At the graveyard, Hope arrives as Bo continues to search for clues. He tells her that Steve and Benjy discovered Benjy in Roman's grave. She worries that Steve must be roaming around in a murderous rage. Bo thinks that he's already looked after this by posting guards and asks her to help him keep Steve calm and collected. The guard from the hospital suddenly arrives. Bo is bewildered as the guard explains that he ordered him there. Quickly, Bo realizes that Steve has bamboozled him yet again.

At the hospital, Steve roves around Stefano's room closing all the blinds as he levels a gun at Stefano's head. As long as Stefano ends up dead, Steve will be only too happy to go back to his padded room at the mental hospital. Before Patch can pull the trigger, Stefano asks for an explanation of what Andre's done this time. If he's going to die, he'd like to know why. Steve likes to hear him begging so he explains that they didn't find Roman buried alive... they found Benjy in the grave...dead. Stefano begins to quiver and becomes outraged at the news that Andre would dare to kill his son. Steve isn't convinced by the act and, reminding the old man that he trained him to be killer, promises to show him what a good job he did. Before he can, Stefano pushes him off with a scream and reminds him that if he dies, the vendetta will go on and on and it will be worse that ever before. 'Go on! Kill me!' he dares. Depressed, Steve slumps in the corner and wishes that he could have his lost years back and that he could have Benjy back. He asks Stefano if he remembers what Benjy was like as a boy. As Steve describes raising Benjy with Kayla, both men seem moved. 'I saw something in that boy that I have not seen since,' Stefano admits, mournfully. Steve lashes out at him again, reminding him of how scared Benjy was of disappointing him and how Stefano destroyed his life. He knew that one day he would be ordered to step up or else be punished. Benjy only wanted to be free of the DiMeras, but they couldn't leave him alone. 'You son of a b***!' Steve cries pushing the gun at Stefano's head again. The phone starts to ring and Steve tells him not to touch it. 'You think I'm afraid of death? Every day of my life I've lived in it's shadow. Death is but a breath away and there is a part of me that sometimes craves its release. Go ahead...pull the trigger and I will die knowing that you will spend the rest of your life suffering for my murder.' Stefano keeps taunting him to shoot, but Steve has other plans and tells him to get dressed.

Bo calls and Steve tells him that he's going to finish what Benjy tried to do at the funeral. Bo and Hope hurry over to the hospital room, but by the time that they arrive Steve and Stefano are gone. She turns on the TV and discovers that Steve and Stefano have broken into the TV station. Shocking the crew of the local news show, a gun-toting Steve drags Stefano over to take the place of the weatherman. As Steve holds his gun to Stefano's neck, he declares that there is a good chance of murder in the offing. When Bo walks into the room, he's shocked by what he sees on the screen.

Kate meets with Lucas in his car for a chance to explain things. He doesn't want to listen to her because it's a waste of time. It looks like she's finally ripped Sami out of his life for good this time though. Now he just wants his mother to get out of his life. Kate hates to see him unhappy, which baffles him because she seems to have gone out her way to make him so. When she reaches out to him, he threatens to throw her out of the car. 'What has happened to us?' she asks. She wanted so much for him...good things like a career and happiness. From where he's been sitting, however, it looks like she's only ever come between him and what he wants. Looking at her mascara stained tears, he tells her to get out of his life. She remembers the night he was born: he was the most beautiful baby boy and there was something so special about him. He's still not receptive, but she admits that she's made some unforgivable mistakes. She did it all because she wanted what was best for him. All that he wanted was the freedom to decide what he wanted for himself; now he just wants her gone. Threatening to throw her out again, she actually gets out on her own. He immediately calls Sami and leaves her a message, telling her that she is the only woman he will ever love. When he hangs up, Kate gets back in the car. Crying again, she tells him that she's not behind what's happened and begs him for another chance. Turning to her, he tells her coldly that she doesn't exist to him anymore. 'I'm not your son and my name is not Lucas Roberts,' he says. 'According to me you don't exist,' he repeats. He's going to change his name to Horton and start a new life without her. Suddenly, the radio comes on and they hear that Steve is holding Stefano hostage.

At the pub, Sami tries to grab the bomb off of her father but EJ holds her back. Andre giddily drops Roman into a chair. EJ asks Andre if he's spoken to Stefano lately and informs him that the feud has been called off. Is Andre ready to defy Stefano's wishes? Andre isn't believing any of this and, to make things worse, Sami starts to back out of the deal. She never signed up to get her father back as a drugged and beaten mess. EJ has to hold her back again when she wants to attack Andre. She demands that he take the bomb off of her father or they will be finished talking. Tensely, EJ offers to call his father and sort this out. When he tries to call, he gets no answer. He pleads for five minutes to sort things and Andre grants it, setting the timer on Roman's bomb accordingly. When she tries to tear the bomb off again, Roman tells her to stop. She gets on the phone, calling Bo while Andre gloats. When Bo finally picks up, she tells him that she is with her father and he has a bomb strapped to him. 'You have to tell me what to do,' she begs. Roman demands that EJ get his daughter out of there but she is determined to defuse the bomb. Bo asks to talk to Roman but Roman thinks it's too late. He tells his little brother that he loves him and he needs him to tell Sami to get out now. Sami is defiant and won't let her dad or her babies die. She tells her father again that she loves him and prepares to leave. As they and Andre start to back out, Andre suddenly notices that Steve is on TV. Steve announces that he has a message for Andre. He has to bring Roman back safely or he will kill Stefano.

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Chelsea and Stephanie start their sorority tests.

Andre wants to finally get a little revenge.

At the TV studio, Bo insists that no one will die here today. 'Time will tell,' Steve smirks.

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