Chelsea is looking tired as she and Stephanie stand around the sorority house. She recalls Stephanie's taunts about her fear of being rejected and then sarcastically thanks her friend for dragging her there. Steph doesn't care, she just applies her lip gloss before Morgan strolls in and informs them that they will be forced to bare their souls as the brutal trials of sisterhood begin. The southern belle explains that the sorority does charity work every year and this year will ne no different. She asks them to sign up in pairs: The team that raises the most money will be voted in as that year's 'angels'. Chelsea finds this hilarious but Morgan doesn't find it funny at all. When she walks out, Steph starts to worry that she might not actually get in. They go out to a bar and try to figure out a way to raise money. Stephanie proposes a series of semi-legal ideas which Chelsea shoots down. Getting into a sorority would look good on her resume though, she admits. Steph is more interested in the hot guys she can be set up with. Chelsea wonders if she would say that if Jeremy was still around. 'There are many more fish in the sea,' she says, fondling her hair. Well, if she's over Jeremy, what about Max? Stephanie reminds her friend that college is about meeting new people. Aunt Adrienne comes around to take their orders and lets slip that she needs a waitress; it's game night so they could make a few hundred in tips. As the two young women go to the bar, Stephanie starts to size up all the boys in the bar. This gives her an idea: They should hold an auction! 'Let the coeds bid on hot male bods!' Steph explains. That sounds like a lot of planning to Chelsea. Stephanie strides over to a table and asks some guys if they'd be interested in being part of an auction. They're flirtatious, but Chelsea thinks this is still a long shot. Stephanie is convinced and passes the idea by her aunt. She likes the idea. Steph is even more excited; she knows that all frat boys think they're God's gift so it will be easy to get them on board. Chelsea finally breaks down under pressure and they high five to seal it.

At the pub, Andre starts shouting at the TV while Steve threatens to shoot Stefano on-air. Flustered, EJ reminds his cousin that they need to defuse the bomb before it blows up. It doesn't take much for him to do that. EJ begs him to bring Roman to the station and end the vendetta now, a sentiment which is precisely repeated by Stefano on the TV screen. Andre gets on the phone to set up the trade. After taking a moment to stare at his hostages, Andre agrees to the deal but won't go along with all of Steve's demands. Stefano takes the phone and asks Andre to do whatever Steve asks. He hangs up, angrier than before and grabs Roman. Before he can push the brutalized police commissioner out the door, Sami cries out to go with him. He reminds her that she's been the bane of his existence for months....maybe he should just kill her now while he still has the chance.

Bo and Hope are aghast as they see Steve on the news with a gun to Stefano's head. He starts calling the pub to get a hold of Andre. Lucas runs in, looking for Sami. Bo tells him that Sami is with Roman and he has a bomb strapped to him. They hurry over to the TV station where Bo meets with the station manager and tells him to keep the cameras rolling and things calm. Lucas starts calling Sami again. Bo goes to Steve and tries to keep him calm, pointing out that Andre is on his way with Roman. 'No one is going to die tonight,' he insists. Steve isn't so sure: Time will tell. Suddenly, Andre bursts in with his gun drawn and a gagged Roman in tow. He warns everyone that he will set the bomb off if anyone comes close to him. Stefano tells him that the vendetta is over and EJ and Sami will be married. 'Like hell they will,' Lucas blurts out. 'In Hell maybe...' Andre smirks. Lucas almost flies off the handle, but Bo holds him back as Andre explains that Sami may be no more than a memory now. 'She was a feisty one,' he says, but she and her babies were left behind to die. Roman can't deny this. Lucas runs off while Stefano comes forward, asking Andre what in God's name he's done this time. He lashes out at him for destroying EJ's future and threatens that he'll get what he deserves for this. As Andre realizes that his uncle has done all of this for EJ alone, he shouts back at him, feeling betrayed by everyone. Hope circles behind before trying to rescue Roman. In the fight, Andre grabs Hope and holds the gun on her. Bo asks him to take him instead and Stefano demands that his nephew release Hope. Undaunted, Andre dares Steve to shoot the old man; he doesn't care if they kill Stefano now that he knows that everything is going to EJ anyway. 'This war is over when I say it is! From now on, you're going to be dealing with Andre DiMera!' he challenges. Bo puts his gun down and asks to be exchanged for Hope. Stefano demands that Andre release her, but Andre refuses again: Hope is too good a bargaining chip. As he starts to back out of the studio, Bo pulls another gun and goes after them, trying to get a clear shot.

Sami and EJ have been tied up and left in the Brady kitchen to die. They start to bicker as they struggle with the ropes and the hiss of gas in the air. She keeps worrying about her twins while he tells her to take shallow breaths and pick up the broken glass on the floor. Finally, he gets the piece of glass and start to cut the rope but she's suddenly fallen unconscious. When he gets free, he wakes her and cuts her free. She hurries to the door for some fresh air. When she turns around, she sees that EJ has fallen unconscious. She runs to his side. 'You can't die on me. I hate you for everything you've done...but I don't want you to die,' she begs. Cradling him in her arms, she caresses his hair and cheek until he starts to wake up. Lucas has arrived and peers in at them through the doorway.

Next on DOOL:
'Lucas is everything to me,' Sami cries to EJ.

'You just got Hope killed!' Stefano yells at Steve.

Bo follows Andre into a showdown.

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