Will arrives back from Switzerland with a questions about why Sami's marrying EJ Wells. "Have you gone crazy while I was away?" he asks. Will is stunned as Sami tries to explain that if she marries EJ, there will be no more DiMera vendetta. She tells him the terms are non-negotiable, and says she'll explain the whole story later. Lucas interjects that Sami thinks he and the twins will be safe if she does this. Will begins to understand, though he doesn’t look happy. Sami professes her love for his dad and asks if he hates her. "No, I think you're amazing," Will says, while giving Sami a big hug. He thinks Sami's making an incredible sacrifice and says he's happy to be back and tells them that some guy named 'Lars' taught him to drive. He wished it was his dad, but understands how his parents want to protect him. If this means he doesn't have to leave them again, he's supportive with the name only marriage. Will heads home and Sami cries with relief that their son understands. Lucas tells Sami that there is more to this than Will knows, and he's glad for it. Sami is exasperated and asks what he's on about, so Lucas admits he saw her cradling EJ's head in her lap, at the pub. Sami is astounded that he was there and didn't say anything. She says she was just glad he was revived but Lucas thinks there is more to it. "I thought he was going to die trying to save my life." She says, but Lucas still doesn't think she should have been showing loving concern to him. Sami yells that it wasn't what it appeared to be and asks him to understand. She says she believes they're fated to be together but Lucas says he believes in free will and fighting for what they believe in. He asks her to admit her true feelings for EJ…"If not to me, than to yourself." Sami says she's just trying to understand EJ and knows they've similar histories. Lucas sees this as something more, but Sami swears she is only marrying EJ as a means to an end. They argue more and asks him to have faith in them. "Just tell me that you'll wait for me," she asks. Lucas kisses her and says, "Goodbye Sami." Sami stares, crying, after.

Belle sips a drink at the Cheatin' Heart as she flashes back to the fire in the freezer at the pub. Her mind is on Shawn when Adrienne comes by and asks how she's enjoying going back to school. Belle's thrilled with it and they discuss Shawn. Adrienne tells Belle that she chose well when she chose Shawn.

Philip arrives at the bar looking grim. He tells Belle that the search for Tyler is over, but before he can say anything more, she jumps into his arms, grinning happily. Philip sadly tells Belle that he didn't find the baby. He thinks maybe if it's not worse, he thinks Lauren left the country. "I could face the possibility that Tyler is dead," Philip says grimly. Belle tries to remind him that Lauren is a lot of things but she's certain she wouldn't harm the baby. Philip's ready to give up, but Belle refuses to allow him. Philip smiles and tells her that her opinion means a lot. Belle reminds him that though he's not sure what he's in for, he may find the baby with undesirables.

Elsewhere in the bar, Kayla talks to Adrienne about the DiMeras and the horrible things that they've done. Adrienne has contacts at the Salem Spectator and thinks they can post an article in Steve's favor but Kayla says that this time, Steve's not getting out of jail so easily. Kayla says Mickey thinks Steve should plead insanity and Although Adrienne agrees that this is basically true; her shoulders fall, in helplessness. Kayla brings up Benjy and how she can't bring herself to pick up his car in Hope's garage.

At the station, Bo flashes back to Steve and Stefano's short lived television appearance. Stefano interrupts his thoughts to tell him that this time, Steve's in for it and there's nothing he can do about it. Bo tells Stefano to get lost, but Stefano says he's discussing his case with the PD. Bo laughs at Stefano, who is trying to play the victim. He reminds him that he has brought this on himself, but Stefano asks him instead to bask in the glory that they may soon be family. Bo laughs.

Back at the bar, Belle promises to stick by Philip through his search and they hug. They reminisce about the past when Philip's watch gets caught in Belle's hair, as it did when they were married. They laugh and Philip reminds her how they used to leave it tangled and fall asleep in one another's arms. "Okay, that's enough," Belle orders, uncomfortable with the way things are going. She tells him she'd rather they don't go there. Suddenly, a call comes in from Shawn.

Shawn and nurse Jillian walk back to his room. As Jillian pressures Shawn to get back into bed, he tries to bribe her with ice cream, to let him stay up for a bit. When she refuses, he tells her he'll just grab a magazine and head back to bed. Before he can do so, he spies Lauren slinking around the hospital. Shawn follows her to the ladies room and while she's inside, he asks Jillian if he can make a call and when he can't get a hold of Belle, he calls Philip and tells him to get to the hospital. "Lauren is here!" he says.

Kayla arrives at Salem PD to visit Steve. She bumps into Bo, who relays information that Stefano's in his office. Bo goes off to get her access to Steve while Kayla pays Stefano a visit! "It's almost over." says Stefano, to himself. Kayla quietly walks into the office and with a slam of the door behind her, she agrees, "You got that right!" Kayla blasts Stefano for Benjy's death and disagrees when he blames Andre. Stefano doesn't want to listen, but Kayla corners him and reminds him how Benjy loved him and craved for his approval. Stefano asks, "By shooting me?" He tells her once and for all, voice full of emotion, that he has nothing to do with murdering his son. Kayla asks him to do what Benjy would have wanted and let Steve go! Stefano apologizes to her and thanks her for taking care of Benjy, but nothing he can do will bring the boy back. "Justice will be served," he tells Kayla, who spins around, in amazement. She tells him if he really wanted the vendetta to end, he'd do what she asks and stop punishing Steve. Kayla yells that she should have killed him when she had the chance in Italy. Stefano is shocked. He wasn’t aware of this and laughs when she explains it to him. He tells her he doesn't think she has the nerve and doesn't think she'll have the chance again. Kayla threatens that he'd better pray he doesn't end up in the hospital on her shift, before she stalks off.

Once outside Bo's office, Kayla tells Bo she's going to make sure Steve is freed.

Lauren comes out of the bathroom at the hospital and runs straight into Shawn's hands. He grabs her and Jillian interrupts to ask what's going on. Shawn tells Jillian that she should call the police, but when Lauren hears this, she promises to talk. After Jillian leaves, Shawn asks point blank where Tyler is. Lauren becomes emotional and Shawn lets go of her. Her emotion was fake and she pushes him to the floor. While Shawn's writhing in pain, Lauren almost escapes, but this time she runs straight into Philip's arms! Belle tends to Shawn while Philip demands to know where Tyler is. Lauren starts to cry, and says last time she checked, he was fine. She tries to escape and runs to the stairwell, but slips and falls down a flight of stairs. Philip, Shawn and Belle run after her and Philip yells at Shawn to get a doctor.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Sami tells EJ, "Before long you will be begging, screaming, for the devil to take your soul to get you away from me. Why, I can practically smell the fire and brimstone."

Shawn says to Belle, "If Phillip gets his kid back, then I get you back."

Phillip holds a battered Lauren and asks her to tell him one more thing. "Is my son alive?"

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