At the bar, Chelsea still wonders if Stephanie's idea is legal, but she's still gung-ho about it. Typing away on her laptop, Stephanie starts to put her plan together while Chelsea continues to doubt her. Max walks in, looking for a job. It seems that he is really losing the garage. 'Jeremy and I are totally over,' Steph says smiling at him. Max keeps his distance, but Chelsea asks him if he's in the market for girls. They'd like him to spend a night with a hot co-ed. Max doesn't speak 'girl talk' so he needs an explanation. They explain, suggesting that he could bring in some serious money through an auction. Max doesn't want to go through the 'meat grinder' again and tells them he's not interested. He walks away. 'That edge was kind of hot,' Steph says. Chelsea tells her that she just needs to give him to nod and he'll be hers. They watch as Adrienne tells Max that working in her bar isn't like working in a garage. He tries to convince her to hire him and she quickly agrees. Chelsea notes how often Max looks over at Steph. Meanwhile, the wheels in Steph's head continue to turn as she puts her auction plans in order. They pass the idea by Adrienne and she happily offers to help but then pulls Steph away. Max returns to the table, but, before he can say anything, Steph returns in a panic. She's just discovered that her father is up to his psychotic behavior again. Max offers to take her to see her mother.

In the Brady kitchen, as Sami tries to revive EJ, he starts to flirt at her. He laughs as he comes to, reminding her that they'll be married soon. She doesn't need him to rub this in yet again. She loves Lucas and he's everything to her, she asserts. He offers to take her to the hospital but she refuses. When he tries helping her off the floor, she keeps pushing him away before leaving. He looks on with a smile on his face as she leaves.

At the TV station, Andre slowly creeps out the door while holding Hope at gunpoint. After he vanishes, Bo runs after them, gun drawn. 'Well done Steve! You just saved Roman and got Hope killed!' Stefano sarcastically congratulates his recent captor. They begin to worry about what's happened to Sami at the pub. Roman is sure that it's too late for her. He tells the police officers to take Steve away and lock him up. Stefano vows to Steve that he will be spending the rest of his life in the mental hospital. 'For trying to kill you, I must be the sanest man in Salem, ' Steve taunts. As Roman is wheeled away by paramedics, he thanks Steve for saving him. Staring each other down, Stefano taunts Steve, telling him that it will be fun destroying him. Steve shoots a threat back. 'No one talks to Stefano DiMera like that for very long,' the old man threatens. When EJ arrives, Stefano is relieved to see his son. They sit down and he anxiously asks him what happened and if Sami is alright. EJ assures him that everything is okay and they just need to get him home now. Stefano is distraught though; he can't stop thinking about what Andre did to Benjy. He never wanted a life like this for his children. He failed his father, now he's failing his children, he sadly admits, taking a drink to calm his nerves. EJ reminds him that he taught him about family honor and how important it is to protect it. Stefano is skeptical, but EJ insists that a new DiMera dynasty is set to begin and their way of life will go on. He promises his father that Lucas will only be a part time influence on the children and won't be able to compete. Stefano doesn't think this is the best time to be making plans, but EJ disagrees. He only needs his father to help him separate Lucas from Sami for good. Stefano reminds him that the vendetta is ending and so is the violence. EJ already has a plan though, well, actually it's his grandfather's plan. As soon as he can marry Sami, he will convince her to give up everything she holds dead, just as Santo did with Colleen. Kayla runs in and embraces Steve. He tells her about Hope being taken captive and apologizes for upsetting her. 'What you did here was so brave, but it was so sad for all of us,' she tells him before he is led out, glaring at Stefano as he goes.

Sami goes over to the hospital to visit her father. She tells him what happened and that the twins are fine (she had tests run). She gives him a card that she made for him. 'You're the best dad in the whole world daddy,' she cries. After she hugs him, he tells her that Andre has taken Hope hostage. He also tells her that there is no way that he'll let her marry EJ. As he's taken out, Lucas arrives. He asks about her checkup, but then becomes silent. He's worried that their children will end up being raised by the DiMeras. 'I want you to leave Salem with me,' he offers. It would be nice, she admits, but Salem is their home. He doesn't think that it matters where they live but she wants the twins to grow up with a family. 'Are you gonna do that with EJ?' he asks. She can't leave town and then hear about the Brady's being killed off one by one; this marriage to EJ will only until Stefano dies, she once again insists. Lucas is sure that it will be forever; those DiMeras don't let go. She begs him to wait for her, but he won't do that. Maybe she and EJ are destined to be together, he ponders. Just then, Will walks in, shocked to hear that she may be walking out on them.

Bo and his men follow Andre up to the roof with their guns out. He tells them to stand down and sends them inside to cover the exists. 'It's just us,' he tells Andre, reminding him that they've hit a dead end. 'I can always jump...I've done it before,' Andre grins. Now that EJ is the single heir, he doesn't have anything to live for; he's been jumping through hoops for Stefano, now he can jump for himself. Bo and Hope remind him that Stefano just wants peace and if he can give that to him, the old man would be grateful. Bo promises him that he can walk away as long as he frees Hope. Instead, Andre creeps closer to the edge. Desperate, Bo offers him a deal: If he can help them build a case against Stefano and they'll let him go free. 'You're a liar just like Stefano!' Although Bo continues to make promises, Andre remains unconvinced. As Bo takes out his gun again and points it, Andre warns him that he better make the shot count because he'll only get one. As he's about to pull the trigger, Hope breaks lose. Bo shoots at Andre as he falls from the roof and Hope falls after. He manages to grab her hand before she can fall and pulls her up. Two cops run up and tell them that Andre is still alive, even if he's in bad shape. Although that's hard to believe, he's just relieved that his wife is safe. 'Some days you get lucky,' he says, kissing Hope. When she thinks of everything that's happened and what will come, she admits that this doesn't feel like the end. 'No Fancy Face... this is far from the end...'

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Philip wonders if his son Tyler could be dead.

Things look bleak for Steve. Kayla's sure he's going away this time and Stefano pursues demands revenge.

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