him a paper.

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