In the graveyard, Abe is calling more CSI agents over to the crime scene as Bo arrives. He pulls back the cover over Benjy's face but has to look away, admitting that he's never been able to get used to this part of the job. Abe wonders if Bo's burnt out from chasing the same people over and over again. Bo isn't burnt out— he's just angry. Abe tells him to stay calm: They already have Steve running around like a maniac. He's already sent a warning out to the cops guarding Stefano to look out for a vengeful Steve. Bo isn't sure that will be enough. As he paces around the crime scene, already sure that they will turn up no evidence, EJ pops up with a smile and an idea about finding Roman alive. Bo asks a reluctant Abe to let him handle this. He takes EJ across the scene and reveals his brother Benjy's corpse to him. He crouches down and coldly looks at his brother's corpse. EJ claims that he had no idea. 'That your family are cannibals that prey on their young?' Bo taunts. EJ quickly turns the subject back to the vendetta and pulls out the folio. He shows Bo the wedding bands and explains that Sami has already agreed to marry him and Stefano has agreed to end the vendetta. Bo doesn't buy it. 'You're sick man,' he tells EJ. He accuses EJ of spinning this tragedy into a creepy romantic fantasy. He then reveals to him that Santo was actually married the whole time and broke poor Colleen's heart. EJ is surprised, but undaunted. He reminds Bo that if the vendetta doesn't end, Roman dies. Bo thinks EJ must be crazy if he thinks he'll let Sami go through with this: He knows that Roman would rather die than have his daughter marry a DiMera! Abe returns to Bo's side as EJ enjoys declaring again that he is marrying Sami.

At the pub, Sami tells Lucas that she hates the fact that she is going to marry EJ, but there is no other way to help the family survive. Lucas thought that he was her family, but apparently she'd rather marry her rapist. Is ending this vendetta just an excuse to marry EJ? he wonders. 'Do you love the guy or what?' he angrily demands. The only thing she feels for EJ is loathing, she insists. He asks her why she is letting two people who have been dead for decades control their lives. If only they had never found those letters in New Orleans... He doesn't care if the vendetta ever ends if it means losing her. She insists that this is only temporary and she doesn't want a real marriage with EJ. Lucas won't listen though, confident that the DiMeras won't fulfill their side of the deal. He reminds her that they've always fought through things together; they can figure out another way again. 'There isn't another way,' she sadly says, but the DiMeras are Brady killing machines and this is the only way to stop them. 'I am your future,' Lucas reminds her. Fate has nothing to do with this; this is just about them and he doesn't want to argue about it anymore. Why does she keeps shutting the door to their future? 'All I want is to grow old with you,' she protests. This is not forever, it is just until Stefano dies. He's not sure that 'the Phoenix' will ever really die. She hates hurting him like this, but if he had the chance to make everything right, wouldn't he? No, he wouldn't and there is no way he will give her the divorce she wants either, he promises. If she pushes it through, there will be no turning back for them. He hobbles away, leaving her in tears. Once he's gone, EJ arrives. She asks him where her father is. Outside, Andre has a bound and gagged Roman in his car. He's ready to take the rather worst for wear police commissioner home, but not before he outfits him with a little explosive device. Suddenly, Andre bursts through the door of the pub with Roman in one hand and a gun in the other. Sami is ready to rush to her father but EJ keeps her back. Pulling open Roman's coat, he reveals the bomb wrapped around him as Andre smiles psychotically.

Kate arrives at Stefano's hospital bedside. He tells her that he has a surprise for her. She's not in the mood. That changes, however, when he tells her that he has news about Lucas and his marriage to Sami. Her ears perk up and she sits down as Stefano explains about his son's upcoming nuptials. She thinks that he must be imagining things. Lucas and Sami are hopelessly in love, as much as she hates admitting it. He tells her that love doesn't make the world go round, money and sex do. When he explains that Sami and EJ have agreed to his terms to end the vendetta, she's flabbergasted and happily holds his hand. She's still not going to give him too much 'credit' until after the deal is sealed though. She offers him a 'long trip down memory lane' if this deal goes through and seals it with a kiss. All of a sudden, they hear Lucas screaming in the hallway. She runs to the door and tells the guard to let him in,. He demands to know what's going on and accuses them of being 'in on this' together. Her dream has come true, he says: Sami has asked him for a divorce. She does a double take but he's sure that she and Stefano are conspiring together. He starts to taunt Stefano but saves most of his insults for his mother. She continues to protest her innocence, but he defiantly turns, refusing to ever grant a divorce. As he walks out, she runs after him.

Steve arrives outside of Stefano's room and the guard tells him to leave. Steve finds it hard to understand that Abe would want him to stay away. He tells the guard that Bo called him and asked him to interview Stefano. The guard doesn't believe him and turns him away, calling Abe and informing him. When Abe tells Bo, Bo wants to go over to the hospital and guard Stefano himself, sure that Steve will soon return. At the hospital, Steve does return and, through a ruse, manages to get Bo to tell the guard to get down to the graveyard. He promptly walks into Stefano's room and takes out his gun. 'This time you won't be going home.' Steve threatens.

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Kate offers to do anything for her son but he just wants her to stay away.

Sami won't let her dad blow up.

'Go ahead! Kill me!' Stefano dares a gun-wielding Steve.

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